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interest in location, 6 September 2009

dancin thru the dark is one of my favourite films. I love the grittiness of the way Liverpool is portrayed. The characters are really believable. Mark womaks character is very well acted. Con o'neills character is so lovely.I would love to know more about the exact locations of the club and the Italian restaurant used in the film.I'd love to visit where they were filmed as i go to Liverpool sometimes. i am a huge fan of all of Willy Russell's films and plays. he's a fantastic writer.I love Shirley valentine the most. Pauline Collins portrayal of Shirley is amazing, she brings such a feeling of warmth and realism and humour to the character. I feel that Julie Walters character in Educating Rita is portrayed by her with such compassion. You really feel for her as she try's to better her life to a one she knows she is capable of achieving. All his writing appears to show his leads desperately want more from their lives than they appear to be getting.They all feel there has to be more!