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A groundbreaking masterpiece. Bret Carr gives a Spellbinding Performance, 4 April 2003

Lou is a film which psychologically rooted itself inside of me. Much the way Godfather made me want to escape the destiny of my father's legacy. However, instead of the dark turns of the Godfather, Lou created a surreal fast-paced Scorcese landscape which captivated me emotionally and visually. Comedic touches allowed a cross-genre appeal which is a directorial ability held by Spielberg and few others. A stunning feature debut. Bret Carr's film, and the screenplay by Oscar nom Quinn Redeker and Mary Shashy, took hold of me by infecting me with love and pathos for the title character, Lou Benedetti. Then the film, and the SPELLBINDING performance by the actor/ director (Carr), takes you through his psychological deconstruction and awakening. Jon Jacobs who plays the Tony Robbins character and Starla Benford who plays the Oprah on speed character are both wonderful also. This is an amazing movie.