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These pick me up when my spirits are down
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Best of the best! What did I leave out? Love to hear any thoughts on what to add! No particular order. Hall of Famers only
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Films which are IMHO the best demonstrations of heavy amounts of dialogue. Let me know if I left out anything! I'm always eager to learn about more films that use so much dialogue so well! Listed in no particular order
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Hollywood avoids actually dealing with sex as if it were the Bubonic Plague. Here are films that dared to take the risk and illuminated as a result. Let me know of others I left out; we could all frankly see more films that actually try to deal with sex like any other topic, rather than just exploit it like so many execrable and retarded Hollywood comedies.
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In order of release date, not my favorites overall. My movie life would incomplete without all of these.
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Saddest films I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong; they're all superb, well made, and well acted, but tragic beyond belief. Be ready to be crushed. No particular order, just the order in which I thought of them.
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These films would not be the brilliant art they are without the incredible work of their respective child actors. No particular order, please comment on any that I left out and I will add them!
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I still like Avatar as a movie, lots of great stuff. But damn, storytelling doesn't get much more hackneyed than this.
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The Oscars are almost always an appalling embarrassment, but in 2005, they hit a new low by giving the award for Best Picture to one of the most pretentious, preachy, pieces of trash in the past decade, while simultaneously overlooking the following elite films. In short, how did they ignore the following!?
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How do NONE of these guys have an Oscar for acting? Many get credit as a movie-star, but their acting talents are often taken for granted. Here's hoping they all get their due credit someday.
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More to come as the year goes on, but these are my picks for the best of the year. I have no preferences in terms of genre. If the film is good, I will damn-well support it! What do you think?
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These are the guys who keep "real" cinema alive. They make it not entertainment, but real art.
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I have a rule, if I own it, it's good and I can justify why it's good. Life is way too damn short for bad movies and it's a shame that that's almost all we get these days.
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These women don't ever get the credit they're due. And how the HELL do none of them have an Oscar!?
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Read the title. Their voices alone make their movies something special
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Films with an intuitive insight into how blood brothers live their lives and deal with each other. Please let me know of others if I left any out!
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The big advantage of graphic novel based films compared with comic book based films is that the majority of these films are quite good! Exceptions are League, The Spirit, Whiteout and arguably Wanted and 30 Days of Night. The others are excellent
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Behold the all time record for most Oscar Nominations for any actor or actress in film history! Go Meryl Streep!
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Great films in black and white that simply wouldn't be as good in color. Old beauties and new ones too
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This is a short list and that's the point. Remakes are uncreative, insulting, stupid, ridiculous, immature, pretentious and unctuous 99.99% of the time. Here are the few examples of when they're actually worth a damn. That does NOT mean I think any of these are better than their predecessor.
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Best Picture Oscar Winners that have not aged that well with superior other films released but snubbed in their respective years. I have reservations about close calls like All About Eve (Sunset Blvd, Rashomon), The Apartment (Psycho, La Dolche Vita), Lawrence of Arabia (To Kill a Mockingbird), The Sound of Music (Doctor Zhivago), Midnight Cowboy (Butch Cassidy), Godfather II (Chinatown), Annie Hall (Star Wars), Driving Miss Daisy (Glory), Unforgiven (The Crying Game), American Beauty (Fight Club, The Matrix, The Green Mile, Eyes Wide Shut, The Sixth Sense) A Beautiful Mind (Mulholland Drive), and No Country for Old Men (There Will Be Blood), but those are all very close so I'll give them a break.