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definitely contains spoilers!!!, 13 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i just saw the film last night,well lets start with the good. The scene where the helicopter is shooting at the main characters was awesome i felt moved almost as if i was there. OK the bad now. when the helicopter shooter shoots and destroys all the vehicle except wow! the main characters vehicle only gets a cracked windshield, OK i forgive them for this because that was the only part in the film which i felt like i was there. next so the main character drives the police car right into the helicopter while getting shot at by a high calibre machine gun, not believable. the list goes on. the main character is very injured but as the movie progresses he is fine. not cool. at least there should be a scene where he takes painkillers. OK so the scene of the Milford power plant, eh, soso next is: main character versus f35. that is just way too Hollywood and obviously computer animated. the ending was to abrupt main character appears shoots 2 men (poor computer geek) then after some dumb scenes of high hopes and lows: hes gonna win, no wait hes down, no wait the daughter moved a stunt and slides the gun towards him tennnnsssssssse, oh shucks the bad guy stops the sliding gun. i was "come on bad guy shoot him finish it now!" but that didn't happen i turned the TV off, good guys win, end......... right?

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new grading code, 11 August 2009

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casino royale just another bond film that has perverted the name of the ian fleming franchise, not so. this film has a new owner. the director took the reigns and steered it on a different modern approach. So the following is what i felt after watching this film. Note each category is based between 0 being bad, 10 being excellent.

Presentation: (How bad i wanted to see it, review scores)8 Got good reviews, not enough to go to the theatres, just rented it.

Pace: (mood, lenght/energy, make sense, where some scenes neccessary?)9 Good watchable pace, all make sense, no boring parts.

Visual: (color, angle, wide/close ups, bright/dark)8 Dark professional is the visual theme, focus on glamour, mostly closeup shots not bad since Daniel Craig (James Bond) has a magnetic piercing look.

Sound: (background music, clarity, match with theme? music score)6 Nostolgic 007 theme tune but not as apparent as previous film, will appreciate effects with surround sound.

Story: (beg, mid, end, depth, twists, surprises, originality)9 Gone is the saving the world from a madman theme, more realistic on taking down one wealthy international terrorist. Gone is the Sean Connery lucky playboy swagger. More about focusing on the mission without pleasant distractions.

Character: (development, acting, attraction/repeling)10 Daniel Craig (Bond) steals the show accompanied by a solid cast. Lead female character Vesper is somber almost glares at you, tries hard to "act" as if she is hiding a trouble past. The attraction between Bond and Vesper is not believable bond:martini barman:shaken or stirred? bond:does it look like i give a damn! don't you see the woman i have to work with? horrendous!

Improvements: Sexier lead female even my GF would do. Better musics score, with all the money invested in a movie at least...something! Previos title "Die Another Day" had hit modanna soundtrack...

Lasting Appeal: 9 Strong lead role, superb pace, charming British accent, modern realistic theme, surprise end.

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what people like this show? its still funded, 10 August 2009

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did someone just praise this show for being realistic portrayal of kents teenage years? i have so much rage of this show i want to shout and curse the existence of this show. so troubled is the young lad, almost is questioning his sexual preference. so confused for most of the show if not all of the show. more bad guys than all of the justice league has to face. all the bad guys happened to come out of small-ville so dumb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f@#~€#~!! uck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he should just rule the world and create it to his image instead of hiding behind his dual personalities. so in the end Guantanamo bays torture session should include 10 hrs of force reruns of smallville. people who praise this im sure also praise harry potter. if you are over 18 and still at least kinda like the show man i guess 1. your a chick and find the kent character attractive. 2. your a dude and find the kent character attractive.

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interesting had a powerful star as the main, 10 August 2009

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OK so i watched this film just part of it and was immediately confused. OK then i watched it again summoning great focus to understand it and this is what i have to say.

so a therapy was invented to physically remove memories of a person ( highly unlikely and possibly dangerous in current technologies, maybe in 500 years its possible) how jims mind works to maintain his memory of his girlfriend is interesting kinda reminded me of willy wonka just too out there.

the movie didn't move me in any way so in the end cute but having the master of funny being serious just wasn't right i was just expecting him to do something funny i had high hopes he would. easy role should of been an unknown character to jump him into stardom (like me)

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good visuals thats it, 10 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK iloved the ferrari the visuals behind this video bright clear wide angles (opposed to the new Miami vice where its dark close up serious air)

the 599 in action looks beautiful sounds great

the scene where they are being recorded to the whole store what to them appears to be a gay talk. thats OK laugh scale 0-10 is a 3

OK let me lay it down allow me to spew my junk words

so emminen disses willy smith that he doesn't swear in his rap, so will decides now he should swear? thats just shows how one sided will is as an actor. too much rage of willy as he swear in every scene in every second of this movie as if hes trying to tell us "i so can swear stop making fun of me"

yeah i just don't want to remember the rest as I've been through deep hypnotherapy to cleanse my mind of this film.

should of been a commercial for the ferrari 599

Collateral (2004)
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hard critics ill defend this movie, 10 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK to all those hard critics its just a movie! plus I'm sure yo guys love those awful movies like star wars 2/10, lord of the ring0/10, bad boys2 2/10, pulp fiction 0/10 to name a few.

true there are just two things that i agree with you hot heads that seem strange. 1 he kills the jazz guy and obviously there where witnesses waitress and stuff and should of been caught soon after, but come on is the justice department in LA always on top of things?

2 tom chases the Cabbie and the US attorney in a train, and as he is about to get to them, he YELLS and warns them of his approach and thus promptly gets shot. Is this how professional killers approach ARMED victims who are anticipating them? who knows could be mind tactics to scare the cab driver, he is professional and sees people like a cat sees mice's easy targets.

OK beside that its proof that tom the pro is on top of his game and what he does seems like risks but he needs this to maintain sharp.

the fact that after cab driver destroys the briefcase and is not immediately killed by tom just shows the superiority of toms strategy to make things interesting.

tom feeds of the passive energy the cab driver emits controlling manipulating this movie is just deep in the psyche department

finally the thing you critics hate the most is the coyote scene. tom is just a coyote in the city out for the hunt. seems lame. is deep

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its alright to much flying, 10 August 2009

*original post* the flying was not necessary, but the part where the girl fights the master, he tells her core things of martial arts. thats the only good part

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