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Romy the divine, 12 August 2012

I went to see this movie today in NEW YORK is going to be show for one week only and for the first time is show in USA, the movie is very good with a great end but what make this movie good is ROMY SCHNEIDER 1938-1982 when she came out in the screen ,she play a prostitute named lily, the question i ask myself was how come somebody can be so beautiful so perfect i have not word to described this woman and beside her talent she was so good in her part i love this movie, ROMY IN REAL LIFE WAS NEVER HAPPY SHE HAVE A5 YEARS LOVE AFFAIR WITH ALAIN DELON AND AFTER THAT SHE MARRIED THE FATHER OF HER LATE SON David EVENTUALLY SHE DIVORCED HIM AND MARRIED DANIEL BIASINI THE FATHER OF HER DAUGHTER SARAH

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La mas grande, 8 June 2011

I saw this movie long time ago in Nyc back in 1981 in those days in Nyc was many Spanish language movie house and in one of then they show La Querida the original title of this movie at the same time ROCIO JURADO was at the top of her fame even this movie was done in 1976 it was release in USA in 1981, at this time La Jurado was the most famous singer in Spanish language her record sold by millions all over Latin America and USA , i have to said the movie was not good. they just want to show her singing they want to catch in her fame . she was a good actress but in this movie she is not good but her voice was fantastic, this movie today maybe dated since La jurado die in 2006 and she is not very popular anymore but for her fans is a gem

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La taylor at her best, 26 March 2011

I saw this movie very long time ago in my little town of Banes in the east coast of Cuba, it was the first time i have see liz Taylor in a movie I was very young at the time in those days of the early seventies in Cuba all American movies were prohibited this one was the beginning of a new era for us at the time the review of the movie was very bad but i think it was because it was the first time since the 50s an American movie was show in Cuba the reason why the begin with a movie with liz taylor i don't know is well know that fidel castro was crazy for Brigitte Bardot, anyway i love this movie it was great i saw about 8 times and Elizabeth Taylor beauty was amazing now with her death which for me is very sad and surrealistic i was sure she will never die i want to remember this great movie

excellent, 8 January 2011

I love this movie is very funny and witty, the director of the movie Mr Enrique Oliver is a very talented guy and he has a very cuban sense of humor and since I was born in Cuba i do understand it perfect I love the movie and the performances are great i highly recommended this movie ask you video store to get new copieS and get it you will have a great time by the way his mother Zoyla is in the movie she is fantastic, the very well know former Spanish child star Ana Torrent she is very well know for the movie Cria by Carlos Saura and her co star was Geraldine Chaplin play the virgen to perfection, THIS MOVIE IS A FEEL GOOD MOVIE BUT HAVE A VERY DEEP INSIDE TO IT

Les femmes (1969)
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Not the best Bardot movie but worth to see, 8 January 2011

I saw this movie few days ago in a DVD the movie is long and not the best of Bardot movies but she is charming and beautiful as always, Brigitte look really good and at this time she was not pay much attention to the role she play or the movies she did she don't care anymore and she just was becoming a fashion icon and a singer , but i will recommended the movie for Bardot she look so beautiful and chic , Maurice Ronet another super star of the 60s play the lead he was by this time a real a star in Europe he was the leading lady of the time he has play opposite Sara Montiel ,Jeanne Moreau ,Catherine Denueuve , and Romy Schneider among s others

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Brigitte, 29 December 2010

I saw this movie not long ago after many years of looking for it , this is the last time ever Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim will work together and this is the last time Bardot will be the star of a major movie her last movie was a small part in Colinot the following year meaning 1974 ,any movie with Bardot is worth watching she is always charming and perfect and so beautiful in this movie she is Don Juan or some type of Don Juan she is great I love the movie from beginning to end not long ago Jane Birkin she is in the movie too, she said to vanity fair the American version that the day she meet Bardot she was breathless as how beautiful she was she said Brigitte was flawless, BARDOT IS UNIQUE HER BEAUTY IS ALWAYS THE MAIN ATRACTION IN A MOVIE but she can be good too and very charming, she have the it, sadly she retired after 1974 and never comeback, today she is 78 years old and doing good for animals, she is the last super star alive

Lucía (1968)
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very good, 20 November 2010

This movie is a very good one here is the story of three different woman in three different time but all have a connection to each others the better segment is the one with Raquel Revuelta a great actress with a powerful performance by this time she was still very beautiful even she was in her 40s her real life mother the legendary actress Silvia Planas play her mother in the movie too, her segment is at the end of the colonial time in Cuba back in 1898 in this segment miss Revuelta all dress in white look impeccable she is perfect for the part i don't think she was ever better well maybe as Dona Barbara back in the mid seventies, the others segments are good but not as perfect as this one Eslinda Nunez play the lead in the second part no a great actress but was beautiful the last part was weak and very political

Isabelle is the best, 7 November 2010

I saw this movie long time ago in new york city i am a big fan of Isabelle Adjani, i love the movie very much at the time I know Rodin but little about Camille Claudel, she was a very talented woman over shadow by her husband fame and abuse and more . over shadow by the time she live in, Isabelle Adjani was amazing i think this is one of her best performance ever, Adjani maybe the best actress of the cinema of today she has done great work before and after this movie but this is my favorite , she was nominate for an Oscar as best actress and won a Cesar she won more Cesar as best actress than any other actress in France history, i have to said she is Brigitte Bardot favorite actress and she played Bardot in the movie Monsier Abrahim, Gerard Depardieu is Rodin in this great movie . Isabelle is always a pleasure to watch sadly she is not making many movies lately, i wish she does she is very gifted as an actress and we the fans all over the world deserve more movies from her, please isabelle never retire we need you .you are the best of all

Model Shop (1969)
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aimee is very beautiful, 8 September 2010

I saw this movie last night in T.C.M i am a big fan of Anouk Aimee i have see more than few of her movies and always love the way she look even today as an older lady, the movie is slow but very romantic and very sixties , Aimee play this type of prostitute living in USA and she meet this guy younger than her and he fall in love with her i think she play the same part as her other Demy movie Lola, Anouk all the time is wearing white and she was in her late 30s i have to said very few actress are as beautiful and perfect as Aimee, i like the movie very much the first time i saw a movie with Aimee was called A second change she play the friend of Catherine Deneuve by this time she was older but beautiful, the actor Jean luis trintignat said aimeee and bardot were not good actresses but good to look at

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maria diosa, 17 August 2010

This is a great movie Maria at the top of her beauty and power i don't think Romulo Gallego the author of the novel never image a more perfect Dona Barbara than Maria Felix she has everything the part required , this was her third movie , the one that will immortalized her for eternity , maria based in this part created her own legend , i saw the movie long ago and i love it , have to said back in my country Cuba they did the television version of dona barbara with a very great actress and beautiful Raquel Revuelta i will said even maria was more beautiful and more charismatic Raquel was a better actress but maria was incomparable,maria is the divina garza

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