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great, 5 August 2010

this is a wonderful movie some people said it was based on the life of another Argentinian star TITA MERELLO at the time the biggest box office star in Argentina movies and a LEGEND on her own , Fanny the star of this movie was a Peronista and a friend of Evita and the lover of Evita brother Juan Duerte and a friend of Tita Merello sadly the movie was not a hit since it was done in 1955 few month before the fall of Peron by the time it was ready a new dictator was in power and the movie open in 1958 and nobody saw it, Fanny Navarro after the fall of Peron WAS PERSECUTED AND DIE OR KILLED HERSELF IN 1971,Tita Merello always was a friend of Fanny and never said anything about this movie and her lonely life

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maria and dolores, 31 July 2010

I love this movie i had see few times in television is about the Mexican revolution but honestly the reason i like the movie is because Maria Felix and Dolores del Rio are together for the first and only time in their life , Maria more beautiful and younger than del Rio but both were huge movie stars Dolores very well know in united states and Maria very well know in the rest of the planet but not in USA, la Felix was beautiful , elegant and unique a real legend she never let herself go down not even in the last years of her life when she was almost 90 years old she still WAS Maria Felix , i love this woman she was maybe the most fantastic movie star of the 20 century, Dolores was a beautiful and a nice well educated lady she came from a very rich background but was not as fascinate as MARIA FELIX

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saritissima, 31 July 2010

Idont like this movie , i saw this movie only because sarita montiel was in it , she play an Indian and some of the review said the pretty Mexican actress please She was born in Campo de Criptana in the region of Castile-La Mancha in 1928 as María Antonia Abad (complete name María Antonia Alejandra Vicenta Elpidia Isidora Abad Fernández). After her unprecedented international hit in Juan de Orduña's El Último Cuplé in 1957, Montiel achieved the status of mega-star in Europe and Latin America. She was the first woman to distill sex openly in Spanish cinema at a time when even a low cut dress was not acceptable.sarita was not Mexican and she became the biggest European star of the cinema after Brigitte Bardot and today she make fun of American she said back in the 50s the American were so ignorant they don't know the different between Spain and Mexico they don't even know where Spain was located,Sarita thank god went back to Europe and the rest is history, BY THE WAY BACK THEN SHE WAS MARRIED TO ANTHONY MANN

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Anna Magnani the divine, 25 July 2010

I saw this movie many years ago and i love it , any movie with Anna Magnani is A most for everybody she was an special actress is not other actress in the cinema like her maybe Jenane this movie she played Rosa Palmolive i remember very well watching the movie and saying how wonderful this woman is, Anthony Quinn is great in the movie they worked together in the past in wild is the wind, Virna Lisi is great here she show how good as actress she can be and how beautiful she was but the movie is LA MAGNANI is a tour de force her performance and plus is her the most amazing actress of the world cinema, the first time i saw Anna Magnani was in the movie Roma open city and i was mesmerized by her performance i feel sorry for Ingrid Bergman when she married Rosellini and he try to make her in another Anna Magnani they flopped nobody can be ANNA MAGNANI

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saritissima, 25 July 2010

This is Sara Montiel best movie and maybe the best version of Carmen , this movie is much better than the one Rita Hayworth did in the late 1940s .La Montiel here look so beautiful and she prove she can act, this is the story of Carmen the gypsy woman whose beauty was legendary and her love for don Jose , Sarita Montiel never was better , she did many major hits movies later in her life until 1975 when she did a very bad movie named Cinco Almohadas para una noche and she retired for good since then she became a television star even today in her 80s she still La Montiel, in this movie her favorite co star Maurice Ronet I think they did 3 movies together He was a the famous french star the leading man of Brigitte Bardot , Romy Schneider , Jeanne Moreau , Catherine Deneuve and many more he was here at the peak of his fame and the other part is played by the sexy Spanish actor Jorge Mistral at the top of his fame too this movie was a huge hit all over the world, SARA MONTIEL DIE april 8 2013 at age 85 a verysad day in my life Adios Saritisma montiel

la divina nati, 23 July 2010

This is a soap opera made in Mexico in the very early 70s at the time Nati Mistral was a huge star as a singer and stage actress this is the only time she was in a soap opera , the telenovela is very simple and is not Mistral best work but she is very good in it as always , Nati is a great actress and a very good singer a woman with a great technical skills as a singer she can do anything she want AS WELL AS AN ACTRESS SHE IS A LORQUIANA ACTRESS MEANS SHE IS BEST WHEN DOING FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA PLAYS , La Mistral today is retired she said goodbye last year in a tour all over South America and Miami Florida where she is very popular among Cuban American, due to her right wing political ideas and her very Christian believe her image has been damage due to her very controversial remarked against gay marriage and others socialist cause she was and still is a francisco franco admired a very sad situation because she is one of the most talented women of the 20 century , but she will survive and her music will go on forever

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linda is not rita, 23 July 2010

I saw this movie when premiere in television long ago , i been a fan of Rita Hayworht and when they said they will make a movie about her life i was very happy, Rita at the time of the movie was alive but very sick, the selection of Linda Carter was a big mistake she was of iris and Mexican decent La Hayworth was of iris and Spanish decent and both look very different Rita was sublime the most beautful women of her time.the movie was very bad. Carter has nothing to do with Hayworth she was well know as wonder woman but she don't have sex appel or look as beautiful as Rita.i will not recommend this movie is a waste of time and energy

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silvia montanari, 22 July 2010

I saw this movie many years ago i remember when it was been filming it got a lot publicity do to the fact that Silvia Montanari an Argentina super star was in the movie she was hot from few telenovelas or soap opera , she was very elegant and beautiful and she went to Puerto Rico to do this movie with Jacobo Morales the most famous film maker of the island even if he is very leftist for my taste, La Montanari was at the peak of her fame when the movie open to mixed review she went back to argentina and i have NEVER see her work again even i know she still active in stage and television but her work is not show to this part of the world anymore i don't know why

Fantomas (1964)
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Mylene demongeot, 17 July 2010

This movies i mean the three Fantômas were an important part of my childhood back in the late 60s or early 70s, i remember how much fun was to go the movies back then in my little coastal town of Banes in the east part of Cuba with my cousin Manny, and the Fantômas movies were the biggest hit of all, any Cuban over 40 years old will tell you how much they love this movie and because this movies Mylene Demongeot the very beautiful french actress became very popular in the beginning she was another copy of Brigitte Bardot as michele Mercier or Marina Vlady and many others were but as Vlady she became star in her own right, Louis de Funes the most popular of all french actors or comedian in Cuba became an idol back then he was really funny later in my life i discovered he was of Spanish decent and Jean Marais by the time of the Fantômas movies he was at the end of his stardom and i was very surprise when i discover later in my life he was gay and at one point he was the lover of Jean Cocteau, anyway i love the Fantômas movies and forever they will remain part of my life

bellisima, 12 July 2010

I saw this movie long time ago I was in my country Cuba and I was very young in my early teens I went to the movie with my cousin Manny in my small town of the east part of Cuba named Banes, this movie is wonderful is a tragedy and a musical La Polaca the star of the movie never was more beautiful this is a very well done Spanish movie from the early 70s and La Polaca a flamenco singer and a dancer was at the PEAK of her career she became star early on in her life she was part of the flamenco dance company in nyc of Jose Greco she even danced and sing at the Ed Sullivan show , she went back to Spain in the mid 60s and became a major star she even has a part in a Brigitte Bardot movie , i love the end of this movie is sad but so tragic and romantic you will love it La polaca has die in june 2 of lung cancer she was 65 years old

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