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A list of movies that aren't specifically well known that are worth watching, all of these i've rated at least 6/10 I tried to leave any 10/10's out as they are on my movies I gave 10/10 list (but 1 is on there just because I really really like it.) I tried to stick to movies under 5k votes, but some go over WAY OVER, and some movies are for kids, some are for adults, some for the whole family, a lot of documentaries (as they tend to not make it out the film festival circuit), drama, comedy, horror, cartoons, and "art films". I just think these are all worth a look, who knows they might some of your favorite movies of all time, just no one told you about them yet.
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This is , a constantly updated list of films I own on DVD, also my rating if I have seen them and any special details they might have (I.E. DVD sets they are in, DVD versions, and Criterion.) I must have the DVD at my house for it to count as a DVD I own, no "Its in the mail" crap if its not on my shelf I dont own it yet.

If you cant tell I have a lot of films to watch, and I am constantly collecting.

I also own a fatty arbuckle boxset with 32 shorts and a making of the original star wars trilogy documentary I dont feel like looking up.
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A list of films that got a coveted 10/10 in my humble opinion
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This is a list of movies that are widely thought to be classics that I personally didn't like and the ratings I gave them. This is by no way saying no one should watch, also im not saying anyone that does like them has a bad taste in film, its just my personal opinion.