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Wither (2012)
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4 for gore, not much more, 8 December 2013

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I rate it 4 because it had some cool gore but I was very unhappy with what seemed to be excessive amounts of women getting punched in the face and barely anything happening to the men. I just felt weird and dirty after watching this. Basically it felt off balance and I can sit through (although not comfortably) movies like Last House on the Left because you KNOW the people who did all that are going to get whats coming to them. Again, the gore was well done but I don't care at all about the characters and it all felt like a heavily misogynistic grindhouse movie in the worst way. It was Evil Dead lite but somehow harder to watch. I know most users wont find a problem with what I did, but it really ruined what could have been an okay movie.

"Whitney" (2011)
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great show, 9 October 2011

First off, I do NOT usually watch TV, besides Always Sunny, Burn Notice, Community and some other random shows. I laughed at some of the commercials and thought it was worth a look.

I actually laugh out loud at this show. Rare for me. I think they are both very funny and its filmed in front of a studio audience so the laughs are more tolerable and when they get each other to crack a smile you can tell its real.

I hope this show stays for a long time, I really enjoy it and I think the 4/10 is pretty harsh. Its far better, more clever and genuinely funnier and well timed than most other shows out there.

Wrecked (2010)
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Great performance, a little slow., 3 September 2011

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First off, I didn't know much about this besides the synopsis and I finally saw a copy in Wal-Mart the other day. I decided to check it out and I am glad I did.

Its not great, but this movie has a limited audience... but for the indie film or drama / thriller people I think its an interesting experience. I like finding movies like this that I think about later, and since basically it was all one actor by himself I have to give this movie major props.

I think Brody did a fantastic job, but I feel frustrated by the characters decisions... although he was not a survivalist by any means, so it worked. I kept watching to see what was really happening and where it was going. I feel the ending was satisfying and was not a lame "twist", yet a huge relief... so all in all, I think its worth a watch.