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such a waste, 23 June 2006

It could have been a recipe for success but it wasn't. Even though instructions were followed, something still went wrong and resulted in disaster.

Lots of people loved this movie. I didn't. I thought it was too simplistic, too caught up in its own scandal and just too disconnected. At least for me.

I found it hard to sympathize with the main characters. Everything was happening too fast and too vague. I kept hoping things would get better during the second half but it just kept getting worse.

The actors were good but I don't think they were great. I think this movie was extremely over-hyped, which is really such a shame because Ang Lee is a great director and four leads are very good actors.

For me, choosing between Crash and Brokeback Mountain was a no brainer. The right movie won, IMO.

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movie was too fast, 12 January 2005

Based on the first two Blade movies, I wasn't expecting too much on the story part of the movie. I was looking forward to Blade's moves and seeing Triple H on the big screen. It's always a good thing when you don't expect too much from a movie because chances are, you won't leave the theater utterly disappointed.

It was a good movie, purely enjoyable. It was fun to see Blade perform his moves again. Ryan Reynolds was a good decision, too. He provided a lot of the humor in the movie, which was needed to distract the people from the otherwise faulty plot. And since they had a professional wrestler in the movie, they, of course, had to incorporate some wrestling movies in their fight scenes. Hehe. Cheap thrill for me.

On to the bad part, pacing was too fast. People will definitely not watch this for the story but for Blade so the producers don't want to bore the audience. But it was just too fast. Blade II was better for me.

Actors were miscast. Dracula, played by Dominic Purcell, was so unimpressive. Parker Posey was convincing as a villain, as usual, but her vampire teeth are so distracting. You think she's not still so not used to it? Character developments were too forced. That thing with Jessica Biel and the iPod was a bit lame though. It's not very endearing.

And my biggest gripe of all, there was just too few action scenes. This must be the reason why I loved Blade II. The action scenes there were the best. Oh and one more thing, I will never look at a Pomeranian the same way again.

I'd recommend this if only for some light-hearted fun. It won't kill you to try watching it. Just don't expect it to be a great movie because it's really not.

pales to the first movie but still enjoyable, 12 January 2005

Having immensely enjoyed the first movie and hearing the interviews of the cast, I was up for some laughs with this movie. It is funny. No actually, thank goodness it was funny. Because otherwise it would have bombed. Story was just too loose and I really couldn't be bothered with it. I actually just stopped trying to decipher it and just listened to the witty lines by the actors.

Yes, the lines are very, very witty and funny. The chemistry between the cast is still there but it was obviously made just to make money. It was disappointing. That's why I'm glad that it was at least funny. Oh and the appearance of Robbie Coltrane (HP's Hagrid), Topher Grace and Bruce Willis were unexpected and greatly appreciated.

The shots were great though. It was so reminiscent of the old crime and detective movies back in the 60s and 70s. I love it! And the music fit it well, too. And the setting this time around was better, especially since they filmed in Europe (with Amsterdam getting a lot of screen time).

I give it a 6 out of 10 because really the mistake with the story was just too obvious to be ignored.

Magnifico (2003)
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one of the best Filipino films in years, 2 January 2005

This is by far one of the best Filipino films since, I believe, Mike de Leon's Bayaning Third World.

Directing - Maryo J is very proud of this movie and why shouldn't he be? It captures the Filipino heart and character fully.

Script - Surprising to find out that a young person like Yamamoto wrote this. It makes you realize that the best works aren't the big production movies but the movies that come from the heart.

Acting - What do you get when you put Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez, Mark Gil and (now) Jiro Manio in one great movie? A great movie with great actors. You can't get anything better than that.

It's such a shame this movie wasn't well-appreciated in our land. But I'm glad this movie is still getting the appreciation it deserves.

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amazing!, 13 June 2004

What an amazing movie! Everything just seems to fall into place, the directing, the story, the editing, the cinematography. At first, I was a bit peeved at all the shots but realized it was a movie of parallelism. All those dark shots reflected what life was in Brazil for these boys, how dark it is for them, like there was no way out and that other people did not see them or refused to make an effort to see them and their situation.

Fernando Meirelles is a genius. The way he directed all those shots, it tells me to view reality as it is, and not as it should be. It's so good, I just want to cry. Everyone should see it and be moved to action. What an amazing movie!

awful, 12 June 2004

When special effects turns out to be the big stars of a movie, then it's really in big trouble. And that's exactly what happened with The Day After Tomorrow. Bad acting + bad story + bad directing = movie disaster. I guess the producers thought it was an okay gamble since people will still flock to the theaters to see this one. I love disaster movies. But please, make it worth our while. Make sure the script and directing is good.

As for the actors, it almost felt like they accepted this job just for the money. They weren't motivated to become the characters and that's really sad because we spend 2 hours looking at them, trying to make us feel for them.

As for the story, everything felt forced. It felt like they didn't take it seriously. This was a great opportunity to make the people learn about the environment but they just messed it up. Everything was so unbelievable. I mean, they built it up so big and resolved it weakly.

This movie is really just a waste of money and of time.

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If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman..., 12 June 2004

If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman, this movie will go down as one of the poorly-made movies ever. It was pretty good at first. We've got this guy with superhuman strength commissioned by the church to fight off the bad guys. Pretty good so far. And then he was sent to kill Dracula. And he teamed up with Kate Beckinsale, that's when it started going downhill. It didn't match up with the main premise. The movie had a great premise, but it seemed Sommers couldn't quite connect with it. I loved how he manipulated the stories of Frankenstein, Dracula and werewolves and made it a good twist to the story. I didn't like how he developed Jackman and Beckinsale's characters though. And the ending made me laugh out loud. It was either that or cry from frustration. I chose to laugh. But it's a great action movie, just don't watch it for the script.

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Excellent film!, 12 June 2004

This movie came with perfect timing. I was currently viewing really awful movies and this was a welcome break. Characters were so well-developed, it almost feels like if I go to France, I will meet Jeff, Antoine, Manu or Alex on the streets. Everything was so simple but it touched the heart. That's why this movie works! Because it shows how life that's so simple can become complicated through the choices we make.

Dialogue is also very witty and natural. Direction was superb. It was amazing how he can make a scene where the four of them simply stare off at the beach from a simple one to an emotion-filled scene. Superb acting from all of the actors. Everything was done nicely. I was so sad when the end credits rolled. I wanted more! I guess I'll just have to wait for more movies from Esposito.