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The black karate kid
13 June 2010
This movie is more of an update from the original. Jaden Smith is the 12 year old Dre Parker not someone who's in their late teens who wants to learn karate. Jaden's character was more outspoken and less curious than Daniel Larusso played by Ralph Macchio more than a quarter of a century ago. Jackie Chan plays Mr. Han another version of Mr. Miyagi. Producers did an excellent job of making Chan appear more older and somber. There was excellent acting on his part where Chan is usually in the realm of a comical action hero. A few parts in the movie I feel were rush together where Dre played by Jaden almost instantly form a bond with the little Chinese girl. Also when the bully Cheng starts to bully Dre when he starts talking to the girl. From that point the movie became fairly predictable. Not to say I haven't enjoyed watching the different backgrounds of China and Dre learning to fit in where ever he can. The difference between the first karate kid from 1984 and now is a pre-teen is the star instead of an 18 year old and the training scenes in this one was too repetitive. In the first one the training scenes are iconic like wax-on was-off and the one with the paint brush. This movie has only one similar training method which was the jacket-on jacket-off and that has gotten to be tiring. Besides the point of using a African-American kid(Jaden) as the star his character was comical but yet naive. The karate kid in closing was one of the best remakes to date and it explores the culture of China and a kid training to build up enough courage to face his fears.
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Judge Judy (1996– )
Hell Judge
2 February 2010
When I first started watching Judge Judy back in the 90s I said finally we have a judge that's honest and fair. But when i started watching it again recently she became a belligerent monster. I know a judge has to be fair in the ruling but where is the empathy for another human being. She now lacks any kindness in her soul. She is intimidating,sarcastic,berating,and heartless. I use to find this show funny as she gets on people that rather party and leave their baby with an unfit babysitter. But now she's gone too far as to insult people and doesn't have enough patience to hear a litigant out which could be an important factor of winning their case. As I stating earlier in this comment about her being fair and honest doesn't exist any longer. Judge Judy hears what she wants to hear and then cut people short with her crude remarks. I just watch the bailiff Byrd and I think even he is intimidated by her loose cannon demeanor. In all actually I think her show is for ratings no judge could every be that mean and disrespectful to the point of looking unprofessional. I surprise nobody took her to court for defamation of character. At first I found it entertaining but now the show is a joke within itself as we look for Judge Judy to bring order in the court.
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Street Court (2009– )
Justice in your own backyard
2 February 2010
When I first heard of this show after they took Judge Karen off the air I was like what is this garbage. But after watching a few episodes I grown to enjoy it. Street Court is not your typical courtroom show. It brings the case outside where the situation of the case took place or where the judge and/or litigants feel comfortable. Judge Mazza is a pretty charming guy he's hip,compassionate,and ultimately fair. Anyone who doesn't bring proper documents to a case,suing a family over a little amount of money,and not making good decisions judge consider them to be a "huckalaro". Judge Mazza does has a sense of humor with the litigants which makes the show more interesting but always stick to the fact of the matter. I love his flexibility in this show. Now if the litigants starts to annoy him by giving him a runaround story he will give them a piece of his mind and then give his verdict. Most of all at the end of each case he states why he rules the case the way he did and give us his input. This is a good lesson to learn about the law,your rights,and the advantages of winning your case in a courtroom. No other courtroom show I seen has done that besides people's court. If you happen to own a DVR(digital video recorder) I recommend taping this show. You will find it entertaining and as well as being educated about the law.
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Wrong Turn (I) (2003)
Killers in the woods
29 January 2010
This movie caught my attention after reading about it in wikipedia. I look at it on-line and found it quite suspenseful. Wrong Turn is a mixture of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wolf Creek. Although the plot of the movie is not original I find it very entertaining. A young man looking for a job and five youngster making a camping trip in the woods. They all bond together after witnessing their friends being slaughtered to death. Chris played by Desmond Harrington was one of the best actors in the movie. Desmond displayed courage,intelligence,determination,leadership and ingenuity. This movie makes him appear to be the hero. Jessie played by Eliza Dushku was great in her own right. She didn't displayed an overly emotional victim after her friends been killed. Instead she realizes that whimper over dead friends is not going to save her life. This movie been released for quite some time now and if u looking for a movie with suspense and non-stop action after the first half-hour. Then this is the movie for you. There's two more sequels I have to check out.
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Bully Beatdown (2009– )
The tormentor gets tormented
10 November 2009
This for one teaches these cocky youngster that there always someone more skilled and stronger than they are. The show is hosted by the charismatic but eccentric Johnny "Mayhem" Miller who gives the show a somewhat comic relief with his input. I love how this show give these bullies a taste of humiliation and a feeling of helplessness when going against a skilled fighter. That's how the victims felt when they were up against these punks and to top it off the victims can win up to $10,000 in cash if their fighter wins all the rounds. An interesting show that's enjoyable if you're into a jock getting their a** kicked. This could be anyone's son that's being mis-treated and abuse and it can continue if someone doesn't teaches these bullies a lesson.
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Misery doesn't love company
25 September 2009
This movie I found to enjoy on some aspects. Like when Tyler Perry portrays the outspoken,daring Madea and the sarcastic Joe. Their antics are the comic relief of the movie but the plot of Tyler's stories are realistic and serious. A young woman name April played by Taraji Henson is dramatic,lazy,and mean to her young niece and nephews. Till a man name Sandino played by hispanic actor Adam Rodriguez fills the void in April's life. You see a lot of women these days sacrifice everything in their circle for a man that provides for them and treats them poorly. April is just an example of that and Tyler Perry puts it out there so that woman can see they're not the only ones going through that. A decent movie but it wasn't his best and as for Taraji P. Henson shes good at playing a strong-willed,angry,black woman.
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Tyson (2008)
A born victim
31 August 2009
By watching this film I got a little depressed because this is a man with no education,no parents just boxing. As a street kid from Brooklyn all he knew was cruelty and trying to do what ever to survive. Tyson gives his own biography of his life and he seems to do it pretty well. He explains that one of the best things that ever happen to him was his mentor and guardian Cus D'amato and his children. Boxing was a thing he did in between. At one moment I wanted to shed a tear for the man as some of the people in his life used his fame and popularity for their selfish needs (Don king & Robin Givens). As a man who grew up in a rough section of Brooklyn this gave him more of a reason not to trust people. Mike Tyson appears to be a man who wants to be loved and appreciated. All this brutal and crude behavior came out of angry he endured while growing up. Mike Tyson is probably one of the most misunderstood boxer that stepped foot in the ring. But after watching this film you'll understand why he was so angry and vicious when he feels attacked. Now he seems to learn from his mistakes and is at peace with himself. Tyson was a fierce fighter in his prime and through all the turmoil in and out the ring lies a man whose become emotionally numb.
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A living nightmare
5 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sam Raimi knows how to make the main character become a tormented victim in his movies like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead,Tobey Maguire in Spider-man and Alison Lohman who plays Christine. This movie focus mainly on a woman named (Christine) who is cursed by ill old lady who want an extension on her mortgage. Christine who's only doing her job cannot grant her an extension because the old lady maxed out her extension requirements on her mortgage. I felt sorry for Christine because she felt she had to prove herself to her boss by during what is required to move up a position. Thus living day to day with hellish visions of the old lady and being attack by unseen forces and menacing looking shadows. I think that old lady Ms.Ganish sold her soul to the devil to make a young lady suffer and anticipate a terrible fate. Just like that this old lady come out of the blue and make a innocent young lady's life a living hell is every evil. Ain't like this young lady portrayed to be a spoiled rich heir,she was only trying to make a living and court her boyfriend. This movie wasn't as scary as the previews portrayed it but most of the scenes were hilarious like the old lady biting Christine's face with no teeth in her mouth,and while going to the cemetery and a handkerchief comes to life and attacks Christine. If I was a kid I probably would have been scared. For its terrifying scenes I'm surprise it's only rated PG-13. This movie in my opinion is more of a psychological thriller than a straight horror movie because its suspense and empathy for victim(Christine). I not going to give the movie away but just imagine your life could end a few days later in a horrible way. Drag me to hell makes you wonder,that is why it wasn't a bad movie. This is the type of movie that keeps you thinking wondering what she's going to do next.
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The Jamie Foxx Show (1996–2001)
Talented brother
5 June 2009
During the time this show originally aired Jamie Foxx was already a self-made star thanks to "In Living Color". This guy is very talented he can sing,tell jokes,and play various instruments such as a piano. Jamie displayed this talent while portraying himself on the show. At the time I think his show was a little underrated and people didn't give Jamie the respect he deserves. The show was light-hearted and at times silly but that was his character. He had a few serious episodes where his uncle junior was afraid to have surgery and teaching a kid the value of money. The most hilarious part was during the first few season of the show where Braxton and Jamie are competing rivals for Fanci's love. Then towards the end Jamie's crush turn into full bloom love and him and Braxton becoming trustworthy friends. Round the time this show was air he starred in movies with Samuel Jackson,Will Smith,Nia Long and In Living Color co-star Tommy Davidson. Jamie was already in the entertainment industry long before his star status rocketed after the biopic movie Ray. Since then he recorded Unpredictable in 2005 and Intuition in 2008. Also guest-starred on various hip-hop and r&b artist recordings. It seems like Jamie Foxx is a hot commodity in the entertainment industry. By catching the reruns of the Jamie Foxx show its about time he got his break.
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Prom Night II (1987)
The prom date from hell
27 April 2009
I recently saw this movie on cable and its my first time seeing it in over 20 years. I still enjoying the cheesy scenes in the movie. A young lady is possessed by a vengeful spirit who will stop at nothing to be crowned prom queen. The man who indirectly bought this on was Scanners' Michael Ironside. If people were getting killed over a crown for prom queen then let this demon have it. But then the movie be pretty much over then. Why not kill a few teenagers and flirt with somebody's father and other promiscuousness? Thus to keep this movie entertaining take elements from "A nightmare on elm street","Carrie",and "Exorcist". Besides not only was certain parts of this movie gory but it was also funny because of its irony. Prom Night 2 wasn't really a bad movie if you're into 80s style supernatural thrillers.
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