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Once I see them, they will be ticked off the list and reviewed shortly after.
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List of my top forty favourite films of all time. I rated them in terms of my most favorite from one to forty.
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This isn't about films that depict violence against women, no. Just because something depict something doesn't mean they condone it. But the overall tone and hints of the movies mean a lot of things and I got the vibe from these films that their intentions (or misintentions) was to demean women in some way.
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Similer to my list of top ten mind screwing movies, but with a much wider approach. While the discriptions seem mostly negative, it has to be noted that I enjoyed and apprieciated some of the qualities in several of the films but find them difficult to watch because of the subject matters, or strong violence. Watch them if you're brave enough.
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I'm a hard stone, so to speak, so whenever I cry at a movie - I feel it deserves a recognition.
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These are characters I either love to hate because of their nature, or either they are so badly written and presented, I end up hating them.
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There aren't enough films featuring female centred films with positive female characters and plot lines, as the industry is run by men wanting to make films about men. Despite change over the years, Hollywood is still afraid of women having strong personalities both on and off the set. Here's a list of movies that feature female characters in the main roles and that that are empowering for women.
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These are the movies that failed mildly or strongly to be enjoyable. Some of them, I'll admit I haven't seen the whole, but only because they failed to grip me in any way.
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These also include films that I've seen and want to see in the future.
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Best bios of musicians, documentaries and movies with bands in them that I've seen.
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A list of films that I've seen which will probably change the way you look at things, at people, situations and subjects that are happening in the world.
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A list of my favorite LGBT themed movies.
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People I can't stand, who I've lost respect for and who I wish would just disappear.
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These on screen film beatings have caused a lot of controversy over the years at film festivals and audiences alike. This is just to clarify that if you want watch any of these movies, you have to be prepared for the brutality of scenes below.
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Not all cartoons are for children. There's something quite different and interesting about adult animation - like playing a dirty game.
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Mostly sequels, adaptations and plain disasters of movies that put shame to either the original movies, series, material it was based on, the studio or generally the audiences.
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There definitely should be a category in the Academy Awards for Best Voice acting. Here are just some samples who should have been nominated or won.
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Not specifically vampire movies - but films relating to darkness of the soul and rock culture.