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WWE Night of Champions (2009 TV Special)
A Very Good PPV
7 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WWE Night of Champions is in Philadelphia, PA.

Match 1: WWE Unified Tag Team CHmapionship Legeacy gets booed. Chris Jericho made the right move of choosing Big Show as his partner. I thought Kane would be Jericho's partner but not to be. The Match was okay. Legacy double teams Jericho. Big Show tagged himself in and he makes DiBiase tap out. 7/10

Match 2: ECW Championship Tommy Dreamer gets a good pop but Christian gets a louder and bigger pop. Good Match. Some slaps by both men during the match. Christian wins the ECW Title for the second time by pinning Dreamer after he hit the killswitch. 8/10

Match 3: United States Championship (Six Pack Challenge) The Match of the Night. Kofi Kingston gets a loud pop. Everyone did very well. With Big Show out of the match made it better. Kingston wins by pinning Carlito. 10/10

Match 4: Women's Championship A Bit Good. Decent Start with McCool dropkicking Melina off the apron. A lot of screaming. Michelle ends it with a roll up. 6.5/10

Match 5: WWE Championship (Triple Threat) It was very good but too long. Orton wins it with the RKO on Cena and pins him. Maybe not one of the greatest matches ever as John Cena says before the match. 8.5/10

Match 6: Divas Championship It was okay and also better than the Women's Title match. Mickie pins maryse with the DDT. 7/10

Match 7: Intercontinental Championship It was a good match but dull and slow. Rey pins Ziggler with the 619. 7.5/10

Match 8: World Heavyweight Championship Another dull, slow and good match. But I am glad that Jeff Hardy wins the World title by pinning CM Punk with the swanton bomb. 7.5/10

PPV Rating: 9/10 (Very Good PPV)
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