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These are the directors that have taught me cinema ever since I was a child, they each hold a place in my heart and psyche with the images they've shown me. This list is NOT RANKED, so it's to be taken as a whole.
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This list will always be growing, it's not all the films I've ever seen, just the ones I feel have taught me a thing or two about cinema and life in general.
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I need to see more of these dude's films.
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A companion to all the films I adore, I need to work on my writing and I've never done a huge piece that takes little more than a year, so I figured better late than never.
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NO RANK. (well, maybe the first five)
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My top ten plus all the films that i saw in 2012 ranked, in theaters and at home. US Releases only, so some of these came out a while ago somewhere in the world.
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US Releases Only.
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Here is my top ten of 2011 plus all the other films i saw this year.