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All movies I've seen in 2014.
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Most of the best movies I remember seeing over my life.
Some movies you've seen and aren't there, I've probably not seen them.
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Movies I've seen since 2012 descending from the best.
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Movies, I've been waiting for a long time to see.
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The guys who are on SNL and are in my favorite movies, because the are actually funny.
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Directors that are approaching the spotlight.

(not completed)
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I'm going to try to add as many movies I remember seeing in my life! I am 15 and I have aLOT left to see!
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Movies he has directed, Movies he has written, Movies he has produced, Movies he has starred... (In order of release date)
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Some of these films do have 4 or more movies that are not actually as good as the first 3 so don't blame for that. But these are the best 35 trilogies in my opinion, and if you watch them, I highly recommend you watch it in HD. Some of these are not yet complete trilogies but i've placed them on the bottom and I look forward to see the finale of them.
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My favorites
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Last updated January 26th 2013...more to come
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Last updated January 17th 2013...more to come