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my favorite directors in a general order, with their films rated.

but about the ratings: i have fun rating but please note that ratings in general are not very serious or concrete and to take them with a grain of salt. you are welcome to disagree with them. they are personal and basically useless to others besides giving a general view. obviously though, a rating of "10" or "9.5" would represent examples of films i believe could be masterpieces. for me, "9.5" is basically the highest rating a film can get, the equivalent of a 4 star review or something. whereas a "10" is more or less the same "rating" as a 9.5; yet the two could sometimes be miles apart. a 10 can be completely overwhelming emotionally, or contain something extremely personal for me, or it could be as simple as a moment or an image that elevates it from a 9.5 to a 10. i'm not really sure, i rate a film a 10 because it feels right, i just kinda know.
8 represents a very good film that i'd recommend, and i'd say the positive aspect of a rating starts to dissipate at around 6.5 and lower. because anything below a 5 is basically all the same rating. what does it matter if it's a 4 or a 2.5? it's obvious i didn't like the film. i usually don't rate much lower than a 5, because i usually can get something, however small, from the directors on this list. so that's rating. take it however way you want.

the list is hopefully a nice balance of obvious choices and personal preference. likewise, if you don't see one of your favorites on this list, feel free to recommend them. films too. but keep in mind, there are many directors who i've only seen 1 or 2 of their films and feel i need to see more of before i add them. as well as directors i have planned to get into but not yet seen any of their films (there are lots). chances are that even if you don't see them i still like/have seen their work. and of course directors who i'm just not a fan of. there are lots on the outside looking in. and it isn't completely based around their films, my favorite directors are usually the ones i also find most interesting as people. the ones who's interviews and opinions i seek out, and who i watch documentaries about, things like that. most of the avant-garde type directors i admire i haven't included unless i have seen more than a few short films. the list leans more towards the directors themselves, as people.

although lately, i haven't been updating the list with new faces so much as i've just updated the ones already here.

PS - the shorts that are listed also include music videos, and most other short work (videos, sometimes commercials, etc) besides short films. features are works over 45 minutes in length. in general, the short film ratings are considered separate from the feature ratings. and they are even more unreliable.
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and note, i haven't seen these particular films in this marathon by these directors
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all the films i've seen that are of this particular year, from least hated to most hated, based on the canadian release date/distribution/if i see it in filmfests/whatever (so like always most of these movies won't even be listed as "2014", that always bugs me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
honestly putting films on lists based on release date is super hard. basically i live in vancouver and if it's been released in theatres here or out on dvd and i see it then it'll be on this list. same goes for the future/past years.

i plan to include documentaries in the actually list this year, and make a true "film of" list. past years lists were only fiction films for whatever reason, though ive listed some docs i liked in their descriptions. and this list will be more true to what i personally liked/loved/hated, less of a weighted rating. it's a good reflection of my many tastes. though not sure if the tastes themselves are any good.
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directors i kinda like, or haven't seen enough to warrant being called one of my favorites.... yet. or maybe not at all, hmm? maybe i haven't seen any of their films in a long time, and need a refresher. pretty simple.

update as i remember/feel like it. this list is by no means complete or definitive.

this list is for my own personal use, or uselessness, but i decided it doesn't have to be private. you can look at it too ;)
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films i see in 2013* ranked from the one i hated least to the one i hated most.

the line between fiction and non-fiction (documentary) is constantly blurring and i myself don't see a huge difference, but "fiction" is in the title because i have excluded documentaries from these lists.
though some of these films were among my favorites, like "leviathan" which i thought was really cool, or "blackfish".

my year end list as of dec.31st 2013 was:

1. Before Midnight/Spring Breakers (tie)
2. Dallas Buyers Club
3. Only God Forgives
4. Prisoners
5. The Place Beyond the Pines
6. Amour
7. Kauwboy
8. To the Wonder
9. Upstream Color
10. A Field in England

*films i see in theaters or later on dvd/bluray are based on the CANADIAN release date. or if i see them in festivals this year. it's the canadian release date because i live in canada. my house is here and stuff.
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based on the CANADIAN release date. well actually i saw a ton of films at VIFF that are on this list but released later. ordered from least hated to most hated, these are 2011 films i have seen.

the line between fiction and non-fiction (documentary) is constantly blurring and i myself don't see a huge difference, but "fiction" is in the title because i have excluded documentaries from these lists.

some documentaries i liked this year were: "Happy People: A Year in the Taiga", "Tabloid", "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"; mostly herzog stuff like always. also saw a couple good ones at VIFF.

*kinda forgetting to update this, im not sure what's missing. nothing notable i guess
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a constantly updated list of the films i saw in 2012 released theatrically in, or released later on dvd, in order from my favorite to least favorite. Based on the Canadian theatrical release date.

i am a bit more critical of modern movies, given the freedom the digital age has created and all that has already been done. i love film but a large part of me yearns for new images, risks, new ideas. not only a good story; on top of one.

the line between fiction and non-fiction (documentary) is constantly blurring and i myself don't see a huge difference, but "fiction" is in the title because i have excluded documentaries from these lists.

my favorite documentary (and actually my favorite film of 2012) was "The Imposter".
a few other doc's i liked were "Into the Abyss", "Searching for Sugarman", and i forgot the rest, i'll edit this later.

my top 10 at the end of the year (dec.31st 2012 obviously) was:

1. Django Unchained
2. Prometheus
3. Killing Them Softly
4. 21 Jump Street
5. Amazing Spider-Man
6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
7. Moonrise Kingdom
8. Intouchables
9. Chronicle
10. End of Watch
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There haven't been many notable surfing features throughout cinema history, barely a handful. I know there are probably a lot of obscure surfing movies from the US and Australia but they are very difficult to find. Please help this list grow by suggesting any (fictional) surfing movies you may have heard of or seen that aren't on this list!