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Voices in French, lips in English, 28 July 2005

Watching this film in French, with the French dialogs, was a little disconcerting as the dialog obviously did not match the lips. This confirms the trivia above, that the film was recorded in both English and French. My guess, with the American actors in the film, is that the filming was done in English and then dubbed over with the French dialog. Yet this must have been done by the original French actors, as the voices for Jean Reno, Vanessa Paradis, and Jeanne Moreau are correct, i.e., they match their other films. In the French version, Americans such as Dabney Coleman are dubbed and the voices are not their own. Bottom line, as an Anglophone watching the film in French, you don't have the clues of the lips matching the voices to help you in understanding the words. Otherwise, though, the dialog is relatively clear, and not as difficult or as full of slang as some crime flicks I have seen.