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Not in any particular order. I try to keep this well under 100 titles. Emphasis on the movies I enjoy watching over and over again and dismissing the movies that would make me look too much like an artsy-fartsy idiot. (Some other sort of idiotism may still apply.)

Also, added only movies I own in my collection of about 500 titles. I know people who own 10 times as much, so I'm not really an expert but I have just enough to choose from. There must be a couple of dozen good movies for this list I have seen at some point, but don't currently own. For example, Richard III, would be nice to find from somewhere. It was one of my all-time favorites back in the VHS-era. The American Way would be even more esoteric find.

Staying power is the key here. Truly excellent movie can be viewed easily over 10 times, and the best of those get better on every viewing.
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A reminder list for personal purpose
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Happy wanderer, hapless wanderer, adventurer, racer, lone wolf, underdog, highwayman, family man, getaway driver, transporter, desperado, car enthusiast, knight in shiny steel cage, working man, silent guardian, survivor, hero and human bean, the Driver
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I was going to make a list of the greatest sci-fis but that list ended up too short, so here's all-around good movies with scientific fiction, fictional science, or futuristic fiction. Maybe even science fantasy. Relative to the time they were made.
For example, there's no point in judging a movie by modern technical standards if it is made in the 70's. Or, if a movie was made in yesteryears and has a plot device that was then imaginary tecnology but is commonplace today, it's still sci-fi.
Superhero movies are so much a genre of their own that I don't want to add them at all, even if most of them really are 100% science-fiction, and the same goes for James Bond.
By 'good' I mean a movie with exceptional technical quality, out of the ordinary script, good acting, or some personal preference. Movies that rise above good entertainment and will be remembered.
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Here's a collection of movies that take mostly place in wilderness. They are about man's struggle against the wild, or man's struggle in the wild, trailblazing, exploring, camping, rafting, mountain climbing, diving, surviving, and such. The nature must have important role in the story. Quality is not required on this list.

Maybe I can even find some movies where people have good times in nature.

I created this because at the time I couldn't find one ready, and the keyword search didn't bring up anything comprehensive on the subject. It's a work in endless progress...