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Just a random list of directors who I've really found to be excellent at what they do. I tried to put them in order but got lazy so its sort of general. I'm aware that there are dozens of other directors who belong on this list (perhaps Jorodowsky, Wenders, Hawkes, Haneke, Huston, Chaplin, Murnau, etic.) But odds are I probably haven't seen any of their films. List thoughts and suggestions beneath if you would like. Trolls will be banished and comments will be deleted.
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A long list of films that I've really found incredible in a variety of ways. Listed in alphabetical order by director from their greatest to their not quite as great IMO. This will be updated as I see more films.
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Movies that deserved Best Picture... or won it. If they didn't win, below will be listed what won that year. (Missing Years: 1947, 1944, 1943, 1937-1933, 1929, 1928, 1926, and Pre-1925)
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