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"CHiPs" (1977)
Yet another favorite., 24 January 2003

The chases, the outlandish car crashes they came up with, which got more unique every episode, what more can one say about truly one of the best shows of the 70's? I can remember as a kid that if my family went anywhere on "CHiP's" night, we had to be back in time for me to watch the show. I would insist on it. Compared to some the pure drek and sludge that is on TV now, this show is a true classic in my opinion.

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One of my favorites growing up., 24 January 2003

"BJ & The Bear" was one of my all time favorite shows as a young teen. Greg Evigan was great, and of course lets not forget Sam the chimp who played "The Bear". BJ was always a step ahead of the bungling lawmen, played most briliantly by Calude Akins (Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo) and Mills Watson (Deputy Perkins). I hated to see the show go off the air and wish they would do a TV-movie again or something. It would be nice to see that big red and white Kenworth on the road again.