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House M.D.: Locked In (2009)
Season 5, Episode 19
Diving Bell and the Butterfly?
3 April 2009
A good episode, but the premise is a complete steal from "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", a French film based on a true story about journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby. Bauby was the editor-in-chief of the French magazine Elle. He fell victim to locked-in syndrome after a massive stroke. Like Bauby, the patient in this episode is mentally aware of his surroundings, but is physically paralyzed except for some movement in his eyes. Both the move and the episode chronicle a first-person view of a person with locked-in syndrome. There are also dream events in both that include playing at the beach with family, In this episode the patient was played by Rapper and Emmy nominated actor Mos Def.
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Almost, but not quite there
26 August 2006
A funny and sad mocumentary that doesn't quite achieve its potential. I think that the film would have been better if the approach were a little less scripted and a little less earnest, and some jokes grow tiresome with repetition. It is, however, still enjoyable on a lot of levels. The cast, most of whom are appearing in their first film, do very well.

The film isn't in a class with "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show" or "This is Spinal Tap," but lovers of the mocumentary genre will enjoy the film - if they can put up with the nudity, bad language and scurrilous humour.
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Bones (2005–2017)
Dead boring!
26 September 2005
What an AWFUL show. I thought with the material they had it would at least have an advantage on a "new concept" show, but it was just horrible. It was feelingless to have them discuss genocide like it was a shoe sale at Neiman-Marcus. Kathy Reichs was very affected by her experience, and in this show they treated the subject like a holiday in Hawaii. I didn't have a problem with the premise that the lead character was nabbed by security for having a skull in her luggage (this actually happened to Reichs) but doing an Emma Peel karate number in the middle of the airport? And seriously too. I've never seen a pilot that whacked the audience over the head so hard with tired "they'll love this in Altoona" clichés.

Kathy Reichs must be spinning in her grave....and she's the only author you can say that about who isn't dead.

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Slight improvements, major omissions on new House Doctor series
17 March 2005
This is a new hour long version of the popular British show "House Doctor." Although the show does lend itself to an hour format, this new version suffers greatly from the absence of presenter Alistair Appleton. Ann Maurice has taken over the hosting duties as well as starring. Without the tempering influence of Appleton, Maurice comes off at times as downright nasty, instead of just strict. She also has a very amateur, stilted narration style. The show would benefit from a professional presenter that had some chemistry with the star and with the families involved, as Appleton did.

The addition of a garden expert is a good idea and fills out the hour. I have noticed that the new show seems to skirt around the cost of labour when doing budgets.(A flaw almost inherent in American decorating shows). The previous series was more realistic in their budget summaries.

Has House Doctor seen it's day? Not as long as Brits insist on carpet in the bathroom.
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House Doctor (1998– )
Superior to its North American copycats
4 January 2005
Idiosyncratic and far superior to the boring American copycat "Sell This House".

I can't imagine seeing anything like the family who kept a rat in a cage in the bathroom, on a US show.

The show has a delightful "snoopy" quality that seems to be sanitized out of US and Canadian decorating shows. It does not take snooping quite as far as the humorous but short lived British series 'Dame Edna's Neighborhood Watch' (qv).

'Alistair Appleton' (qv) is also the host (or Presenter, as they say in Britain) of the show 'Cash in the Attic' (qv).
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Unique and Touching
23 October 2004
This is the filmed version of Julia Sweeney's intimate one-woman stage play about her family and how they coped when cancer struck two members within a year. It takes a humorous and very brave look at a very serious situation. "God said Ha!" is an intelligent, entertaining and involving film. The title is taken from a Get Well card a friend sent Sweeney.

. One warning. If "Porky's" is your idea of sophisticated humour, this is not the film for you. A modicum of intelligence and sensitivity is required.

. Executive producer Quentin Tarantino, makes a brief cameo appearance at the end.
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Pee your pants hilarious
25 July 2003
I happened upon this show accidentally while flipping channels. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen on television. This is real "Reality TV."..
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Hannibal (2001)
Truly Dreadful
26 January 2003
An awful sequel to the fine film SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Lovely scenery doesn't compensate for the ludicrous premise and ham fisted direction. The final "frightening" scene was so ridiculous that the audience in the theatre just laughed.
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