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Horrible!!!, 3 November 2010

This is my first review in a long time because I really felt I had to share my feelings with everyone on To start the acting is beyond horrible. I can't get over who did the casting, like did they just go outside the studio and grab any random person because it was terrible. The cop playing Gibson belongs doing movies on the scifi channel and that's giving him credit. His performance and the performance of his partner were so bad I just can't get over it. Like did the director and producer not notice they had hired horrible actors or did they just NOT care. Now to the story... I have been a fan of the SAW series since part one and I have to agree the series has gotten really dumb with all the flashbacks and loose ends. Pretty much anything after part 3 is a huge flashback of events. This story takes us to a guy who lied of surviving a trap and introduces us to a team of survivors which we never met aside form the girl with the cut arm. The story was really weak and one key returning character was highly under used and yet we are left with so many new and unanswered questions. As much as i wouldn't mind a SAW 8 i'm glad it came to an end. (HOPEFULLY) because for some strange reason a can feel a "SAW REBIRTH" in the near future!!! I guess i'll make my own answers for the new questions this movie left. I do have to add some of the traps are insane which leads me to wonder how in the world does Hoffman have time to create these off the wall traps and never be seen. Confusing yes!!! Now the 3D... If you even want to call it that...I'm really getting tired of movie studios throwing in 3D to get us to pay more money for tickets. SAW 3D was worthless, the only 3D I notice was during the opening credits with the splattered blood aside from that its pointless and worthless. My conclusion is to wait for this in your local $1 blockbuster Kliosk or wait for it on NETFLIX because it's not worth a movie ticket, in reality it's not worth the hour and thirty minutes!!!

Saw VI (2009)
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Saw 6... More flashbacks!!!, 24 October 2009

Well I was counting down my time to leave work and go check out SAW 6, i have been a huge fan of the series since part 1 and sad to say since part 1 it has gone down hill really. Each movie seems to be a collection of flashbacks to other parts and very little new things add on to the story aside from the traps. Now we have SAW 6...

To start SAW 6 you go back to part 5 and that gap if you even want to consider it that gets filled and now we have a collection of the most gruesome traps to date. I have to say the creator of these traps, whoever thought them up is sick but i loved it. As far as the movie very little NEW is brought to the table other then the fact that we now know why Jigsaw was never insured for the cancer treatment and thats pretty much it with little very little plot holes fixed. Well if you want to see tons of blood, gore then this is for you but if your not a fan of the series you won't really enjoy it. Now we have SAW 7 in 2010 which i understand will be in 3D... They are destroying this franchise but as a fan ill go see it and as a fan if you are go see SAW 6, not great but good to catch up on the plot holes from the other 5 movies and again I have to add the TRAPS were GREAT!!!

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Nothing new but worth the time!!!, 16 October 2009

I was able to see a private screening of this movie at AMC on 86th Street and well it was pretty much what I expected of yet ANOTHER remake. It brings really nothing new to the table and pretty much just introduces younger crowds to our old school classics.

The Stepfather is yet another movie remade and re-imagined but they couldn't really take it to far as the original did. The movie while yes its very suspenseful at times and I do have to say the audience was very much into the movie, some people were yelling at the screen so it did receive good audience feedback but for me personally I just have to say its just another Hollywood remake which introduces nothing new, nothing we didn't already know, just another cheap attempt for a movie studio to make a few bucks from the younger generation. Basically if you haven't seened it and have the time and no desire to see anything else check it out, if your a fan of the original don't check it out. Want to see a horror movie this Halloween then go see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The Stepfather is worth a viewing if you can see it during matinée hours.

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2 Words: Shock Value!!!, 12 October 2009

I was breaking my head trying to see this movie and every time I went to AMC on 42nd it was sold out and these were midnight showings. All this made me want to see this movie more not to mention the trailers and the great DEMAND IT hype!!! So finally this past Friday 10-09-09 me and my wife saw the 6:55 showing at AMC on 42nd street. Quickly noticed that the theater was very packed compared to other times I have gone and the audience was very excited and now came show time. The movie starts off pretty basic you get to meet the couple and see a little of what's it about. Quickly start to realize this is an ordinary couple and there chemistry was great. About 20 minutes into the movie is where the movie quickly picks up steam and you just start saying to yourself this is just a movie. Every time the couple goes to sleep something more terrifying happens. I actually saw 2 couples leave the theater in fear. This movie is very scary and disturbing really what has been lacking in many years for a Halloween release. Very cheaply done for under $15,000 and I assure you, once you get home and lay in your bed you will be looking at your doorway it's very disturbing. My wife had her eyes covered for the last 10 minutes which by far were the most intense. This is a must see and it shows all these Hollywood people you don't need $50 million and tons of CGI to make a terrifying, scary and disturbing movie. This made my top five all-time list of most scariest movies. GO SEE IT!!!

Zombieland (2009)
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It's Bill ******* Murray!!! I just want a Twinkie!!!, 2 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Im a firm believer that comedy and horror should never be mixed in but I have to say zombieland change my view very quickly.

Zombieland starts of great, your introduced to the cast quickly and of course the zombies. You quickly see kills and funny death scenes and it just picks up more steam from there. I found this movie to have the best amount of horror and comedy to balance it out and even a bit of a love story which fit right in perfectly. The young cast aside from Woody was right for this movie but the star has to be Woody Harrelson he mad this movie great. He was back to form and never let up. The movie had very funny moments especially the entire Bill Murray scene. OH MY GOD was the funny not to mention the obsession with twinkies. Zombieland will be the movie to knock off Meatballs and be number 1, zombieland is worth every penny its a must see movie which everyone of all ages will enjoy.

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90210 with FANGS!, 26 September 2009

Megan Fox is out to prove she can have a bright Hollywood future without Michael Bay and Transformers but is she thinks JENNIFER'S BODY is going to help her career or even show of her "acting" skills she is really mistaken! I like everybody else believe Megan Fox is gorgeous, sexy and has the best lips since Angelina but her acting is more suited for direct to video movies. Diablo Cody gave us JUNO which was a pretty good movie with a great story and message but to comeback and give us this! What was she thinking! JENNIFER'S BODY is 90210 with fangs but that's were it ends. The movie was awful and that's just the start and it moves forward it actually gets worst. Megan Fox was just to stiff and really never changed her attitude and emotions. The story, plot, jokes and even death scenes were dreadful and left me wondering how in the world did this movie make it to the big screen. Oh yeah Megan Fox!!! That's the reason why this makes it and we have to DEMAND movies like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to be shown at our locations. JENNIFER'S BODY please don't waste your time and money on this, just wait for bestbuy to have it in the $4.99 DVD bin.

Pandorum (2009)
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Aliens meet The Descent!!!, 26 September 2009

I simply loved the posters for PANDORUM, they were edgy and graphic enough to make me want to give this movie a shot even thou i'm not a Dennis Quaid fan at all. I gave it a shot earlier today and i have to say it was a pretty good movie.

PANDORUM is your classic outer space scifi movie which we really haven't had for sometime. I do have to say the aliens kind of reminded me of the creatures in the movie DESCENT just with armor. The movie itself had a feel of the original ALIEN movie. Now to what I enjoyed about this movie was the way the story evolved into a edge of your seat thriller with twist after twist. The story is what separates this from other spaceship, scifi movies. Even leaves the viewer thinking "what if" this happens. PANDORUM is a good way to enter this fall season. Great story, good effects, easy story to follow, just enough gore to satisfy everyone and not to much Dennis Quaid to make me happy!

Surrogates (2009)
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Good way to start the FALL!!!, 26 September 2009

Well the summer came and went and well it wasn't really a summer blockbuster filled summer. Remakes, prequels, sequels and over loaded CGI movies dominated the summer. No real originality or fresh ideas stood out in my mid what so ever. Now fall is here and we have Surrogates! Surrogates while its not 100% original I have to say I enjoyed every 88 minutes of it. The movie starts of documentary style to explain the idea of Surrogates and it just picks up steam from there. Bruce Willis is back and kind of brought his Die Hard "John McClane" swag with him for Surrogates. Great acting by Willis, movie moves along great, action packed, no over blown CGI, easy to follow, no plot holes, endings simply great. This movie is worth the over priced movie tickets.

Grace (2009/III)
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High Hopes, Big let down, 13 September 2009

I was really looking forward to this movie. The horror site fangoria really gave this movie great reviews and even dared to say it was a great horror movie. I again really went out of my way to see this great movie which was suppose to be ground breaking horror and oh boy was this a piece of horror scifi channel trash!!! The concept was pretty good, car accident, baby dies and yet at birth the baby is alive. Sounds interesting right!!! Well thats pretty much it because after that the movie goes downhill. It goes from a still birth baby to a crying baby and then you get an hour and ten minutes of asking yourself how and why is this going on with this baby. Did I miss anything within the movie that I'm left wondering what i just saw and why is that happening. This is a movie which will leave u running in a circle and yet the ending makes things much worst and adds no closure other then expecting a sequel to try to understand this movie. Do yourself a favor if your reading this review and take my word please. Skip this movie and save yourself the time and read a book or color a picture because this movie is just that bad.

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Please be "THE" final destination!!!, 29 August 2009

I am not a very big FINAL DESTINATION fan but the 3D thing did get my attention as the fact that it went head to head with Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. I gave HALLOWEEN 2 a shot first and then saw this piece of 3D trash... HALLOWEEN 2 TOOK IT BY 20 MILES!!!! First the person who casted these actors for this movie should be fired and banned from Hollywood. The acting was simply put horrible and belonged on the scifi channel. Now the movie itself brings little new to the table the only thing as a death that stands out to me was the death by pool drain. Pretty creative!!! The movie had many funny gaps, as how does a group of kids who are always around people who are dying and are feet away NEVER get questioned by the cops and keep moving around as if nothing happen. Death after death the main stars went along as if nothing had happen as if a friend didn't just die which I found very dumb. Makes the feel of the movie seem beyond fake. I do have to say the 3D effects are pretty good and a few times my wife did jump out her seat.

Aside from that this is a movie I wont bother watching again or buying on DVD. Actors are boring and need lessons and the flow of the movie was even comical. Don't waste your time and just wait for the rental!!! I just hope this is "THE" final destination!!! BEST HORROR MOVIE THIS SUMMER GOES TO: HALLOWEEN 2!!!

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