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Sartana Lights It Up, 28 June 2014

Sartana infiltrates a sadistic frontier prison in order to bust out an inmate accused of stashing half a million dollars in gold. However, getting the inmate out proves to be easier than uncovering the whereabouts of the missing loot, located somewhere in a town full of crooked characters with shady intentions.

Another fast-moving entry in the official Sartana series, starring Gianni Garko, there's a lot of twists and turns, with Sartana seemingly able to read minds, tell the future and see in all directions at once!

There's loads of gun-play and a fairly interesting mystery regarding who exactly has the gold. It's not quite groundbreaking cinema, but it'll do.

One gripe though, there isn't one single likable character in the whole movie, not even Sartana!

Decent Early Spaghetti Western And An Early Role For Giuliano Gemma, 28 June 2014

After unknowingly buying stolen cattle from an acquaintance, Giuliano Gemma is forced to kill their hot-headed owner in self-defense. Pursued by bounty hunters, he hunts down the cattle rustler in order to prove his innocence. Along the way, he finds a rape victim staked to the ground and himself at odds with yet another powerful foe.

An early western role for Giuliano Gemma, this borrows ever so slightly from the Kirk Douglas vehicle Last Train From Gun Hill, with it's spoiled rich-boy-gone-bad villain and is in turn is borrowed upon by Hang 'Em High, a few years later.

This is pretty unsophisticated and not one of Gemma's best, though it's entertaining enough and competently made, with a straight-forward story and some good Spanish scenery, although the petty townspeople that seem to populate the movie are just too much!

With his good looks, charisma and way with action, it's easy to see why Gemma went on to bigger things in Europe, even if he's only known as a cult star elsewhere.

Wanted (1967)
Okay Italian Western, 28 June 2014

After proving himself quite resourceful during an attempted robbery of a gold shipment, newly appointed sheriff Giuliano Gemma finds himself framed for murder by ruthless cattle-rustlers that want someone a little more friendly in his place. Escaping jail, he fights the rustlers and the new sheriff to clear his name.

Wanted is pretty straight-forward and unpretentious and star Gemma is one of the great spaghetti western stars. There's also some good pulp-western atmosphere, with none of the silly humor and gimmicks that seemed to take over the genre in the years following this one's release.

On the other hand, there really isn't anything new here this time around and although it's decent enough entertainment, it's ultimately not very memorable.

Tepid, We've Been Down This Dusty Road Before, 28 June 2014

Mexican drifter Robert Woods returns to his hometown to find trouble in the form of a vicious group of cutthroats who have taken it for their own, a gang that Woods seems to have taken a real disliking to, or perhaps he's encountered before.

There's very little story here, just mainly a series of violent and not very imaginative encounters between Woods and the nasty, racist gang of killers, or the killers and various townspeople.

Though somewhat interesting in the lead role, Woods is pretty wooden. It's not really his fault though. His character is as cardboard as any I've seen playing the main protagonist in a spaghetti western. It's hard to believe this was popular enough to spawn a sequel.

The theme song is pretty nifty though

Good Spaghetti, Hard-Boiled Characters Make Up For Flaws, 28 June 2014

Using a pistol slipped to him by his sweetheart, bandit Tomas Milian escapes an armed transport before encountering hard-as-nails bounty hunter Richard Wyler in what's left of his nearly deserted hometown, where the people are squarely on his side.

Although there's nothing much new here, there is a hard edge and a dead-serious nature to the proceedings that help make it enjoyable, along with Milian, who gives one of his typically offbeat performances, playing it cool and crazy! I wish I had a nickel for every time he basically played the same guy. Unfortunately though, Wyler is no match in the acting department and appears a little stiff.

In an interesting reversal of what you normally see in western films, the town of basically law abiding people (including spaghetti western star Mario Brega) welcomes the villain and actively aids him against the hero!

Watchable Richard Harrison Western, 28 June 2014

After a violent bank robbery by fake Mexican Bandits, the crooked bank president/ringleader hires bounty hunter Richard Harrison to find the patsy blamed for the holdup. Catching up with him, Harrison learns the truth and schemes with the real gang of banditos to get his hands on the loot.

Cleanshaven, with spectacles, neat hair, and a black overcoat that conceals his size, Harrison looks a lot different than you're used to seeing in various spaghetti westerns and muscle-man movies. His character is a bit colder as well.

Though somewhat typical, there's a high level of torture and double- crossing going on. It might not be memorable, but it's watchable and has a few surprises going for it.

Watch out for Harrison's glasses case, which unrolls to find about six pairs. I imagine his line of work can be pretty hard on your face!

Fast And Funny Vehicle For Giuliano Gemma, 28 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In order to claim an inheritance, fancy-pants Giuliano Gemma, a problem gambler, must go west and live with his brother for six months. Though they don't like each other very much, the two use the time to embark on an inept crime spree that keeps getting interrupted by a gang of real criminals.

A genuinely likable and often times really funny western comedy, this is a good showcase for Italian western superstar Gemma, who gets to show off his charisma, as well as his prowess as an action star, doing all or most of his own stunts.

There's some good action action sequences here too, including a rowdy bath-time punch-out/gunfight and an exciting train robbery climax, all leading to a finale that actually rips off the final scene of The Graduate!

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Lively, One Of Richard Harrison's Better Spaghetti Westerns, 28 June 2014

Ex-Confederate Richard Harrison returns home from the war to find his father murdered by a ruthless land baron. Caught in the act of exacting revenge, he escapes with bandito Fernando Sancho and become hunted men, squaring off against the famous bounty hunter Sabata.

With the nearly non-stop exaggerated movements of it's characters, the rapid-fire dubbing and comedic elements, this bogus sequel to Sabata seems almost like a comic book come to life or a live-action cartoon. It's all pretty broad, though fun to watch, the humor being a bit easier to take than a lot of other Italian westerns. It was better than expected and quite satisfying in the revenge department.

Harrison and Sancho, who can seemingly play these type of characters in his sleep, make a good team.

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Movie Is Silly, Eh Providence?, 28 June 2014

Weird, rat-like bounty hunter Tomas Milian repeatedly captures grungy outlaw Gregg Palmer, only to quietly help him escape jail, so he can re- capture him and claim the reward all over again. Along the way, they encounter various characters like scheming showgirl Janet Agren, pool hustlers, a crooked sheriff, and a rowdy group of drunken Confederates.

Like a live-action cartoon, only dumber, this very broad western comedy is only occasionally funny. Most of the jokes fall completely flat. With the exception of a good saloon brawl, the action doesn't fare much better.

In a career full of eccentric performances by Tomas Milian, this may be the oddest of the lot, except maybe his role in Sergio Corbucci's The White, The Yellow And The Black, where he (offensively) portrays a comedic Samurai warrior!

Also, this has a terrible score by Ennio Morricone, probably his worst in a western.

California (1977)
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Depressing, Grim Melodrama, 28 June 2014

In the days following the Civil War, defeated Confederate Giuliano Gemma and a young traveling companion encounter various killers, low-lives and unsympathetic citizens. When his friend is killed, Gemma stays with the boy's family and protects them from a vicious gang of bounty hunter turned outlaws.

As usual, Gemma's good. However, he's defeated by an unrelentingly depressing story, an atmosphere of doom and gloom and a grating, almost non-stop soundtrack. One interesting thing though, are the sights of the crumbling, once great spaghetti western sets of the previous decade.

One thing I didn't quite get is that early in the movie, the boy makes a big deal of how he comes from Georgia and his family lives in Georgia and how he's headed back to Georgia. When Gemma gets to the family farm, it's in the middle of the desert! What happened to Georgia?

Watch The Outlaw Josey Wales instead.

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