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Compliance (2012)
Are You Serious?
30 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
LMAO! This is a joke, right? How accurate is this film to the true events?

There were so many signs that this was not a real police officer. First of all, when a police officer starts asking a civilian to do their work for them, and over the phone, I mean come on! Use your brains people.

And the things this 'officer' got them to do to this poor girl, is really just beyond belief. Again I ask how true this movie is? Spanking a girl? Jumping jacks to shake it out? Are you kidding me? Asking how big her nipples are? Is she shaved? WTF!!! This is so absurd I can only laugh.

I get that this is a movie about how people fail to question authority, and fall into line. But this is beyond belief. How did this happen? Are these people completely retarded? Or is this not exactly how it happened and exaggerated?

I don't know what else to say. I did enjoy the movie, and it did draw attention to two(three) things:1. How compliant people are to authority, and 2. People are really dumb and naive, and insecure and vulnerable. Open your eyes people, stop being puppets, stop living on auto-pilot. Start thinking, for yourself, and take action. 3. There are evil people out there;not a surprise.
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Undercover Boss (2010– )
Entertaining, but watch with a grain of salt
4 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched all of the US episodes, all of the Canadian episodes, and several of the UK episodes. And it is enjoyable. I don't know how 'real' it is. But does that matter much? Idk. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

As far as the entertainment value goes=A+. It does convey the message it intends;rich CEO's getting back in touch with the common worker. Often The CEO(or whoever it is:the company) decides to 'give back' to the employees;Bonuses, vehicles, mentorship, monetary compensation, vacations, and so does seem most give something, if not a lot. But, but, but, is this not misleading? As this is a TV show, and this is 'assuming' none of it is 'scripted-why does it take a TV show to do something like this. A)The lucky individual selected to participate, who meets the 'corporate' is in effect like a lottery winner. This could actually be a negative;let's go get a corporate job in the hopes of striking in rich on 'undercover boss', by making friends with the 'rich one at the top'. B)The company chooses to 'give back'/'compensate' the 'good workers'/'inspiring stories/people' BECAUSE they are aware this is a TV show-it will make the company and themselves look good. I am not say all(perhaps not any-it's just an observation) do this. But it does seem plausible. Z)-Z)-Z)---Perhaps it's faked-=it's scripted. There is one episode that one 'employee' says something to the effect of 'you should be proud of your employees'-yet still implying he doesn't know it's undercover boss-but why would you say 'you should be proud'-z=it's possible it's all faked-for the benefit of a)ratings and b)company/corporation...blah=back to the point-it is a good, entertaining show. Watch with a grain of salt. I try to always believe it's real. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be completely. But that doesn't ever make it less enjoyable. I love it! Perhaps in time Corporations and CEO will care enough to give and listen without the cameras rolling. That is the hope. It shouldn't take a TV show to make the desk jockeys to want to go into the field and develop a rapport with employees, to get their hands dirty, to actually give a damn what is happening in their company as far as people and work and what goes on and on and on and to stop putting their bottom line above the value. I should be laughing right now. ha ha ha.


Give me some!

Kay, I'll stop.

Please enjoy the show.
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South Park: Royal Pudding (2011)
Season 15, Episode 3
12 February 2012
OK, I admit it I don't get this episode entirely, or maybe there is no deeper, hidden meaning? I don't get the point of the emphasis on tooth decay. I got the Canadian jokes(almost missed the eskimo kiss/bj one at first). I got that it was a parody of the Royal wedding of William and Kate, I think in this respect, the choice of using Canada instead of England/Wales, the guys(Trey and Matt)made a wise choice, because they have all these characters, Ugly Bob, Scott the Dick, Ike, etc. But Terrance and Phillip were not utilized very well in this episode, perhaps a missed opportunity? So was there a point to tooth decay? I felt like I was missing something. The majority of SP episodes it is very obvious to the viewer what being parody, or the lessen being preached, even with this episode with wedding part it was obvious, but to me it felt like I was being left of some inside joke. At first I was thinking it would be revealed towards the end, the big mystery that I was missing, but there was no real answer and I was left confused. It felt kinda pointless, which is unusual for south park. I enjoyed parts of it, but found it to be disappointing overall. At least I had a few good laughs from the wedding parts and I found the traditions Trey and Matt came up with for us Canadians quite humorous.
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great doc
9 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The only other review (at the time I'm writing this) sums this movie up quite well, but I'll try to add just a little in the form of a different perspective. To start off with, I'm not an avid Ozzy fan, I have and do still enjoy several of the classics like paranoid and crazy train on occasion; so yeah I think people who aren't big fans may enjoy this movie, I sure did.

The movie has a nice balance of the musical background and home/family/party/everyday life. There is a lot about the struggles Ozzy dealt with throughout his life. The drug and alcohol abuse is confronted head on, and really gives the viewer a unique insight. Ozzy truly seems to be one of a kind.

I found the part about The Osborne's show particularly interesting. It made me think of the show differently. ...Trying not to give away any spoilers. I'm sure many people already knew what I didn't. The part I found interesting is the comments made about how the outside viewer may say or think that Ozzy's actions and behaviour on the show was 'cute' or 'funny', but really it was quite 'sad'.

I have much more respect and empathy for Ozzy and his family after watching this. Though I admit it's not going to make me more of a fan of the music.
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26 October 2011
I kind of feel compelled to write a review for this movie. It is a must watch. It is truly inspirational. It is uplifting and offers actual answers.

This is sort of 2 stories in 1 movie (documentary). The film starts out with Joe, an Australian who travels to the United States for a 60 day juice fast. The first 30 days he spends in New York and then proceeds to travel across country for the remaining 30 days. Along the way he talks to people about health and food. Along this travel Joe meets Phil, a truck driver who suffers from the same autoimmune disease as Joe. The second half of the film is about Phil's journey and decision to start fasting, making healthier life choice and exercising, with Joe's help.

I have never been one to enjoy any show or film about weight loss, or eating healthier. I suppose part of that is that I've never been affected by it. I have no problem staying thin. I say this not to be arrogant, but to stress just how good this film is; the fact that this film actually caught my attention. I'll say it again, it was inspirational.

It was also very entertaining. The story is put together well. It's well edited. Throughout the movie there are segments that are animated, and they are done very well, which adds more to the film in terms of entertainment; and not just for the sake of it. I'd highly recommend this movie to everyone, whether you are overweight or underweight or right on target. It's a must watch for anyone who has never thought about what they eat much, and also for those who already do. It's good for audiences alike I think.

The only thing I might be weary of….at one point in the film they do suggest an average cost of doing this juice fast…to most it might seem quite reasonable, but for others, like myself, it does seem quite costly. I mean, it's more than I'm used to spending on food. But maybe I could cut down on other things. But I think it all comes down to motivation and desire.

Who knows, I just might try this one day soon.
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Septien (2011)
A brief view of the outside-looking in
22 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Brother returns home(Kid A). He was a former football star, destined for greatness. His father is a little feminine. Kid B is a little manly, and artistic and idk...normal? And Kid C is idk..retarded?-slow? -a nice down to earth person.

Kid B has Kid A on a pedestal. He lives vicariously through Kid A's accomplishments it seems. Had such high hopes for him, but Kid A must live his own life, for he has his own demons.

Kid A, the long lost son, after returning home-...hustles locals at different sports-basketball-tennis-he is obviously very lost- using money to buy alcohol, which he chugs-another scene he sniffs gas. He is a bearded mess. Looks the part of a lost soul-lost in himself.

The end-Religion. Must condemn the plumber. Father in a dress. The condemned plumber chopping a tree. The sons-idk-just there-sure they gain something ...and the final ending...father in his dress shirt-a song being sung-sons sitting around.

What was gained by this all? I do not know! Did the lost son regain some sort of peace? I don't know. I know the father did not gain himself. The other boys were mere filler.

But it was fun to watch.

Not great. Not terrible.

Worthwhile though.

I need another viewing I think, maybe then I'll gain another perspective.

What is accomplished? - not much.
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The Tapes (2011)
Not very good
22 October 2011
Blah blah blah....Gemma wants to get on to big brother(uk)...her and her boyfriend and another friend set out to make a showreel for her audition. They get sidetracked and end up at some remote place where the two boys plan to secretly film a swingers party.

The movie starts out descent. The characters are fairly cliché. I'd not want to see Gemma on BB. Nor Danny, maybe Nate, but idk probably not, they're all rather boring. I suppose the only reason I'd say it starts out descent is because I enjoy BB so much. I suppose they use that to an advantage.

A lot of the movie is just them walking around exploring this place. Scaring each other. A whole lot of nothing. Randomly shots of the characters family members are thrown in, which adds nothing. As the movie progresses it tries to make a weak attempt at making it seem the characters are breaking down, and turning on one another and it felt very forced and just boring.

As far as the whole shaky cam thing, and trying to make me(a viewer) believe this was real...absolute failure.

I've enjoyed The blair witch, paranormal activity, abnormal activity, grave encounters....but this, this is not on's rubbish.

I could not keep focus, it was just very boring.
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Drive (I) (2011)
nice surprise
25 September 2011
Hmmm, well then. So I went into this not know much about it at all, didn't see so much as a trailer. From the get go I could sense this was going to be a fairly unique movie. It is stylistically superb. Amazing. Artistically this movie is amazing. Visually it's great. The soundtrack is great. All this makes the movie very enjoyable. The story line was only OK. The writing is just OK. The believability is just OK. The acting is, well, some performances are really good(Ryan Gosling), some performances are just OK. I liked that it had some familiar stars(to some), being a big breaking bad and sons of anarchy fan it's nice to see two familiar actors on the big screen, one was good, the other just OK, but both sorta felt like filler. Kinda like these last few lines, too make weight. But no seriously,-do watch this movie. DO! Watch it.
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Ice Quake (2010 TV Movie)
4 July 2011
This movie reminded me of 'The Day After Tomorrow' from the get go;It is a natural disaster movie. The setting/environment is a cold climate, covered in snow. The plot is different, but the basic idea is similar. Sure, the plot is quite predictable and it's not entirely 'believable' but no more so than most movies. The special effects were pretty good. The characters and acting were descent as well. No real complaints. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are the type of person who will scrutinize over how plausible every detail is in reality you might not enjoy it as much. If you enjoy disaster movies, with good scenery, and go into it just looking for a little entertainment I suspect you won't be too disappointed.
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Insidious (I) (2010)
So good, then, so mediocre
19 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The first half of the movie was quite good. It was actually much better than I was expecting, and much scarier, and usually I don't find movies scary. It was almost perfect. There are only two things(things?) that I didn't enjoy. Firstly was the comedic approach of the investigators, they just seemed out of place in this movie. It was not the writing or the acting, just that in the context of the movie up to that point it didn't work for me. Next,...the last 30 minutes(roughly) was just not very good. If any movie could benefit from special effects this was it. I'm trying not to give too much away here, it's hard to, blah, too late,...astrological body...the further(this was a great concept)(could have been a great title too, a little cliché perhaps yeah, but then again the movie became so cliché when it entered the further)...back to the point...It would have been so much better to have the scenes in 'the further' less, idk...earthly, if the people didn't look like people, if it was not set in an earthly environment(a house). And the costumes, especially the fire face, omg, looked like darth maul to me, lmao; The whole movie just fell apart for me in the last half hour, very disappointing, because it started off so well. All in all, worth watching, I did enjoy it. It had potential to be a classic, a great, but ended up being just good, just descent.
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Worth watching if your really bored
30 May 2011
Dude, where's Teddy?...Um, yeah....Most of the movie is basically the same premise(as Dude where's my car)..find Teddy. It wasn't entirely bad, but it was not good either. It was not a comedy so much as it was a mystery, with some action, sprinkled with a hint of comedy. It was not very original and somewhat stereotypical, and by that I mean it reinforces stereotypes/clichés, not so much in a directly derogatory or negative way, just a very boring normal way. Overall a boring movie, an unfunny movie with a few funny moments, but ultimately fails to deliver anything of substance. The hangover 2 is not as good as the first, I'll admit I didn't 'love' the first, but I did enjoy it, this one not so much, watch it if you have the chance, watch it for yourself and make your own opinion; to each their own.
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terrible, terrible, terrible
10 September 2009
I'm going to be blunt. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. In fact it is so bad you might just need to see for it yourself. You are probably thinking, it can't be that bad, but it is! I really wanted to give this movie a chance because someone told me it was not good, the same person who told me a different movie that I actually enjoyed was not good. I figured we just had different tastes in movies, but this time we both agreed, this movies sucks. It is supposed to be a comedy I think, but it's not funny. I get that it's supposed to be 'crude' and 'over-the-top' and all that but, it's just not funny. It's just plain stupid.
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