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Great cast, bad script/directing, 24 October 2005

another sad story of a great premise, but a bad script and POOR execution. I was into the idea of the movie, and thought it had much hope. To top it off, it had John and Dennis in it, a guarantee hit! Boy was I wrong! The movie had no point once it got going, and lacked substance in many areas. OK, so story aside, its not even a good thriller. The open is abrupt, the body of the movie is lame, and the ending had no payoff at all! I know this was directed by the legendary Goerge Romero, but he needs to take up bridge playing at the senior center because his directing skills are gone. Serious, I love thrillers and horror flicks, but I will HIGHLY think twice before seeing any of this dudes films again!

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I was totally in this movie..wheres my credit, 12 April 2004

Hey, I was in the pilot for this CBS show...wheres my credit...OK, so I was an extra, but sooooo.... This was filmed in and around the city of Palm Springs, California. I remember riding the bus to school and seeing them film down my street and around my town. Funny when I saw the final show, I didnt know my house connected to all the hot spots in Palm Springs, seeing hows I live 20 miles outside of the post anything is possible. Anywho, I was the boy in the tram ride when Connie Seleca and Greg Evigan realize there is a bomb on the tram.... I am such a stud!

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Someone kill me now please..., 12 April 2004

This movie can be summed up in 3 words...... TAX WRITE OFF! This movies was

aweful and a waste of money. I feel bad for anyone who had to work on it.... The story was lame, the acting was awful, the fact that I actually bought this movie makes me hurl. I saw part one and two and those were OK, so I assumeed the

third one would be the same...NOT, it was so bad!!!! The special FX were cheap and ghetto and the only thinkg that scared me was the fact that I spent money actually buying this DVD....

Gothika (2003)
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Dark Castle Ent. needs to re-think its goal! *SPOILERS*, 24 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not really sure what to think about this movie....The storyline didnt make any sense. If I was a ghost of a girl who was brutally rapped and killed and I came back from the dead to look for help from a mortal, I surely wouldnt beat the crap out of the person who I was trying to get to help me. Nor would I scare the living hell out of this person, it just dosent make sense! Secondly, why was Cloe, played by Penelope Cruz, haunted by this same girl (Rachel Parsons)??? What connection did she have to the whole story? Thirdly, I knew that the second killer wasent Robert Downey JR, for the mere sake that when you saw the hairy, large, tattooed chest in the window of Cloe's cell, that looked nothing like his chest. Not that I have seen his chest, but the tattooed chest was of someone very large and of a Truck Driver In-bred type decent, not that of a yuppie. And was that whole scene with the tattooed man in Cloe's cell a dream, or for real? If it was for real, why would this cop still bother these girls even after his partner in crime was killed......! And lastly, what was the motive of the killers (Halle Berry's Husband and the Cop), why would they do such a thing to innocent girls? If they were going to do such things, why not just do it at the prison, why take then to such a far away place? OOHHH, and WHY would you tape record these such incidents and then leave all the evidence behind?????? STUPID...... In closing, I started off by being a huge fan of Dark Castle Entertainment, who has released and remade such horror classics like House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen

Ghosts. Whenever I found out that they were releasing a movie, I marked that date down on my calendar, but lately, they have really gone down hill with their last two flicks, Ghost Ship and now this one! Come on Dark Castle, get your stuff together and stop making crap, your fans are fickle, disappoint them once (or twice as you have done to me), and we will scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on!!!!!

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AWESOME!!!!!, 20 October 2003

This movie was very well done! Not to over the top and out there as the first one, but yet still scarey as hell and believable! Marcus Nispel did a fantastic job at ressurecting this old story!!! This movie is the reason I wont go on road trips!!!!

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Awesome Scary movie of the SUMMER!..but...., 2 June 2003

I went and saw this 84minute(approx) movie on opening night and LOVED it!

WT is a constant scare ride all the way until the very end. BUT, the only thing I was a bit disappointed with was how short the movie was, (racking in at an

approx 84 min), and the ending. The body of the movie was great and kept me

on the edge of my seat the entire time. If they were to ever make a sequel, they should spend more time explaining how these people end up the way they are?

Something they should of done in this movie. OVERALL, a great scary summer

movie that is intense to see in a nice theater.And contrary to popular rumours, this movie is not The Texas Chainsaw Masacare.....The only thing those two

movies have in common are that people are killed...Thats it!

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Pointless...., 19 February 2003

This movie is absolutely pointless in every aspect! I love Reese,

but didnt like this film at all. There are only a few funny parts, that

you can simply see in the trailer, a weak love story that the viewers

arent let in on and just alot of redneck talk and behavior that I cant

understand. Anywho, If you really want to see this movie , save

yourself and just watch the trailer, that is 50 times better than

wasting 1.5 hours of your life.

A must see movie....!, 3 February 2003

This movie was absolutely awesome! In some areas, I think this was way better than the FD1. More gore, more suspense, more story, more plot twists, more of everything! I want to see this movie again and again!!!!!!! When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to FD1, I couldnt wait to see this movie. Even when the theater went dark and the opening credits started to roll, I still couldnt believe that I was actually seeing FD2, I was so filled with anticipation, "Was it going to be good, or was it going to be hokey". To say the least I had no premonition as to what to expect!!! What was the scariest about this movie was the fact that just about ANYTHING could kill you.... and that this movie isnt to far off from what could really happen in everyday life.

PMS (1999)
AWESOME, 27 January 2003

Love this movie! The mother character was the best and all can say about her is, "BITCH"..!LOL! I also loved the amazing camera work especially in the chase scenes! Very thrilling movie a MUST SEE!

Trapped (2002/I)
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Great Actors bad Director, 23 January 2003

I loved Courtney Love in this mellow drama about a family that is individually torn apart from their happy co-existance and foreced to miss one another. Kevin Bacon is great as the common villian, (i.e. Hollow Man). The movie however needed a better Director,preferably one who uses CUTS in tense scenes and not swish pans from actor to actor to capture their line of dialogue. This sort of rock and roll type camera work and style is very sick to the stomach and brings back bad memories of seeing the Blair Witch Project. The casting for the Father character was badly done as the actor was not believable in ANY form. Other than those two annoying things, the movie is pretty good, glad I didnt blow good theater money seeing this movie, but was an ok renter! OH, one more thing, the ending of this movie is so LAME, so dont expect much......