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Legion (2010)
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Arch Angel out to save mankind...again!, 30 May 2010

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The title was misleading apparently these people have never read the Bible..."legion" were demons that possessed a man that Jesus cast out and sent into swine. Having 2 of Gods' most faithful & powerful angels fighting over humankind(using present-day weaponry??!!) does not make sense (1) cause "super-natural powerful Angels" don't need modern weapons,and there should have been an evil-angel like Lucifer/Satan to be a nemesis. Like Michael said the last time GOD was this put off by mankind He sent "the FLOOD". This could have been a better movie if they had let Stephen King write it and James Cameron or Gale Hurd direct!! The other post was correct,.. watch,The Prophecy,Constantine or the Seventh Seal for movies of this genre.!!!

Hitman (2007/I)
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The Ultimate "gun-for-hire" born & bred for this sole purpose!, 10 December 2007

OK..what's going on? I saw "Vin Diesel's" name at the end when the credits were rolling as "Producer" and there is no mention of his name here on IMDb?! Aside from that.. "Hitman" is one of the BEST movies of this genre, to hit the big screen in a long time, if ever.Finally, someone has the "intestinal fortitude" to bring to celluloid(for us that don't play video games) a gun-for-hire, that doesn't wimp-out when he's face to face with his target.Not since the Clint Eastwood-"Dirty Harry" days has a character been allowed to kill a bad guy, with such wanton was so refreshing!!! And Timothy Olyphant did a good job, as Agent 47, didn't realize he would be so handsome/sexy with a shaved head and that lean! The only other guys that could have maybe pulled this off, Vin Diesel or Hugh Jackman(I am still angry he wasn't considered for the new "007"!!) Anyway, if you're looking for a REAL killer movie(pardon the pun), this is it!!! Oh, they could have left the girl out...she was scroungy, I realize she was a hooker, but the movie was about "him" ..right???

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Last Human on Earth containing antibodies for killer virus!, 2 December 2007

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Love Will Smith, hate the dog dying!(sniff)I guess most people are too young to remember the 1971 Charleton Heston classic: "The OMEGA Man" and he was "Dr.Neville" in it, the last human with the antibodies to fight the deadly virus.It was a thriller for back in the '70S,and it's hard to match an icon like Charleton know "MOSES" and "Ben-Hur"??? Vincent Price's version was OK, not enough excitement, but for those old days, the censors would only allow so much, too bad!! I am glad Will Smith decided to do this remake of the classic,so young folk today can have a new hero like we had in Heston and my parents had in Vincent Price. Definitely some thriller segments, could have had more, will most assuredly watch this over again as I missed some things having closed my eyes and jumping..LOL !!!

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Revenge is a dish best served on Ice...!!, 8 May 2006

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This is one of the GREAT classics,that will take it's place among those too few others during the 40s. The movie is set in the 1840s, with an unmarried daughter living with her Physician father, and since she's kind of "homely", doesn't get many gentleman suitors. I don't agree with the previous commentary, about her Father being cruel, he's just being a father looking out for his naive daughters' best interest, because back then,just like today, when these "homeless romeos", see an easy "meal ticket", they will do anything to hop on the "gravy train". And she should have trusted her Father,being a man,knows how men think. Sure he was not the overly affectionate type of man, but what a "Diplomat", in taking her abroad, trying to "cool" her & his heels,a bit. They must have edited the film I saw, because I didn't see any "overt" references being made by her Father except in one scene,comparing her to her Mother. Anyway,she finds out what kind of "gold-digger" Morris is,just like her Father warned.And the climatic ending is SUPERB...!!! This film is definitely a collectors item.

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10 Commandments 2006 miniseries..totally let me down, 11 April 2006

I watched this series out of curiosity,wanting to see if they could possibly and with ALL this modern technology,out do Cecil B. DeMille's classic epic of 1956, starring Charleton Heston,Yul Brenner and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. Of course, I was let down. Yes, they had all the Biblical characters correct, but they didn't give us any of the spectacular theatrical scenes, that held your interest throughout the first movie. If you going to have a mini-series, you have to have some "rivoting" scenes, the "Burning bush", Parting the "RED Sea",drowning "Pharohs Armies", "building Sethi's Pyramids", could have been done with todays' technology on the scale of blockbuster movies such as "Lord of the Rings" or the Matrix. Obviously, they didn't want to leave a LASTING impression of "faith and sacrifice", which is much needed in these trouble times.

Rosewood (1997)
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The Well of Jealousy runs insidious and deep, 10 April 2006

This is one of John Singletons' best. I am glad he had the courage to bring it to the big screen, however, a lot was left out, as a friend of mine is a relative Sylvester Carrier. She paints a much more gruesome picture than we see on the screen,which I am sure his editors left on the cutting room floor. The movie was painful to watch with my friend, as she relived old memories told to her as a child, but still entertaining. The actors he chose, fit their parts perfectly, especially the ones that lived in Sumner.They almost made you forget they were just actors, because of such convincing performances.

Vingh Rhames was incredible as I believe this was his debut and Michael Rooker is one of my favorites since "Tombstone".

If you ever need a lesson on what "lies" and "jealousy" can destroy, this is the movie.

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The cost of Infidelity is high but in this case, it's worth every cent!!, 30 December 2004

Wow....this is Susan Hayward and John Gavin at their best! If you must have an extra-marital affair...they show us how it's done!!! Real class, however, not without it's drawbacks, when children are involved. This will have you grabbing for the giant Kleenex box at the end. This version is a must have for you classic collectors,because it's much better than the old 1941 black & white. Fannie Hurst sure could write these teary classics, and it's too bad there aren't writers around like her anymore. You knew there was plenty of sex in this movie but it wasn't thrown in your face, and absolutely no profanity!!! Thank God, you don't even miss it... which makes it all the more intriguing!!

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Finally, the book series is getting to the Big Screen...!!!, 20 August 2004

Actually, this was pretty good for the prototype of bringing the 1st book of 3 to the Big Screen.It was slow moving in at the beginning of the movie building up the characters (for those who have not read the books)"PREY";"WAR" & "HUNTERS'PLANET"....or played the video game. I am glad they kept Lance Heinricksen(BISHOP), to keep a point of reference, as an attachment from the original "Aliens". Speaking for all the die-hard Predator & Alien fans, this movie is worth seeing, but it was "toned-down" quite a bit, not as much "GORE" & fighting as there should have been,beacuse this is NOT a movie for kids(under 13). Why can't we adults have an honest-to-goodness hardcore scary/sci-fi, horror movie(without comedy),like "The Thing-1982"; Predator-1986; and Aliens-1986..!!!

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Fannie Hurst's #2 classic of all time!, 25 November 2003

If you were ever going to have an affair with a married man this is one of the most ideal! This tear-jerker will have you watching it again and again, it's truly a shame that the AMC and TCM channels claim they show the classics and never get around to air this one, which stars Susan Hayward and John Gavin at the height of their early movie careers. One of the All-time classic romance stories!

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Engrossing...hooked from the very first scene..., 23 July 2003

Another one of the classics.... Gene Tierney never lets you down by giving her all as the "femme-fatale" innocent at first, getting the guy to fall in love with her.....most men are "suckers" for a pretty face, then doing him in later...but, a great film, holding you captive to see what jealous plot she has up her sleeve next, and Cornel Wilde is soooo handsome and debonair.

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