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Doggie B (2011)
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My daughter loves Doggie B and I did too, 13 March 2012

Doggie B throws a big bone to the Wizard of Oz. My daughter absolutely loved this movie. Take your kid for sure but lots of adults in the audience were really into it and they didn't all have children with them. A great must see family film with San Francisco as a very creative stand- in for the Emerald City. Best tribute to the Wizard of Oz yet. Certainly the first Wizard of Oz for dogs, Toto would be proud. Can understand why it won the audience favorite award out of 70 features at Sonoma and now it is playing at Landmark Opera Plaza here in San Francisco. It will be a cult classic as well as a beloved children's movie all in one, a first. Romanus is a master of cheese, camp and family fun so hope he makes more as I never imagined a G-rated John Waters in the making. Unthinkable!

Brother (2011/I)
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Everybody wants a brother like Dwayne ... to be somewhere else., 25 February 2012

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Brother is a well written and executed study of two brothers clawing their way toward adulthood while haunted by the ghost of an absent father. Trevor White is especially strong as Dwayne, but all the acting is solid in this tense little thriller. Being from middle America I appreciated the dead on small town feel from the football game with cheerleaders and marching band to the pickup truck and annual ritual camping trip. The mood of boredom and underlying violence is punctuated by glimpses of a more innocent past the brothers perhaps long to return to but can no longer find. I saw Brother at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco as part of an event called Scary Cow Prime Cuts. Brother was my favorite from a very entertaining lineup of shorts.