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They Don't Know Baseball, 21 September 2012

They lost me as soon as they said, "we can work out a draft-and-trade deal." You can't do that in baseball. It's so basic. Not to mention that no player in the history of baseball has been drafted in the early rounds without at least 3 scouts viewing him. In today's game, the GM would also watch plenty of video. Further, no top 5 pick can be make or break for any scout. There is so much info on kids that highly regarded that 1,000 mock drafts from geeks on the Internet would have 4 of the same top 5 names and most in order. On top of that, a 17-year old wouldn't make it to the Majors for 5+ years. The aging scout (Eastwood) would be retired, if not dead prior to the Braves knowing if he panned out. All so silly on the baseball side of it all.

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Heartfelt story but with issues, 12 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Firstly, I'd like to say that I enjoyed this film. It's a nice tribute to Roberto Clemente and really a good story but it's really so hard to believe it's 1972 with things like Velcro straps on catcher's masks, brand new red catcher's gear circa 2010, Plexiglas covered bulletin boards at the train station, motorcycles that aren't even close being a model more than 5 years old, purple fire hydrants and more.

There are also other distractions that just take one out of the story-- no one in the deep south having a southern accent, Lauren Holly not recognizing her son's baseball cap being worn by a girl she is talking to and asking, "Have you seen my sons"? Historically it as 79 degrees during the 3000th hit game and yet they were all in jackets and by the time the game was over it was drizzling with thunder and yet not in the movie. I get that I'm being nit-picky on some of this but it's only 39 years in the past and so many would be able to notice the flaws. A little more care could have gone into the film's making in my opinion.