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stupidest climax i have ever seen, 15 February 2012

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What a trashy film. Bad acting and irritating Kareena. Boring and the same acting of Imran in other films of his 'Break Ke Baad, I hate Luv Storys, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' etc. He seems to be act mostly in romantic comedies. Shortest Hindi film i have ever come across. It's only 96mins. I pitied Imran's character in this film and poor guy he had a rough childhood with his parents and a worse friend Kareena who led him on and in the end she says 'i only look at you as a friend'. Utter rubbish. I think people who think that way are losers. Hehe. Anyway if you are a fan of both of them then watch it otherwise stay clear. Its just another lousy ripoff of Jab We Met.

Ghost (2012/I)
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Interesting story but bad acting, 27 January 2012

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I'll be very honest to say that i actually like this movie because of the scary scenes. It's different from the other horrors done by the Bhatts or Varmas. There is also a substantial bit on Christianity here. U will see an actor portraying 'Jesus' in the film. I don't like to mention the story which is nice and has a twist in the later part of the film. Performances wise all suck. Seem to be sleepwalking throughout the film. The 5 songs are melodious and hummable. Watch out for the scary scenes in the morgue and the doctor's house. Gory scenes. Blood spluttering everywhere. Hehe. However, just watch for the story and spooky gory scenes. Worth the money. Hope they come out with a sequel. By the way, the Russian girl playing the ghost is very pretty.

Agneepath (2012)
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silly boring and a waste of talent, 27 January 2012

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what a boring movie. Audience here was so disappointed that they started leaving the cinema after the interval. They expected a romantic movie. I decided to stay on and did i regret. I have no choice but to say 'why Hrithik did u act in this remake'? He was just sleepwalking throughout the film and gets beaten up in the end shouting Agneepath 3 times. What a waste of money and talent. Hrithik i think u should stick to your own style and leave this to Salman khan. Sanjay Dutt looks awful and gives a boring performance. The only saving grace is Rishi Kapoor in a short role. He is a good performer. Priyanka in a guest role.

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This movie made me cry, 3 September 2009

This was the movie that made Govinda my favorite actor. I could not control my tears when watching a few scenes in this movie. Here is Govinda in his best dual sad role. Watch it if you really like Govinda and if you do not like him, you will like him a lot after this movie. That happened to me after watching this genius at work. Govinda is the best actor and a superb human being after meeting him personally on the sets of deewana mastana.

Govinda has two roles. One as a honest police officer and the other as a 'child-like' mentally challenged man. Both are brothers and equally loved my their mother played by aruna irani. Im not going to say anything else about this film but please do watch this movie. Govinda you are the best!