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Fat Girl (2001)
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Incredible film!!!, 18 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Fat Girl' is about two sisters who share a love-hate relationship while vacationing at a residential beach side in France. Elena(Roxane Mesquida), is 15, pretty with a thin and picture perfect body and the titular character, Elena's younger sister, Anais, played by amazing newcomer, Anais Reboux. Cute-as-a-button, 12-year old Anais has a weight problem that is exacerbated by a family that offers nothing. No understanding, no affection, no love or understanding to help build up the Anais's self esteem. Rosy cheeked Anais has already found her own way of dealing with her emptiness. Food. The movie begins with the two sisters walking to an outdoor café. There, the girls meet 20 something year old college student, Fernando(Libero De Rienzo)who's got his eyes on Elena. They sit with him and while Fernando and Elena start conversing, Anais is off in her own world devouring one of her favorite dishes. A banana split. Elena and Fernando immediately hit it off and start kissing despite the fact that they've only known each other for a few minutes. Fernando drives Elena back to the gate where Anais has to walk back. There's no doubt that Anais is the third wheel but must be with her sister at all times as that is the only way the parents will let them out.

In the film's most touching scene, while Anais is swimming in the pool, she performs a soap opera like scene to herself when she chooses the ladder pole and dock leg from the pool as two men who she's in love with.

Fernando sneaks into Elena's bedroom she shares with Anais (who's bed is right across the room). The two young lovers spend the night kissing and fondling each other while Anais pretends to be asleep. Deep down inside, we see that Anais wishes to be in her sister's shoes. Elena plays hard to get on the first night and claims she doesn't want to give up her virginity just yet to Fernando. The girls' father gets an unexpected call from work and he cuts his vocation short and leaves the mother with the girls. Fernando gives Elena an expensive antique ring that he steals from his mother claiming his love for Elena but it's very obvious it's just to get her in bed. Elena doesn't realize the scheme involving the ring and gives in. They both have sex while Anais hears it all only wishing it was her and not her beautiful sister. She cries in silence as jealousy along with the urge of wanting to be loved, overwhelm her. At this point you have to feel nothing but sympathy for poor Anais. It's like you can almost feel her feelings. All she wants is to be loved by anyone and feel the sexual desires her sister feels. But soon Elena's romance bubble is popped the moment Fernando's mother comes into her house the next morning demanding that she give the ring back. Fernando's mother shares a story about her son's trick into getting girls he's been with to get them to sleep with him. Elena's mother is shocked when she hears the news, gets embarrassed and decides to pack up and head back home with the girls.

On their way back home, the mother pulls over to sleep off her exhaustion on a highway rest stop. Elena falls asleep too as Anais sits in the back chewing on some candy, thinking about everything. Within literally seconds into the scene, it takes a dramatic turn. A deranged stranger, after brutally killing her mother and sister, pounces on young Anais and although he doesn't kill her, he brutally rapes her. The scene was very difficult to watch. I really don't know how the young actress managed to do this difficult scene and pull it off so well with such meaning in her eyes. What makes the scene even more intense is that Anais begins to suddenly welcome the disgusting crime the man is inflicting on her body. The next morning, the police are investigating the murder scene and the bodies of the dead mother and sister. They find Anais in the woods where she denies that she's been raped and the movie ends there. After watching the movie a few times, I guess I can say that I see Catherine Breillat's point. Anais was desperate to lose her virginity. She denies the rape because she wants to feel that she gave her virginity away rather than face the truth that it was actually violently stolen from her. The rapist was an example of Anais's point although I'm guessing no one was expecting Anais's "first time" to be so violent and unexpected.

All in all this film was very well made and I give all of the credit to young Anais Reboux who's courage and amazing talent, despite having no previous film experience, totally blew me away. I couldn't help but feel sympathy for her. I felt like giving Anais a big hug myself. I just hope her amazing talent doesn't go to waste and she stars in many future movies. Catherine Breillat does an amazing job once again by molding young amateurs into wonderful masterpieces. 9 stars!!!

Unrated. Contains some language, violence, nudity, sex and a graphic rape scene involving a young girl.

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Awesome documentary, 15 August 2004

50 boys (aged 13-18) are headed to a boot camp in Florida to try and clean up their lives. Witness these street punks turn into fine young men and hear the boys comment on everything from the constant yelling of the drill sargeants to the compliments on how the Eagles Academy changed their lives completely. A definite must see. There's very sad moments yet very happy moments. The boys must not only learn to change their lives but to believe in themselves which proved wasn't easy at times. Great documentary!! Just the respect the young men gain while spending 5 months in this academy is amazing. Watch how drill sargents become friends and how the families of these boys experience the change for the first time.

"MADtv" (1995)
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The greatest show on t.v. Period!!, 1 February 2004

OMG....this show is so hilarious. These actors and actresses have got to be one of the most talented people on this planet. The fact that they can memorize so many lines, impersonate anyone down to the T, go from happy, hyper characters down to depressed or angry ones doing all this and still being able to keep a straight face without laughing. No matter what mood I'm in, I'm always cracking up. And I love it because it makes me feel good to know that there is something I can turn to when I'm feeling angry, lousy or depressed. This show is like a form of therapy. All the regular characters are hilarious and I find my self squealing whenever I see one of my favorites come on such as Ms. Swan, Stuart, Lorraine, Trina, Dot, Angela, Oprah, Marvin.....I can go on and on and on. My point is that this show is it's better than that!! Watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about!!

I give Madtv 10 stars out of 10!! Whooooo Hoooooo!!

Loved it!!, 11 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

!!Possible Spoilers!!

I walked into Blockbuster and this movie looked good, judging by the cover and reading the back, I decided to see it with my friends. Anyway, we watched it and the first hour seemed blah, blah and blah. But then the end caught us off guard. This movie was good about a girl who just graduates high school and goes alot including a broken friendship, dying her hair, dealing with her father's girlfriend and falling for the only man that seems to understand her feelings!! We all thought how cute it was when Enid went for Seymour and how at the end she told him about her true feelings towards him. Too cute!! Especially their little sex scene. WHOA!!

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OMG...What were they thinking??, 5 December 2003

This movie was poorly written and poorly acted. The plot was so lousy and didn't make sense. A huge rip off of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Tracy Nelson plays a young woman who tries to commit suicide and after being released from a mental hospital, goes out and finds a job as a nanny for a widower. She's obsessed with her romance novels and wants to live her life as in her novels. She begins to kill whoever gets in the way of her chance at the doctor and his children's lives. The whole movie itself was trash and yet again we have to cringe when we find out what good money is being used for. Tracy Nelson was the only good actor in this one but that was about it. I'd rather you stare at your walls then watch this snoozer. Give me a B-O-R-I-N-G!! What does that spell?? THIS MOVIE!!

Fangs (2002)
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Who the heck came up with this one??!!, 14 November 2003

I can truly say that this movie was a HUGE disappointment!! What the heck were the writer, producer, director, etc. all thinking while filming this movie?? Were they actually thinking this movie was going to get some where?? OMG, it was a major let down. A small quiet town is all of a sudden invaded by flesh eating bats!! They didn't even use any real bats. They were all obviously computerized and the rest of the effects was trash. The actors were all VERY lousy and seemed somewhat annoying and couldn't even act or weren't trying to be convincing!! Except for Tracy Nelson who was okay as the detective trying to lip lock with the town's animal doctor instead of solving crimes, but I must say I was really surprised at her for taking up such a crappy role in an even crappier movie. Why did she do it?? Her resume has to be some what affected by this low budget waste of time. Not that I'm putting Tracy down, no......I love her and that's why I'm shocked but at the same time dissappointed in her for wasting such great talent on a horrible movie. I've seen her other movies and she's way better than this. How do movies like this get past anything?? Guess some movie makers in Hollywood are falling asleep on the job and that is why movies like this get released on DVD/VHS. Thank god it wasn't released in theaters!! You'll see what I mean if you go out and rent it. But take my word...don't waste your time. You're better off staring at a wall!! TRUST ME!! TRULY HORRIBLE!!

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Good!!, 2 November 2003

I really like this movie. It's one-of-a-kind for the fact that the killer this time is a woman named Beth who does not indeed appear to be a killer. She looks like she can't hurt a house fly. Beth's infatuation is not your typical jealousy over a man but over a woman. No, she's not obsessed with the female doctor sexually, but she just needs a friend and it seems this kind doctor is the only person who gives Beth the attention she needs and although the doctor is just doing her job, Beth takes it much more seriously and begins to stop at nothing to become closer to this doctor. She gets a job at the doctor's answering service, baby-sits the doctor's son and will do whatever it takes to make the doctor like her more than anyone. Even if it means killing whoever gets in the way!!

Although the movie was good, I was a little confused about some things that I hope get answered through this. Who's eyes are those on the cover?? They're certainly not Tracy Nelson's. What made Beth become crazy?? There's only a split second that explains why she killed her father, but we never know what caused her unusual infatuation especially with someone over the radio!!

Overall, it was a good one!! GO OUT AND RENT/BUY IT!! IT'S WORTH IT!!

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Good!!, 27 October 2003

This movie is indeed not at all crappy!! It is great!! My friends and I rented this one from blockbuster and we were all amazed by it. This movie is about and a thirty something year old woman named Beth who is a Carrie-type, plain and quiet on the outside but on the inside is in face just a little girl longing to be loved. You have to feel sorry for Beth. She has no social life, no friends, no boyfriend, she lives with and has to constantly take care of her old and sick yet mean mother, she was molested by her father when she was a little girl and when she seeks comfort, she gets turned down. She works at a convienence store and listens to a radio program about a doctor who helps callers with their problems. Who else is she to turn to but the wonderful doctor who believed in her and made her feel better about herself!! Beth becomes obsessed with the female doctor and will do anything (and I mean anything) to get closer to her. The whole movie had us on the edge of our seats and the ending was a big surprise!! The acting was really good!!

Tracy Nelson who played Beth was magnificant. She played the part so naturally. She played it so well that if I were in charge of the Oscars, she'd be first in line!! I hadn't really heard of her until I saw Night Caller and made me curious about Nelson's past work. She acted in many movies and t.v. shows. She is excellent!!

Go out and rent it and you'll see what I mean!! I give this movie

8 *'s out of 10!! About 7 of those 8 *'s go to Nelson!!

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THE GREATEST SITCOM EVER!!!, 2 September 2003

I could go on all day long on what how this is the greatest sitcom ever, but I won't. I can truley say that I've watched Three's Company ever since I can remember and it is a sitcom that I don't think people can forget. It's sooooooooooo funny!!! It all started when two female roommates throw a party for their third female roommate who is moving out. The morning after the party, the two roommates(Janet and Chrissy)discover a drunk party guest(Jack)who accidently fell asleep in their bathtub. He tells them that he needs a place to live and they allow him to move in with them. However, he has to tell the landlord that he's gay in order to stay with them. So from then on comedy is born and is lived on all the way to the eighth and final season. Every episode is filled with laughter, romance(somewhat) and surprises. However, it is also hard to believe that Jack had never fallen in love with any of his roommates(paticularly Janet since she lived with him all eight years). I mean c'mon....didn't they ever try to score with eachother at some point? No matter what, this show will leave you in stitches.

Stars: Jack(The clumbsy yet funny chef) Janet(The cute-as-a-button brunette and florist) Chrissy(The dumb but funny blonde) Mr. and Mrs. Roper(The landlords who had as much sexual problems as any typical old folk) Larry(The single ladies' man)


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What were they thinking?!, 27 August 2003

I saw this movie and I couldn't help but laugh. It was sooooo pointless and dumb. What a waste of money, time, etc. Why couldn't they just have Candyman die in the first one?! No, they had to go ahead and make two pointless sequals. In this movie everything changes from the graphics to Candyman's hook which made me laugh at the movie even more. It was a flop as well as a joke which is no wonder it came out straight to video. The main character in the movie is a Baywatch dumb blonde who can't act or even act like she's acting. She even has sex with Candyman which made me laugh I almost peed my pants. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME UNLESS YOU WANT TO LAUGH ALL NIGHT LONG!! I give it one star out of ten!! *snickers*

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