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My favorite 100 movies. Top 10 is somewhat in order. For me I could never try to put all of these in order.
a list of 22 titles
These are the best movies of their type/genre out of the ones I've seen IMO. If you think one's better it's possible I haven't seen it or that I just didn't like it.
a list of 44 titles
Movies I picked up from garage sales, craigslist, and a closing Blockbuster for $2 or less. Most were $1 and I got a few for $.50. It's always better to own a movie for the price of a rental.
a list of 26 titles
To be fair most of these I was watching late at night, but I fell asleep during all of these the first time I watched them.
a list of 36 titles
If anyone else knows of one, please comment, I'll add as I discover more. The main reason for making this list is that if they match, that movie probably deserves the rating it got and you can "trust" it.

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Special thanks to Jumping_Elephant
a list of 44 titles
All of these were the first to accomplish something in the flim world.
a list of 22 people
You don't have to be over six feet tall to make it in hollywood so if you're shorter than average like me don't sell yourself "short". Here is a list of below average height (5' 10") males that have hit the "big time" (well at least you've heard of them).
a list of 83 people
I may have missed some, but I've looked over the entire top 250 to find who appears the most. Most of the ones have been in 4 or more and there are some honorable mentions who have been in 3 (I've probably missed many of these though (some on purpose)). Special thanks to catojune-1.
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These are recent movies (2000-until) that weren't cut out of your typical hollywood cookie cutter. Movies that may or may not be good, but at the end you will most likely at least say, "Well that was different."
a list of 25 titles
Endings that probably surprised most viewers. Most all of them surprised me. I'm going to try to sort this in order of shock value. If a movie you think should be on this list isn't, you can assume that I haven't seen it, but I will take any suggestions you have. Thanks for viewing.
a list of 32 titles
Movies that in some way or another remind me of a different movie.
a list of 26 titles
Movies that were easily forgotten other than one scene or element that made them memorable.
a list of 120 titles
Movies that aren't remakes, sequels, or related to the other work in any way, but share the same or similar titles. The "more popular" one is listed first.
a list of 175 titles
Only two of each there are more for some, but unless there's a better match I'll leave it how it is. Feel free to suggest any I may or may not add.
a list of 30 titles
IMO on IMDB these movies are underrated. (No particular order)
a list of 10 people
People that I just can't seem to avoid, because they are always on the radio or TV and I wish I could because I hate their music or movies.
a list of 50 titles
8.0's that didnt quite make the Top 250 for whatever reason (mostly lack of votes). This list may change a lot especially if people help suggest some or if I made a mistake, which has happened once b4.
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Women who are pretty, but can really dull themselves down (look average) if the role, music video, or lifestyle calls for it.
a list of 30 titles
If you're looking for revenge then take a look at these. Revenge isn't the main plot for all of these, but it is at least a major subplot. There's plenty more than I have on this list, these are just ones I've seen and recommend.
a list of 43 titles
Movies I've only seen different parts of and never the whole thing all the way through. Which of these are worth sitting down and watching?
a list of 28 titles
Not all character's but for one or more they should have picked someone else and it would have been a better or more popular movie. (No particular order)
a list of 46 titles
Movies I've seen, but remember very little about. Not saying they are bad just that they were forgettable for me.
a list of 19 people
Stars I've known about for a while, but didn't know this bit of trivia.
a list of 11 titles
I'm not claiming to be an expert, but these are some things I've observed that make a list enjoyable or generate more comments/views.
a list of 10 people
I saw someone else with a similar list, but it was too short and I didn't agree with their choices.
a list of 50 titles
Some of these are great movies, but by strong reccomendations or too high of expectations I was disappointed in all of them as they didn't live up to the hype for me.
a list of 9 titles
It seems like every time a movie is well liked they always make a sequel and now it's gotten to where it's almost expected. For some movies it's good to have a sequel and others it is pointless, but here is why they will keep making them regardless.
a list of 24 people
These are all modern day actors we'll say from 1990-until. Actors who are easily identified and remembered for their roles. In the best order I could come up with.
a list of 51 people
Not all of these are "southern belles", but all have some roots in the southern part of North America. No real particular order.
a list of 23 titles
They are hard to find these days, but here are some good fairly recent (2000-until) movies for people who don't like to hear a lot of language, but enjoy good action and drama.
a list of 13 people
People who aren't very good actors, but you love to watch them kick ass and take names and if it wasn't for movies of their genre they wouldn't be making such a comfortable living. In order of talent vs. size of wallet.
a list of 18 titles
a list of 50 characters
This is only from movies I've seen and excludes animated characters. In the order they popped into my head.
a list of 48 titles
If you cared to look you probably knew about them, but here's a list none the less. The remake is listed first and then the original as you can most likely tell.
a list of 59 titles
Movies I loved watching when I was a child and some I still enjoy while others I'm afraid to watch again as it might take away those fond memories.
a list of 31 titles
Movies that were based on a True Story (however loose it may be) that I enjoyed. Somewhat in order.
a list of 33 titles
Self Explanitory
a list of 19 titles
Movies that had potential, but turned out to be disappointments.