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An accurate representation of an inaccurate representation
18 July 2013
As a Canadian Christian who has devoted his life to the study of the Bible it's hard not to give a biased perspective. This film keeps it's borders within the "MegaChurch" genre (which is fair as that is the common type of prolific Christianity in America) and so one must keep in mind that this does not give an accurate representation of Christianity, so much as "Americanized Christianity". The facts & beliefs presented by the Church take a 50-50 split between "true" and "based in truth". As the MegaChurch structure is all about mass-evangelism, they, like all commercialized businesses, will skew the facts to support their means.

For someone watching this film with a critical mind, they will notice how the film more than subtly treats Christianity as a type of mass brainwashing. But at the same time, shows how the techniques of evangelism depicted are almost carbon copies of the natural sales/political propaganda.

One may say that is due to a biased editor, but as one who has watched the ebb and flow of North American Christianity, I can attest that the views/methods displayed are in general very accurate. However I must say that Biblically speaking there is very little substance in this film.

As the culture in America is focused on a self-serving, quick and easy, microwave dinner style life; naturally, the understanding of religion takes on that form.

This documentary is eye-opening and wonderful. Not in the sense of what is true Christianity about, but rather what does title "Christian" mean to people in North America today.

7 stars
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Teddy Bear (I) (2012)
It had potential
9 February 2013
I've been desiring to see this film for months. When I finally had the opportunity I was fully prepared to be swooned by a beautiful story of a lonely man just looking for love.

I loved the reversal of character attributes between Dennis and his mother. The movie was set up for the transition of Dennis from his solitary shell to become a man of his own choosing.

Technically this does happen as can be seen from the previews, but the way it happened was very much lack-luster in my opinion. I wanted to be moved emotionally, I wanted to get involved in the storyline.

But in the end I wound up watching a very decidedly awkward relationship unfold between all the characters without any real power. The acting was very fitting, the plot was elegant, but there was no life, no desire, no emotion.

This movie was more like the firework you've been saving for the time your parents aren't around only to find that it fizzles and pops rather than bangs.
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