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Coraline (2009)
Am not the child movies one, but I truly love this film!, 22 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't like child movies, you know like Disney movies or any other kind of animated movie; however I've just watched a few times this film and I really like it. Of course this movie is above regular animated films, it has a truly deep message for children, the movie has also a unique style and definitely worths to be watched.

The message of the movie is really good, because while other movies show that parents have to understand the bad behavior of their children because they can't spend time with them, this movie actually shows that children also have to understand their parents and that the reason why the work really hard is because they want to give a better life for them.

Well, another thing that is really good about this movie is that its style is unique. The story was directed by Henry Selick, the same director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. Those movies were really good with a mix of horror, comedy and fantasy. What I like about this movie is the creepy style and of course the stop-motion which is for me a million times better than CGI.

Definitely this movie worths being watched, when my sister watched it for the very first time it was funny that she was kind of surprised at the beginning. YOu get to like everything about this movie, especially every scene and all the characters that have been well designed and of course the script is amazing. Based on the story of Neil Gaiman.

In conclusion, this film is truly amazing and if you haven't seen it you must watch, you won't regret it. Its unique style make it so attractive and also it has a really positive message.

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Truly awful!, 29 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In my most humble opinion this is the worst movie I've ever seen because I think is extremely cheesy, preposterous and disgusting. The main contra of this film is the leading character (annoying and beyond all bearing), second the bad acting of all the actors and of course the unreal plot and the bad directing.

The first horrible mistake of this film is definitely the bad choice of putting Jenna Mattison in the leading role, I mean WHO IS SHE? (I wondered that the whole film) I can't deny it she's extremely ugly but she thought she was lovely and charming, anyways, I realized she wrote the story so that explains why everyone was praising her. But apart from her physical appearance, her horrible personality is what really shocked me! Gosh! she was annoying speaking more than she should. Throughout the film she speaks and speaks saying senseless things trying to be rude when she actually wasn't.

The other actors where really bad and the good ones did a really bad job on this film, for example: Armand Assante and Betty White. Assante and White are in my opinion not the best but they are okay actors. What I really didn't understand why in the credits they were listed below Mattison and Maguire (We're not talking about Winslet and DiCaprio). I really think Assante should'd fired his agent after getting him into this absurdity of a film.

The plot was so fictitious that I hardly think there's someone who might like this film because is pure pain for anyone. I actually didn't get what's the point of the story when it has a really lame plot: a pretty-woman-wannabe librarian is granted three wishes by her long time lost father. The way I see it there's no reason to watch this film if Maggie makes something so complicated (to forgive your father after being away for so many time and reappearing as if nothing) seem so simple and plain.

Despite everything what really mad me LMAO was when it finally ended and the song played when the credits were appearing was the Dance The Reed Pipes and many other songs from The Nutcracker, really bad! It was really obvious that it was a fanatic's movie. I can't hardly believe it was shown in theaters.

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Nothing especial, 20 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really don't like this movie because is extremely predictable, the performances are really bland and also the story doesn't bring anything new to the genre. Overall the movie is just unfunny, plain and ridiculous.

This is one of the most shameless romantic comedies I've ever seen. I really don't like romantic comedies because they are completely fictitious, after soap operas romantic comedies are the most unrealistic shows ever, but anyways in my most humble opinion the story of the movie is so cheap and silly that I really hated every single thing of this movie.

The performances are really terrible, well I've never taken seriously Ashley Judd but in this movie she gave the simplest performances ever but in the end is not her fault If I should blame someone I'd blame the writer. And of course Hugh Jackman and Greg Kinnear made the typical handsome men falling for the "nice" girl and Ellen Barking performing the other girl.

Of course the worst of this movie is the fake script and the silly story I mean romance is sometimes ridiculous but this movie exceeded expectations. The worst part for me was especially the ending when we realize that writer most be from another planet or most live in another reality far away from us.

I know that romantic comedies have to have happy endings but this movie doesn't make the ending just predictable and silly, but makes it cheesy and cheap.

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I don't want to offend anyone but please..., 31 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have not watched the series and this is the first and only episode I've seen 'til now, but I really think it was one of the worst things I've ever seen. First because of the silly plot, then because of the really really bad acting and finally because of the sequence.

As the other user said I was expecting to see an alien or extraterrestrial, like in the Tales from the darkside episode "The impressionist" where Spiffy Remo falls for a female extraterrestrial named Hoffgosh. Of course I'm not here to talk about Tales from the darkside, but anyways never in my life had I gotten so disappointed like now with this episode, its simply bad. I know the budget of the series was very poor but lacking effects it is mandatory to ask for a good story.

The cast's talent was completely wasted, but when I say cast I just mean Deborah Harry and Luis Guzman. The rest of the cast was really bad especially Tony Spiridakis, who thought he was the sexiest man on earth, come on "Desirable"? I would say annoying creature.

The sequence was so bad and of course the worst for me was when Dr. Moss appeared and instead of looking like doctor she seemed like a whore and also when Maggie realizes he's a mythological creature and of course the "lovemaking" scene which is implied but anyways annoying.

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Oscar? 8.0? Laughing Out Loud? What's wrong with people?, 7 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before reading this review you should know that I've never watched a muppet movie, so this is the first one, nor the muppet show and that I've only watched the muppets on "Sesame Street". I would say that they're lovely and also that I enjoyed them. Well the thing is that I went to watch the movie to the movie theatre and I really thought it would be funny or at least as "Sesame Street". I went with my sisters and my mother, I really had good expectations. When the movie began and I was reading the credits I started to worry when I noticed that the movie had been written by Jason Segel. Then the movie began with that annoying puppet named Walter. At first sight the movie seemed boring and I said to myself "Let's give it a chance, maybe it gets better when the muppets appear". I was wrong because all the muppets appeared and the movie was still boring and ridiculous. I don't care what people think this movie is so boring, my mother and my sister fell asleep and I was almost about to and even my 9-year-old sister was kind of mad and bored. I really don't understand what you find funny or charming about the movie.

On the other hand the stars seem to be Jason Segel, his dumb replica Walter and of course the ridiculous and boring Amy Adams not The Muppets as it should be. I really got disappointed because I thought it would be lots of fun but instead it was boring and simple. I just can remember myself watching the movie at the chair with my hands on my face sad, mad and bored.

The most boring "Comedy", 9 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is terrible and I would say that there aren't any words to describe this silly and dull movie. Probably the main point against it, is that it is classified as a comedy while the movie itself is more boring than a soap opera, then the cast acted so bad that I bet that the whole cast is going to be nominated to the Golden Raspberry Awards for 2012 and finally the plot is so unlogical and so incoherent that the best adjective to describe this boring "movie" is Unwatchable.

Since the very beginning to the ending, there's no fun, the movie is boring, boring, and boring. Trust me I thanked God when it finished. I am a teenager and I have to say that this movie is extremely boring, is the top of boredom. There's nothing memorable, at least in the first two movies there were some funny gags, but this one has no funny moments is just the same idea and the same boring performance of Martin Lawrence.

The cast is terrible, Martin Lawrence made his worst performance ever. His performances in the two previous movies weren't an achievement but in this case he goes beyond what we call bad acting. He seems very fat and without any sense of humor. He's not my favorite actor and I personally don't like his movies but this movie is just an insult to the audience. The rest of the cast is just the same Brandon T. Jackson, the typical teenager with bad performance and Jessica Lucas is really gorgeous; however that beauty does not help her when acting.

To sum up this movie will not be enjoyed neither by teenager nor by adults. In really few words this movie sucks!

A good episode, not the best, 24 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the first episode of Tales From The Crypt and it was a good episode, however I'd say that is not the best and probably is because of the way that the story is show, in my opinion It would have been in some way scarier but it was sarcastic or ironic.

Bill Sadler is an amazing actor and of course his performance was excellent, but in the way that he is presented I think that is like criticizing instead of being scaring, showing that he's really angry because he was dismissed and the death penalty has been abolished.

Also the events are shown in a very fast way and it doesn't let us enjoy the cruelty and the satisfaction of being fair that it really wants to show.

But the idea is really good and also Bill Sadler does a great job, I'd say that this episode is interesting and one you mustn't miss.

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Predictable, but the ending was nice, 16 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the second official episode of the whole series, but it was kind of predictable. But it has a creepy ending and I guess that the ending is the best part because it remains fresh in the watcher's mind, but I could say that all the first part was kind of disappointing.

In the beginning we can see two old friend laughing and enjoying all the business they have. But then things turn awry when one of them asks to the other of selling him his soul. Until that part the episode is predictable because you know that he will come back from the grave to pay.

But suddenly the predictable part becomes kind of scary and well-made and that's why the episode is memorable, the whole scene was creepy and makes you feel goosebumps especially when the devil appears. I have to admit I knew what was going to happen, how it happened was what really surprised me.

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A pretty decent episode, 16 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well I certainly know that this episode didn't have any horror, or something unexpected and the kid was kind of annoying, however I think It was entertaining, Because it had good performances from the actors, a confusing storyline and an unexpected ending.

All the actors were excellent they created a good familiar atmosphere. Alan Coombs was excellent at his performance of an ex-alcoholic men who's trying to avoid drinking. Also the wife's performance was great as a wife who's really angry with her husband, because he's not recognizing his own kid.

The storyline still confuses me because I don't get what is the message of the whole story that happened to that poor man who one day found out that he had another child. What remains a mystery to me is what was the purpose of this child, did he want the man to get back to drink?

Continuing with the same question the ending was kind of more confusing, because after he destroyed the other man, the child returned to the same office to look for the man who had taken the place of the other man.

However in my humble opinion the episode has its logic and probably most of us can't see it, but I think it was entertaining, just entertaining.

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Very funny beginning, 28 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The pilot episode of Tales from the Darkside, a result of the popularity of the movie "Creepshow". I really think this was a good episode because the story was so entertaining. I have to admit that in the very beginning I felt it boring, but then it got interesting. This is more like a fantasy story and is not scary at all, but the performance of the main actor Barnard Hugues (R.I.P.) as the heartless Mr. Hackles and the good developed idea made this episode epic despite low budget too.

Among other things apart from the performance I liked the very well created atmosphere of horror, I mean a haunted house, the dark night and the scary door in which Mr. Hackles enters. Also I liked the twisted ending and the final part where the grave of Mr. Hackles is seen in that scary cemetery. The best from all is the lack of unnecessary sex scenes or passionate kissing scenes because the episode goes straight to the point that is horror not sex.

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