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Eli Wallach and Joe Mantegna make this worth watching., 25 June 2014

I was fortunate to have been given a copy of this film before its release so I knew the story beforehand. Like the two films that preceded it, the story is based on real events and people. In this case, the Vatican and the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I. At this point, Michael Corleone is striving for a clean life in business as a philanthropist but it seems that they pull him back in. Eli Wallach is a.competing Godfather who Connie wants to deal with personally, Michael suddenly gas a half brother with his own violent agenda who is the collegiate son of Sonny Corleone and just as hotheaded. On top of this, he has it in for Joey Zaza, played expertly by Joe Montegna. Unfortunately, Sofia Coppola is absolutely amateurish and dull as Michael's daughter.

The problems in this movie really.get in the way towards the end which.seems to go on forever. But, as I have mentioned, Eli Wallach (whom we just lost at 98) and Joe Mantegna make it all worth the price of admission. That, and a stunningly heartbreaking end scene are the high points of this epic.

Al Pacino actually gives a measured performance as well. So to those who say this film "sucked" your less than objective criticism is what sucks.

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Stop, Look, Laugh and enjoy the time capsule!, 17 December 2013

I remember being very excited as a kid when I saw the promos for this first on. There even was a contest where some lucky boy or girl would be a featured player in the production which immediately made me fantasize about being the living, breathing embodiment of Jerry Mahoney. I was a huge fan of Paul Winchell and his figures (I always hated calling them dummies) Not to mention I ALWAYS LOVED the Stooges with Curly.

I must admit, I was a tad disappointed with seeing just clips of the zany trio but still thrilled to see lots of Winchell, Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff. And the way the editors made it seem as though Winchell and Mahoney became victims of a pie throwing along with the Stooges was an extra cool plus.

One reviewer didn't seem to get that Paul Winchell did a children's show, but that wasn't always the case. In order to survive, he created a children's format and it was a huge success. Still the editing was amazing, not sloppy as one reviewer wrote. Now I DID like the Marquis Chimps in those days, but I could have done without them here. Still, the voice of the great June Foray was a welcome treat.

It is a shame I never got to meet my idol Paul Winchell, but I at least got to know ventriloquist Jerry Layne whom he mentored in the art. Anyway, this is a great time capsule as I see it and while I never lived in New York as a kid, so Officer Joe Bolton was not a big thing for me. Not too many years later, Boston legend Ed McConnell known to kids here in the Boston area as Major Mudd appeared in the Stooge feature The Outlaws Us Coming as a Curly like Bat Masterson.

This was in no way a classic, but a very entertaining walk down memory lane for kids like me.who chose to never completely grow up.

Mad is in the title but MAD is on the screen, 29 June 2013

Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE Boris Karloff and a cartoonist and animator as well'When I saw.the names of Harvey Kurtzman AS ND Jack Davis I knew I'm was in for a treat and was not disappointed. . You see, Harvey Kurtzman is co-creator of Mad in its comic book days and Jack Davis was one of their best artists. So when you look at the exceptional character design, you are looking at their work It is just as much fun as reading a Mad Magazine with its off-the-wall humor. Great fun and even my teenage son liked it which is AMAZING! My only complaint was the bizarre casting of Phylis Diller'

Fun for kids, classic horror fans and Boris Karloff.

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a proposed mystery series..., 12 June 2013

I remember even the TV promo for this turkey. Not only did it feature a white haired Sherlock Holmes, but a boring over the top Dr. Watson.The mystery as handled badly and the most amazing part of it all was that was a pilot to a rotating series of detective characters including Ross Martin as Charlie Chan. I m glad that never happened and I am a hardcore Sherlock Holmes fan. For the record, Peter Crushing and Nigel Stock are the very best of Holmes and Watson ever... even better than Basil and Nigel, or Jeremy Brett and either of his Watsons. Just saying.

Having said all of that, I would Ike to own a DVD of the film just because I am a completist..Maybe even a bit of a glutton for punishment.

Thor (2011)
Marvel's original superhero Thor didn't have a beard., 10 May 2012

Except for this, I loved this movie. But I can't say it doesn't make me crazy. The casting is right... the story fun and riveting and the special effects superb. But what makes me nuts is Marvel catering to later generations of fans by making a black Nick Fury and ignoring the Peter Parker/Betty Brant romance and skipping right ahead to Mary Jane. Noe there is another Spidery pic with changes I don 't like. I am referring to an absence if J. Jonah Jameson. WTF? I am a connosseur of Marvel Comics going back to its beginnings, mind you.

Still I did love the movie and look forward to seeing The Avengers movie.

Joe (1970)
Taxi Driver with a new set of victims,, 21 March 2012

The story is simple. A racist blue collar guy recruits a wealthy white man to kill hippies, This is also the first motion picture for Susan Sarandon and the flick that made Peter Boyle an actor who worked a lot and made his name.

This film I found greatly upsetting and I remember when it premiered at the Harvsrd Square theater in Cambridge, Mass. when I was still in high school. I never understood why such a movie would be popular with the very group it excoriates. Maybe it was a primer for those who wanted to avoid such psychotic baddies. When I first heard of the film, I had no idea that the composer of the music in it would become a close friend, supporter and benefactor. I also never envisioned being treated as something nasty on his shoe by the star, but these two things did occur.

But back to the film. It seems all too real and the rich man turned killer by the protagonist/antagonist played a racist in an episode of All In The Family as well.

I can't give away the finale of this movie except to say that it is rather abrupt and, unless you are a sociopath, unsettling to say the least.

The N word is one of the most offensive things in this films the swear words are mild compared to some other films. This was, I believe, the film that introduced the future director of Rocky.

But Bobby Scott's music as always is remarkable. Scott is a name that should be better known and I do hope people will try to find as much as they can about this Irish/Native American super talent, As for Peter Boyle, I wish I had told him of my friendship with Bobby and that he should not look at me as some sort of annoying gnat. After all, it is my friend's work that is the best thing in this film that gave Boyle his career. Talent is a wonderful thing, but humility should come along with it towards the people who made you a celebrity in the first place. Jerry Orbach thought that way. We could all learn from this.

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Sherlock Holmes on stage...sort of!, 27 April 2011

Like another poster, I too have a huge collection of Sherlock Holmes on video in my personal collection, but I find Langella's portrayal of "The Master" to be stuffy and unlikeable. I saw the original Broadway production with John Wood in the lead and I think that it is a crying shame that he never got to assay the role on video of any kind. He not only looked like Holmes (while Langella decidedly did not) he was so close to the original character I loved in the Canon and other pastiches.

Donald Morfogen chose to play Moriarty like Richard Nixon which I found odd and distracting but that may have been the director's intent. As it was, the Gillette play was done in a tongue and cheek melodramatic style, and that may come across to viewers of the stage play as corny.

Still, Frank Langella is a marvelous actor and always fun to watch, I just don't see him as MY Holmes.

In the original HBO presentation, included were the curtain calls as each character bowed to the audience, (Actually, only the star came out n "character" as I remember it.

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A potion for all time!, 17 February 2011

This is a particularly memorable episode for me. Perhaps because I was a love-starved kid at time, but this is the one I remember the most and made George Grizzard a name I would remember eternally. To think that a love potion would only be a dollar purchase but a bottle of remover would cost a thousand. Yet, the twist of a Twilight Zone is the medicine that makes it all so palatable... or should I say potable? Whatever the case, Patricia Barry was one of my early TV crushes mainly due to this sweet treat from Rod Serling and the gang at CBS! And to think, it was the same network that premiered my other favorite show of that time,. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Yet another story of a lovesick shlub of a teenager and his never-ending conquest of the elusive object of desire... the babe!

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A rotten ending for a once great series., 21 January 2011

As you may have already guessed by my episode title here, I was not at all pleased with the conclusion of this series. Let me just say that there are just so many plot flaws and really idiotic twists and turns in this particular show that it is not only a mess, but it makes you WANT to forget it all. The best thing about it was the closing where the entire crew has a chance to say goodbye and let you see them through the years. I don't want to give spoilers, but I do have to tell you that besides lazy "climactic" points that have become so cliché, the "solution" the writers (three of them it took to write this nonsense, including the creator of the show) gave the audience made you wonder if they just put the script in the blender and made a dreadful frappé that even a dog wouldn't digest. If anyone is interested and wants to write me, I would be more than happy to share with you my own version of what would have been a better script, because frankly, I've seen better writing in a Dick and Jane first grade primer than what we had here.

A waste of a good cast and a once great series that got sloppier in this last season. I can only think that the producers were so upset they weren't renewed that they just threw this together figuring "what's the point anyway?"

I gave it a two instead of a one only because I liked seeing Patricia Arquette and Sofia Vasilleva again looking so fine the both of them.

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Someone tell Mr. Maltin he's wrong...AGAIN!, 21 January 2011

I truly love this movie and it fits so well into the 1930s horror genre. Thrills and comic relief in just the right dosages. The use of German Expressionism in the individual shots as well as the lighting that made the horrific sufficiently creepy. Leonard Maltin in his usual dismissal of 30s films as "creaky" comes off as just a purist snob and it's as if he can't just go along for the fun ride. Unlike the remake "House of Wax" it doesn't come off as corny or a kind of "tongue and cheek" that is more like a thumbing of the nose. Glenda Farrell and Frank McHugh make their scenes a delight and move the story along as we get a true feel of the cinema of that time. Things that are sorely missing in the 1953 remake. The use of two strip Technicolor is not as vibrant as the later product. but it gives the charm of the silent picture period with it's use of color for atmosphere, with the blues of night scenes and all. It's so good that this film was rescued from Jack Warner's garage when it was so that we may all enjoy it.

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