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real life based on Linda Spaldings point of view?, 4 September 2009

11 out of 12 Jurors found her guilty. She may not have pulled the trigger, but she was an accomplice. Guitly, Guilty Guilty.. What about Larry and his family? What do you suppose this is doing to them right now having this come up again? And this Author is making money off her book and TV movie on the crime. Will the movie focus on what kind of family the Haskers had or will it focus on what a terrible break the killing couple had, that they got caught. Haven't you heard? All the convicts in prison are innocent and they will tell you that if you ask them. maybe we should let all of them out? What about donating this money to the victims family and not spend time buttering up to a criminal. I read part of the book, what a crock of Sh--.