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Parenthood: Because You're My Sister (2013)
Season 4, Episode 15
SPOILER! Compelling albeit Predictable Viewing
23 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER...All of the characters are well developed,with Max, Amber, & Ryan being the purest, most believable ones. The most convoluted character has to be Sarah! Her relationship with Mark lacked chemistry, but then so does her relationship with Hank, although I hold out greater hope for those two. I appreciate the strong familial bonds with appropriately involved grandparents. (Ahhh, they don't meddle! Well, at least not the paternal grandparents.)

Perhaps the audience at large didn't think twice about Drew & Amy having sex & then going through an abortion together. I thought it was a shame. Television shows have a way of shoving certain 'abeunt studia in mores' down their viewers throats. Despite this deficit, "Parenthood" sends a whole lot of good messages and even imparts a sense of hope, especially illustrated with the adoption of Victor!

There are many personalities and layers of drama for any viewer to identify with, & therein lies the success of "Parenthood."
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