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Brilliant, 11 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

17 minutes late.. not really what i expected by reading the title .. by introducing us to the tense environment of killings, the director expresses us what the movie will be like. This short movie lasts for 10 minutes but those minutes were surely not wasted time. Short and very interesting.

Soundtrack ? Environmental "booms" tensing you harder and harder by every breath-taking minute which comes ..

The story of a gangster who is paid back. The story of someone who we don't know but we begin to like. The story of a death.

The presence of the feminine character really adds a lot of credibility to the movie. The brief dialogs used help us get into the action.

That could be said for now.. for more, you HAVE GOT to see the movie.

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Lovely, really lovely, 11 June 2005

I have got to admit. I am not a really big fan of short movies but this movie really.. made my day :) A very interesting story which shows that although we are in the age of technology people don't communicate so much face to face. It also shows what the first-love-feelings are .. not being sure of what to do in front of her, the girl of your dreams is shown up really , really well ! This short movie made me think more about this kind of movies and I think I will watch some more. The director did a very good job and although I don't know how old is he and stuff I believe he is on the right track. Overall 9/10. Absolutely L O V E L Y !

Thrill Seekers (1999) (TV)
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Good script,poor movie, 22 March 2005

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Watching the movie last night on the TV i can surely make some remarks: Good beginning. It was entertaining the way that guy went through the disasters and appeared in the pictures.. it made you think about who is he and where does he come from. The part that he is a Thrill Seeker sucked. I am sure there could have been other ideas, better than that. I liked the love story between the main two characters and the general idea of going through the time. This is not the place to comment on the effects of going into time =>there are a lot of places where that can be discussed but in the general it was interesting. It was an enjoyable movie to watch although the ending was very predictable ( we don't like that now-a-days, do we? ) I give it a 5/10 as for encouraging but it could have been much better.