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Final Fantasy III (1994) (VG)
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UGH! THE MELODRAMA!, 15 July 2003

Even though I do admit, though FF6 is better than most Final Fantasy games (which is kinda like chossing from various snakebites), it still is not that good of a game. Why doesn't Square do more Chrono games or Seiken Densetsu games, or hey, even remake LiveALive and Rudra no Hihou? Make a game by professionals instead of coming up with amateurish, melodramatic FF crap.

Sure, FF6 is supost to be a tragedy, but it bombs. The characters act way too melodramatic that it is so hard to show any pithos towards them one bit. It just drove me nuts how the Final Fantasy games try too hard to be emotional, but fail badly.

Get yourself out of the FF web and play some actual worthwhile RPGS. Hey, even Dragon Quest is nowhere nearly as repetitive as FF and that game (Dragon Quest) started the line of RPGs!

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British more believable than America., 7 July 2003

Down in Brasil, they aired the Portuguese dubbed US version of this show, and I hated it (and yes, I am male and attracted to guys). I just thought it was ugly, stereotypical and just a downright humorless gloom fest.

However, my friends showed me the UK version. I was hesitant at first, but I gave it a chanse. In fact, I love the UK version way much better than the USA version. Good acting, actual fleshed out characters, and some humor thrown in here and there (unlike the other one). Yeah, even thouhg some of the gay men here party and are sexually aroused, but this time they are more portrayed as humans and not stereotypes (and yes, in the UK, those are ACTUAL gay people, from what I heard).

Only if they air the show on Brasil TV and play it in Portuguese even.

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Just as bad as PeTA's attempt on compairing Lab and Farm Animals to Holocaust victims!, 15 June 2003

One day, back at High School, on an excange trip, some vegan Animal Rights hippies were showing us some films in class, trying to brainwash us, the students, and the teachers in to becoming vegans and animal rights activist.

Sure, I love animals and I support Animal Well Fare, but Animal Rights is not a glamorous nor good thing. The people whom did this documentary portray scientists whom research and test on rodents to find cures for diseases or try new medicines (To help BOTH people and animals) as being psychotic and taking pleasure out of killing, which is NOT true most times! In fact, I think the Animal Rights organizations are more cruel than the scientists and farmers.

Besides, most people in the world do not take pleasure out of killing animals and letting them rot. Most who do, are either poachers or psycho/sociopaths.

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Ah Ha! The REAL truth of Animal Rights activism!!!, 15 June 2003

I love this movie so much! "Rebels With a Cause" (or Norway "Svart Pantere") is film that actually tells us the truth about the difference between Animal Wellfare and Animal Rights, and what a clear big line it draws too! The Animal Liberationists are portrayed as being vandelous, self-righteous and they treat humans far worse than animals. Then, some police and the victim's families try to stop the Animal liberationists.

I think if they release this film in paces other than Scandenavia or Brasil, it would be one to share with everyone. It is quite an elightening experience indeed.

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Hey, it is the porno/hentai version of "Mortal Kombat"!, 5 June 2003

Tsk tsk, what happened to you Kawajari san? You made good anime cartoons like Lensman, and now look, you are falling into the plotless unoriginal hentai phase.

Not that I hate adult only cartoons, some are actually quite funny (Nude and Nuder) or well written (Kizuna). But Jubei Ninpocho is neither. Though the animation is excellent, the plot is almost non-existant, japanese voice acting is just like ANY OTHER ANIME, and not to mention pointless shock value galore (how much red ink did they waste with this movie? It could have all been used to grade school test papers!)

If you want good hentai, watch Kizuna or the Korean sex comedy, Nude and Nuder.

Valkyrie Profile (1999) (VG)
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Excellent game, but NOT without its faults!, 5 June 2003

"Valkyrie Profile" is quite a well-writen and addictive game that is excellent relief from the plague of the repetitive "Final Fantasy" series or the akward "Megami Tensei" games (though Persona subseries was great).

It follows the tail of a Valkyrie on a quest to retrive souls of the recently departed and help them live in the afterlife of Valhallah. As she does this at commands of Frey, Freya and Odin, she suddenly meets a familiar faces of the past and must learn more about it.

The gameplay is quite fun too. Kinda like a combination of the "Rockman" series meets "Super Mario RPG", plus, really vivid graphics and character designs.

But the flaw of the game lies within the voice acting (of both English and Japanese version). The Japanese version, almost everyone sounds really too squeaky or high pitched. Though they use a few TV, as well as seiyuu voice actors and actresses, some stood out more than others, but TURN DOWN THE VOICE VOLUME! Unless you want to hear people talking in pseudo-baratone or pseudo-helium pitched voices. Though the English version is a little bit of an approvement, I feel that the English voice acting is better done in scenarios than it is in the battle fields, when things get quite grating and repetitive!

But other than so-so voice acting, Valkyrie Profile is a classic that stands the test of time.

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It was ALWAYS un-funny!, 28 April 2003

Ah South Park! My sister would always watch this show religiously and rant on how "funny" and "clever" this show was. I decided to watch "South Park" myself a few times, and man, I have to disagree sis! I have seen better satires and gross-out humor.

No, I am not a bigot against bad animation, in fact, I think the character designs are quite interesting (much better than modern day Disney crap IMO), but even interesting character designs cannot save this cartoon from being a cough and yawn fest! The humor is nothing more than stale cussing, offensiveness and flying, talking turds. Sure, I do not mind shock value here and there, but there must be a reason behind it. At least the old Looney Tunes shorts had a reason behind some of the "stereotypical" humor, but "South Park" has no real reason for shock value, hense, it is Shock Value for the hell of it, which is indeed quite boring and pointless. And sad thing is, alot of shows are starting to mimic these "South Park" qualities too, such as the recent "Simpson" episode and "The Family Guy".

If you want good satire humor, watch "Os Trapehlos" or "Monty Python". Or even yet, watch some old "Looney Tunes" shorts.

If you want good gross out variety, watch "Ren and Stimpy" (Ren y Estimpo).

If you want mind numbingly bad swill, watch "South Park" (or what I call it, "Suckage Bark").

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*yawns* I tire of this show ALREADY!, 28 April 2003

This is what happens when a B-Movie ruins a decent animated TV show.

At first in 1998 (1999 in Brasil), "The Powerpuff Girls" were indeed fresh, clever and funny. It starts with the Professer Utoniam whom creates the "perfect" ingridients for making "perfect" little girls. Then, he does a mistake and accidently breaks the mysterious jar of chemical X, thus the birth of "The Powerpuff Girls". Docinho (Buttercup, personal fav), Lindinha (Bubbles, HAAAATE HER!!!) Florzinha (Blossom, the decent one) are now born to fight crime.

I liked the show then, but ever since the movie, and the lack of SMART villains, it got pretty bad. I mean come on, can they PLEASE do something else besides save Townsville? What about other parts of the world? Don't you know that brainless villains gets kinda boring after a while?

This pretty much tells you that the girls have done everything imaginable for an episode, and i think it's time to finally kill this show for good before it becomes yet another "Road Runner and Wail E. Coyote" series.

"The Powerpuff Girls" a once good show gone horribly wrong.

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IF anything, watch the original Cantonese version (or Portuguese dub) of "Alexander", 5 April 2003

I have seen the Chinese(Cantonese), Japanese, Korean and Portuguese versions of "Alexander". Even though it is wonderful, I prefer the orginal cantonese and brasilian portuguese dub version. I could not help to notice in Korea and JApan, that they have edited or cut out some scenes (even though in both Korea and Japan version have nudity, there are alot other than pubic hair they cut out), while the original Hong Kong version, as well as the Portuguese dubbed version, it is totally 100% uncut! If any chance, see those versions! You will dig it, I garantee!

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Mmmmm....I really wanted to like this film, but..., 30 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

....where to start though. Lilo has an interesting concept and clever parody moments in it (such as the Japanese Monster spoofs and Pulp Fiction satire), but there were also some aspects that sort of bothered me as well....


First off, I hate how Nani treats her little sister! Sure she may be pretty, but she's no mother figure! She neglects Lilo in a house with the stove still on fire, so she can be with her "boyfriend" and it seems like most of the times Nani spent with Lilo was when she was stressed and beaten her. No wonder Lilo seems so messed up and hostile towards others (such as punching a girl in the face for disagreeing with her). It's actually not her fault, it's Nani's fault. She should be a better role model for Lilo. I honestly wished Stitch would have eaten that #%&%^*, but nope, instead, he save Lilo from being taken to a better home, so she could be with her sister that treats her like a punching bag.


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