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I'd Love to see A New Sitcom, 21 January 2003

I agree. The Wayans Bros was a really entertaining television show that was an almost 'no holding back' show not catering to mainstream sitcoms of the present. The show is aired weekdays on the WB- Atlanta and I really miss it. I wish they'd bring it back or at least a new sitcom featuring Shawn and Marlon. Their closeness was so evident in each episode which made the show even more enjoyable.

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You All Have Got To Be Kidding!!!, 19 February 2003

I can't believe how many of you thought this movie was good! It made absolutely no sense. What was so funny about it? I watched this video alone and still felt embarrassed at how dumb this was. It was one of those movies where you say to yourself "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!", "WERE THEY HIGH?!" specifically, Chris Rock, he could have done a lot better than this garbage.

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Cute Movie!, 7 April 2003

I thought this movie surprisingly entertaining and I enjoyed it. Sure I wasn't expecting Oscar nominations for best actresses or best picture. I got just what I was expecting from this movie, lots of fun and crazy antics. All ages can watch and enjoy this movie.

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To Lee Bartholomew and others complaining about Not seeing enough of Aaliyah in the film, 21 March 2003

Are you a total idiot? The reason why Aaliyah is not shown much in the movie is because SHE DIED before it's completion. Another point, the reason why some people may have screamed at her death scene is because, she DIED in real life similar to how she died in the scene in QOTD. In case you weren't aware, Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2001. She was killed instantly due to the plane bursting in flames and she was burned to death (INSTANTLY). This would explain why some people in the audience screamed or gasped at the death scene in Queen of the Damned. Her on screen death scene was eerily similar to her real life death.

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The Death of Two Stars, 21 March 2003

I would compare the Queen of the Damned with The Crow. In the sense that both of it's key stars died before the completion of the movie. Brandon Lee and Aaliyah. Their deaths added an errie darkness to both films, because as we watched both films we knew the sad outcome of both main characters...they DIE in real life. Yet, I've heard a lot of negative comments about Aaliyah (Rest her soul) and rave reviews about Brandon Lee (Rest his soul). Brandon Lee had the potential of being the next superstar in hollywood, and Aaliyah was also headed in that direction. My question is, why has so many negative comments been directed towards Aaliyah?

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In Living Color, 11 March 2003

This show is truly a "In Living Color" wannabe. I was not entertained nor did I laugh once while watching this show. Cedric is a funny guy, but I think he should stick to stand up. If Fox wants to entertain us or make us REALLY laugh, maybe they should show reruns of "In Living Color".