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TWO Words! Freaking LAME!, 24 September 2011

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Complete crap that stinks like it is decayed for years. My only question is, what the freak is wrong with you people? Why is it always,earth in peril, or earth destroyed, or earth in danger, or aliens fighting on earth, humans in danger, can you not think of anything else, For god sake. First it's that cube, they fight on the planet earth, one city gets destroyed, next it's that reviving piece of metal claw, another city gets destroyed(oh, and the fun part, the hero goes into robot heaven and speaks to dead robots). now, another piece of crap metal, that shoots up light beam into the space and guess what, it can transport a planet, another city is destroyed. Oh MY GOD!! I cannot take any more of this transformers 'BS'. Micheal Bay, I know you have given some pretty good movies in the past, but dude, seriously something is wrong with your brain. Now, stop making crap movies. QUIT IT.

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Too bizarre to be believed yet enjoyable, 20 September 2009

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First of all, Where does this chunk of Kryptonite..keep coming from. And Why is it..always the destruction of the planet. Also, after seeing all, superman cartoons, movies, I still don't understand what is the grudge that Lex is holding up against Superman, that he want to kill him so badly, he would put the planet at stake. For a second, I thought this has to be the game that Batman and his arch nemesis, also his perfect proportioned opposite, Joker, plays. Always push batman to the limit, so batman would give up his rules, his ideals. And yet end up defeated. Well, in one of the episodes or lets say encounters with the joker, the joker dies and all that was left of him, dies with him. In the justice league episodes, we have also seen that superman, is pushed harder and finally, he kills Lex, who at that time was the president in a parallel universe. Why can't this be the case here in the movie. Basically, I felt the plot was flawed, even though it began, effectively. One thing, was not certain, even though luthor mentions it in the movie, that his intention is to bring new world order or wud say "New World" order. In the justice league episodes, Lex ends up being the person, saving the world in the end and his intentions are not earthly. Here, he is a complete different person. I mean the steroids and all, I understand but liquid wait a second...isn't it that kryptonite is what ails Lex bringing him almost near to death in Justice league because he always carried of a chunk of kryptonite with him..? Now he injects it in himself and Lo!..he is all powerful. I am telling you people..if you are a fan of justice league, batman, superman and have strictly followed all those episodes.. this would not make any fact, would raise many questions. Those who are fans of batman or superman, would probably like it. I personally am a huge fan of Batman, no other(no matter how many powers or super strength they have)..he always would remain this incredible character in all the movies. Any one reading these comments..think..or you can just enjoy the movie..and not bother.

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Somewhat agree with the above comment, 26 August 2009

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Although, csi team made an assumption as how the boy was killed, meaning, if he was hit on the head with multiple blows, this doesn't determine the position of the person, as exactly where he was standing or in which position he was standing. Here, two possibilities could be assumed. One, like the above comment says, the kid hitting his brother with the pipe, was facing him in a horizontal position at an altitude described by the blood spatters on the T-shirt. and second, it doesn't determine anything about the position of how the boy, who was sleeping, was in. It simply cannot be assumed, during all those blows, he would not have moved at all. or the boy, after hitting the victim might have moved him back to his original state, he was in, so no one would suspect it. It just said that the father found him in the morning when he went to wake him up. The csi, just did an analysis as who, among the three assumed suspects could be the actual culprit, but not the position of the threads of the pipe on the victim's body. because, that would not give any clue. Imagine this, if the boy was hitting him with one hand, his blows could be vertical as well. but if he is using both his hands, then the blows would be horizontal, or diagonal.