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This list contains of movies that are loved by many but in fact are bad. If you like a single movie in this list and disagree with my opinions you are not very clever. If you find that that is the case, you can e-mail me on and I will do my best to lead you on the right way so that you can appreciate true quality cinema, aswell as spit on the type of films that this list contains. God Bless you all!
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Me and Metaldvärgen have, after years of deliberation, reached a point where we are proud to present a list containing the best five movies ever created. This list is to be considered as a generally prevailing one.
However, the presentation of this list can not be done here on IMDB without a major flaw. The swedish master director Mike Beck's epic "Spioner på Sängkanten" (Spies on the Bedside) is not existing on this website's database. Therefore the presentation of that movie is done just below:

Spioner på sängkanten (2009)
The most exciting and yet funniest trip of all time!
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This list shows the Swedish (or swedish produced) films that in my opinion truly are masterpieces. The list does not follow a chronological order of any kind.