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Ill Manors (2012)
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6.8? Really??????, 12 October 2012

I can only assume that people didn't like this film because it was too dark, or it simply wasn't their type of film.

If you like films like Kidulthood & Adulthood I can promise you will LOVE this.

I personally thought it was better than the above said films.

Not only was it very well produced and directed, the acting was top notch! I've never seen (or noticed) Ed Skrein in a film before, and he played his part perfectly - Totally believable, and basically a right nasty piece of work.

All the other parts were played excellently too(with maybe the exception of Kirby's character)

It had a great story that keeps you engrossed from beginning to end, it is shocking, harrowing,and some good humor was thrown in too.

After it finished, I text a handful of friends (who I knew would like it) and told them to watch it asap.

Nuff said, 10/10

The Thing (2011/I)
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I've seen the 1982 version over 30 times, easily..., 14 January 2012

And i just finished watching this one and liked it!

No it wasn't as good as the 82 version, but I (as a TRUE FAN of the 82 version) was satisfied with this. I'd give it 7.5/10

There were a few flaws,(nothing to get upset about)and the ending was left just a little 'too' open for viewer interpretation, but other than that it was very good!

The CGI was pretty good, and the acting and casting was very good. It lacked a 'little' atmosphere to the 82 version but don't forget, the novelty factor isn't there any more!

To say you 'HATE' it is way too harsh, you need to lighten up and enjoy your movies more...

Skateland (2010)
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Wow - not sure why there are negative reviews..., 27 September 2011

I couldn't sleep tonight, I woke up at 1:30am and decided to watch a movie. I like coming age dramas and indie flicks, so I thought I'd give this a go. I was captivated from beginning to end, loved the characters and was especially impressed with Shiloh Fernandez. I've never seen him before and was pleasantly surprised how natural he was, I will be keeping an eye out for him in future movies.

All the characters were well developed and fair enough it's not particularly anything new, but still a great story from a different town.

Uplifting, sad, funny and real. This film is for people who 'appreciate' film. 9/10

Kalifornia (1993)
Shave her down and teach her to hunt! 9/10, 10 August 2011

I'd only seen this movie once when it 1st came out, I remembered that I liked it but couldn't remember much else.

Well i just finished watching it again and loved it, a very well deserved 9/10!

Even though we've seen a lot of these scenes/road trip type movies before, I was still sucked in by it, mainly to do with the characters and the excellent acting.

Quite a dark (and brutal in places) movie, good story and good pace and a nice touch at the very end.

Brad Pitt was superb in this, up there with his best roles. Juliette Lewis was also excellent and made your heart go out to her character. Forbes was also very good in this, i'm surprised we don't see more of her! And although I'm not a fan of David Duchovny, he was OK in this too.

A MUST for any Pitt fan, a MUST for any movie buff, GREAT MOVIE

Birdy (1984)
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Took me 25 yrs to get round to seeing this, and WOW!, 23 July 2011

I can't believe I took so long to get round to seeing this AMAZING FILM!

It captivated me from the start, beautifully filmed, powerful, sensitive, funny - Incredibly acted by Modine and Cage!

I would like to thank the reviewer that warned about the animal cruelty in 1 scene - I 'think' it was just after the stray dog scene, but I fast forwarded it a littler bit, so didn't seeing anything upsetting.

This film is a must see for any avid movie lover, and yes the ended was AWESOME!

10 out 10, and i'm going on to Amazon to buy a copy.


Sex Drive (2008)
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Lots of LOL moments! 8 out of 10, 19 July 2011

I was surprised this only got an average rating of 6.7! So I rated it at 10 (to raise the ave) but honestly give it an 8!

I had no preconceptions about this film, I read some of the comments on here and decided to give it a go. I got a phone call 12 mins into the movie, and realised I had already laughed out loud 4 times! This continued until the end of the film for me.

It's a classic stupid road trip comedy, and yes to all the haters, IT WAS MEANT TO BE A STUPID MOVIE.

I'm not sure why people hated it so much, all I can think is that they weren't in a very good frame of mind when they watched it.

I was in a relaxed mood, a little bored maybe, and was laughing through out the whole movie.

Yes it was cliché and immature and unrealistic, but to me that's what made it so funny.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for easy going people (with a GSOH) who enjoy good harmless zany fun!

The Kid (2010)
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Excellent British movie - Ignore that negative review!, 15 July 2011

I bought this movie from SKY Box Office, and it was £4 VERY WELL SPENT.

I'd heard nothing about it, just these 6 reviews on here and was pleasantly surprised how good this film was.

Great acting on all parts from kids to adults, Rupert friend was perfect for this part, so all in all GOOD CASTING.

This film is very powerful and has it's fair share of violence and bad language. However It is not over the top, and quite apt considering the story.

Also knowing this was based on a true story really puts the cherry on the cake.

I will be recommending this film to all my friends, and to people that love a 'good' Brit flick.

All in all I would give this a strong 8 out of 10, but because another reviewer (who obviously got out the wrong side of bed that day) gave it such a low score, I gave it a 10!

It was actually alright! 7.5/10, 14 July 2011

I originally saw this in my mid teens, and made a mental note myself that it 'wasn't that good' - which in turn made me forget it.

I read the book for the 1st time 2 weeks back and LOVED IT!, so I thought I'd give the movie a try again to see how it fared.

I am 36 now and i thought It was actually pretty good!

Still quite spooky for its age, (especially on your own at night) stayed pretty close to the book too! I actually thought the scary characters in the film were more scary than they were in the book.

One of Kings better film adaptations (apart from stand by me & the green mile)

Definitely worth a watch for horror fans!

7.5 out of 10

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Great movie with great acting, 2 July 2010

All I knew about this movie was that it was about John Lennon Pre Beatles.

I found it captivating with fantastic acting, and great to see another up and coming Brit star Aaron Lennon. Kristian Scott Thomas was also perfect for the part of Mimi.

It is beautifully filmed and kept me interested from beginning to end..

It was also great to see how he found his love for music and met up with other like minded musicians.. Say no more..

If you are a Beatles fan you will love this, if you a movie fan you will also love this.

R.I.P John..

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Thank you to all you moaners :), 2 December 2009

I personally enjoyed this film very much, so rated it with a strong 7/8 out of 10.

Film Psychology: Does anyone else tend to enjoy films more after so many people have slated them??? I certainly do, and it is NOT intentional! So thank you to all you moaners who made this film so enjoyable for me :P

I read the books a year back and thoroughly enjoyed them, so i will admit that they were not 'that' fresh in my mind. However i still came away from the film a happy camper.

There were weaknesses in the film (rushed plot, suspect acting) but the film was still fast paced, great action scenes, and great special effects.

And the end scenes with the Volturi put the icing on the cake for me, (even they looked nothing how they were portrayed in the book) The next 2 movies will be improved and even more amazing i'm sure! Just you wait and see...