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Too funny--for the kids and for me, 3 June 2011

I actually have been one of those mothers disheartened by the lack of innocence in modern children's programming, and as a conservative parent restricted a lot of what my kids watched when they were younger. They weren't watching Spongebob or the Cartoon Network stuff when other kids their age were.

When my boy got to be around 6, I realized that his taste for what is funny changed--you know, to that of a normal 6-year-old boy. He had outgrown the purely educational and innocent Nick Jr. shows, and he enjoyed programming that was simply entertaining. And honestly it would just be weird if my 7-8 year old boy was into The Wonder Pets. It's a fact that gross stuff, outrageous animation (like huge eyeballs and squashed heads), injurious antics, and indulgent silliness is just funny to most kids. Ed, Edd, n Eddy is a favorite of my kids for these reasons. It doesn't mean that the kids who watch these kinds of shows are going to become more crude and obnoxious as a result. They just want to laugh at silly stuff, and as kids that's what they should be doing!

So enter Regular Show: the characters are all entertaining and the unique brand of humor makes it a hit with kids and adults. Even the parts aimed more at adults that the kids don't "get" are still funny to them by way of expression and delivery. The writing and quirkiness of the characters is brilliant. My 6-year-old daughter loves High Five Ghost, my husband loves Muscle Man, my 9-year-old son loves Rigby, and I love all the characters. I would advise people not to dismiss the show as vulgar and inappropriate too soon and give it more of a chance. It's one that my whole family enjoys together.

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Very cute, 28 April 2004

Anyone who actually has given The Wiggles a chance knows that they are a brilliant form of children's entertainment. Though some unknowing commenter here referred to them as "brits" they are actually Australian, and I have learned why adults and children alike are wild about them. More than any other show, they do not underestimate the intelligence and learning ability of children, as they use words like "constructing" instead of "building", "improve" instead of "get better" and "interested in" rather than "want". These guys each bring something original and wonderful to the table, as well as being musically talented and gifted.

My son and I can't get enough of them, and he actually requests this movie more often than the other Wiggles DVDs we have.

The character, Wally is very cute and funny, and The Wiggles give us lots of extra silly for this one. What a delightful movie!