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directors that are not that good or they suck or stop makin' bad films. You can diss me all you want 'cause I'll tell ya's straight up.
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Movies that are overrated, stupid, weak and extremely terrible! Diss me and I'll disown you! My email is if you wanna comment me.
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The one's who gonna hate this list, I suggest you cuss and yell on your little computers, losers. The's one who love it, plenty more where they came from.
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They suck or needs to stop acting in terrible movies. to comment me since these sons of bitches taken away my comment privilege.
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What the title said. I hope they do get nominated again. Not in order. I'll update every chance i get.
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You don't like it, don't comment and kiss my a**! Not in order.......instead for the first four.
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You don't love my choice, don't bother commentin', see!
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Celebs today who make the famous industry a world of non-siging, overrated actors, rap crap and disgrace of models. Boooooo! Haters of these people, fell free to comment if you like. Lovers, take a hike.