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Really Good :D, 13 September 2009

Nitro Circus, is basically a professional put together Jackass, instead of it being unplanned and not well put together acts. They test some of the stunts before doing them. In one episode they will range from just dirt, to them jumping planes. They go to different places to try different stunts, and they also get guest to come on to do stunts. This is a part of MTV new line of shows, and it fits well together with the rest. Each episode is just 30 minutes, me wishing it would be an hour. Some of the stunts they do are hilarious, as they will dress up, or do a motorcycle tug of war. They usually use foam pits, for the ground stunts so no one does get hurt. I like it, you should check it out !

District 9 (2009)
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Amazing., 15 August 2009

From big stars and big directors, pushing out movies that are easily familiar with newer movies or older movies. District 9 is the most original "SCI-FI" film you can see to date. From the explosions to the dirty and gritty, to actually feeling for the aliens. This movie has it all, and Sharlto Copley being his first role, it is amazing. Also this movie has such a small budget, but looks like it was expensive to make. The CGI on the aliens made them look real, and made you want to feel sorry for them with those big eyes.

Now I do not want to give away spoilers, which is why I left out specific details, of why I liked the movie.