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What a mess..., 12 July 2010

Mess. That's the best word we can use to describe this movie. The relationships between characters take a 360 degrees turn and become completely impossible to understand or care about as they keep shifting throughout the movie. It was too long, considering its lack of content. It was just bad...

The visuals were fine and the acting was also good, but other than that there's nothing else to see in this movie.

The first one was amazing, the second one was acceptable, but this one is just horrible.

Concluding: Not considering the first POTC: 3.5 - 4 / -Considering the first POTC: 0.1

Complete disappointment

Avatar (2009)
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Usually people hate clichés, but in this one they love them???, 7 July 2010

I did not like Avatar. There, I said it. Criticize me, but this movie was bad. Just bad.

One of the most predictable stories I've ever seen. Curiosity: I saw this movie with my best friend and usually before the movie starts we discuss how the movie is going to go and how the story will develop. We do that before every movie and many times we get the ending right (maybe not 100% right, but the most important things), but avatar was the first movie where we got everything right. EVERYTHING. We talked for like 20 minutes and got everything right. It was like We went inside Cameron's mind or something, just kidding because even a 10 year old could've guessed 90% of the movie.

OK. So the graphics were awesome. So what?! Is a movie all about graphics to you? A movie only needs to be visually awesome to have an 8.4 rating?? How low has the movie industry gone? If people stopped thinking about the graphics for 5 minutes and just thought about the supernatural amount of clichés and predictability present in this movie, maybe this movie would have a 6 or 7 rating, but no, most people are like a little kid looking at something shiny and new - the content doesn't matter as long as it's pretty.

Just one thing, if you didn't see the movie and don't want to hear or be aware of spoilers follow these measures: 1-Don't watch the trailer(it'll give too much away) 2-Don't read the synopsis (it'll give too much away) 3-Don't even think, or you'll figure the whole thing. Believe me. It's that predictable.

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I don't know why, but I didn't like this movie..., 7 July 2010

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and it totally disappointed me. In my opinion the trailer had all the funniest scenes and the rest of the movie was kind of boring and slow paced. The really funny scenes were short scattered and in the trailer. Everyone who I talk to about this movie seem to love it and they kind of get offended when I say that I didn't like it, so I apologize if this review offends anyone in anyway, but that's just what I think. My 4/10 is only due to acting, because that really was amazing. Pitt and Clooney were amazing and so was Frances McDormand. In my opinion the best was Brad Pitt, who did an amazing job with a weird character.

Kick-Ass (2010)
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Brilliant. Everything works perfectly in this amazing movie., 7 July 2010

Kick-ass tells the story of Dave, a common teenager without anything special about him. Through his sense of justice and some events he decides to become a "Superhero" and hardly tries to save innocent people.

Why did I like this movie so much? Well, that's not easy to explain. The acting was flawless (in my opinion) with Aaron (Dave/Kick-ass), Chloe (Hit-girl) and Christopher (Chris/Red Mist) giving their best and shining throughout the entire movie. The storyline, even though it may not be the most original one, is amazingly well developed. The movie goes by at a perfect rhythm, combining comedy with action just perfectly. The music was amazingly well picked and combined 100% with every scene. and so on and so forth...

When I left the theater I was so excited, so happy and so energetic, it looked like I just had a shot of adrenaline! And I couldn't stop talking about the movie. It's been a really long time since I felt this way about a movie.

Now I know this movie is going to feed a lot of haters. It's normal. A lot of people walk into the theater with their mind already set, like "This movie is for nerds. It's going to suck so much.", if you have that kind of mentality just save yourself the time and don't watch it. Why bother if throughout the whole movie you're just going to be looking for flaws or rolling your eyes at every joke.

I loved this movie. I don't care about anything other people say. Kick- ass is my favorite movie of all time. I have no doubt about that.

I Am Virgin (2010) (V)
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The worst movie ever in my opinion, 25 June 2010

Before I review this movie, I have to say that I'm usually not "picky" about movies, and some of my favorite movies had really bad critics, but I still couldn't stand this movie. First a review about the general aspects of the movie. Overall it really looked like a work of amateurs, which would be fine if the other things were good. The acting, saving 2 or 3 actors, was awful and I really mean awful (even the dog was bad). Now about the story and the content. This looked, like it was said here before, just like a soft core pornographic movie. The movie had a lot of those scenes which were too long, repetitive and just lame, not adding anything to the story. Oh and the actresses that were in those scenes were some of the worst actresses ever. Really the movie went like: 5 min about the story - 10 min lesbian-zombie sex scene - 3min story - 10 min zombie orgy.

I never thought a movie could be this bad. Don't watch it unless you want to waste your time.