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A few years ago, I ran across Johnathan Scarfe in a show and thought, "who's that, he's attractive." More than attractive, I thought he verged on beautiful. But then, I noticed that there was just something about his features that was ugly too. And I was fascinated.

It's really quite difficult to grasp. To literally wrap my head around. One part of my brain is saying, "wow, he's really cute," but another part is feeling, "eww, not so much".

Then I started noticing that there were others about whom I felt the same. They were beautiful but ugly at the same time. Sure for some I can say, the mouth is too wide. The eyes too small. Nose too long. But for most, I just can't put my finger on what's unattractive. Just something.
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You know their faces but you can't recall their names. Those bada$$ actors who don't get much of the glory but they sure make the sidekicks, best friends, villains and henchmen a whole lot more interesting (or at least whole lot more pleasant to look at) and make you hope the bad guy wins.

The characters they've played are too numerous to list, so I'll go with the ones where I first woke up and took notice of them or that are my favorites.

In no particular order other than when they came to mind.