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Hell Judge, 2 February 2010

When I first started watching Judge Judy back in the 90s I said finally we have a judge that's honest and fair. But when i started watching it again recently she became a belligerent monster. I know a judge has to be fair in the ruling but where is the empathy for another human being. She now lacks any kindness in her soul. She is intimidating,sarcastic,berating,and heartless. I use to find this show funny as she gets on people that rather party and leave their baby with an unfit babysitter. But now she's gone too far as to insult people and doesn't have enough patience to hear a litigant out which could be an important factor of winning their case. As I stating earlier in this comment about her being fair and honest doesn't exist any longer. Judge Judy hears what she wants to hear and then cut people short with her crude remarks. I just watch the bailiff Byrd and I think even he is intimidated by her loose cannon demeanor. In all actually I think her show is for ratings no judge could every be that mean and disrespectful to the point of looking unprofessional. I surprise nobody took her to court for defamation of character. At first I found it entertaining but now the show is a joke within itself as we look for Judge Judy to bring order in the court.

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spoiled brats, 13 March 2009

This show is incredibly annoying. Four sisters who try to step on each others toes for recognition. Now granted the sisters are beautiful but it's nerve wrecking to hear them argue about almost every little thing. Kim Kardashians is obvious the biggest star out the bunch based on her involvement with singer Ray J and starring in bad girlie movies. These girls has no talent and no respect for their mother's current husband Bruce Jenner. He tries to give his step-daughters his support by giving them a word of advice for what they're pursuing and they blow him off like yesterday's newspaper. Their mother Kris Jenner is trying to relive her youth based probably on her late ex-husband success and she's just as airy. The whole show is a waste of time unless you're into drama and chaos. The Kardashian women are beautiful to look at but make sure you take some Tylenol after watching this show.

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Comedy from the New York suburbs, 24 November 2005

This show is hilarious. You've got Doug played by Kevin James who is the loving and sometimes self-centered husband to Carrie played by Leah Remini. Now Carrie her character is witty and somewhat high-strung. Living with them is Carrie's father Arthur who appears to be one of the highlights of the show. This show was released in 1998 and I didn't start watching it until about a year ago and found it interestingly funny. Out of mostly all the sitcoms on TV this show has a realistic quality about it. King of Queens is a show focus on everyday life of a middle working-class couple. It's very rare to see a sitcom like this within the past decade. The humor is full of satire which makes the show catchable to enjoy. Arthur played Jerry Stiller is a well-known comic and as a supporting cast member he is terrific. King of Queens is definitely a show to watch week nights after a days work. Even the repeats are still enjoyable.

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The most underrated basketball movie ever, 28 August 2004

This movie deserves more credit then critics should give. This movie had an all star cast as the up and coming Marlon Wayans,Tupac Shakur,Leon,Duane Martin,Henry Simmons,Bernie Mac,and the lovely Tonya Pinkins. Each actor played their part magnificiently and it was hip,touching,and realistic. The beginning was a little off when Leon dreamed of his best friend's death and then focused mainly on Duane Martin's basketball skills,and him trying to get into Georgetown University. Marlon Wayans was the comic relief in the film who's been released from prison. Bernie Mac was the homeless man who was interested in basketball but never made it. Tupac was the ruthless street hustler and the coach of a dirty playing basketball team. There were other former R&B stars who starred in the movie but only had small parts. To wrap it up in a nutshell Above the rim to me is one of the most memorable urban basketball movies I've ever saw.

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Destined to death, 7 June 2007

I watched this documentary on this young lady and it was very intriguing. The late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes is very talented and philanthropic. She seems little eccentric and loves to look at herself and at the camera with those big dark brown eyes. She sure isn't camera shy and those eyes are so hypnotizing. This documentary is one of the best documentaries I've seen on someone. It's very much in depth with Lisa Lopes life from start(birth) to finish(death). I didn't think that there was a film about her retreat to Honduras. The film captures each day what she did while she was there and how she contribute to her stay among the people of Honduras. During this documentary she did her own narration about her life and does it quite well. It seems a little creepy when the words on the screen read "Lisa felt an evil spirit was chasing her" and I'm thinking maybe she has done something in the past and she's feeling guilty about it. She also mentioned that she don't believe in death but in transformation. Now where does that statement comes from? And why is she's talking about death? Did she know she was going to die? That seem weird to me. But when she was in Honduras with her family and friends she seem to be happy and at peace after all she's been through with the group(TLC),bankruptcy,alcohol addiction,and a abusive boyfriend. The documentary covered majority of her life except joining Suge Knight's record company Tha Row records I wonder what's that about and it was shortly before making her trip to Honduras. It's ironic how rappers Tupac Shakur,Notorious Big and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes somewhat prophecies their time is up on this earth that's bizarre. However its been 5 years after her death and VH1 finally decides to air her last days until her death with documented footage of her trip. Why so long? is another question about this mysterious occurrences.

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Progressive family with ambition, 24 July 2007

I've enjoyed watching this show. Rev Run A.K.A Joseph Simmons teaching his family the lessons of life. Along with his wife Justine they guide their children to the right path of becoming responsible young adults and to get something you should not give up. Occasionally big brother Russell Simmons gives his advice to younger brother Run about maintaining his home environment and be more open-minded with his children. The show is realistic and deal with everyday issues such as puberty,pregnancy,and learning the value of a dollar. That is what I like about this show even though they're rich The Simmons' don't let fame go to their heads. Run and Justine has a lot of disagreements throughout the show but they're always there for each other and in almost every episode their in bed telling each other "I love you". Run's house is nothing like the "The Cosbys" but it's realistic and entertaining.

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The tormentor gets tormented, 10 November 2009

This for one teaches these cocky youngster that there always someone more skilled and stronger than they are. The show is hosted by the charismatic but eccentric Johnny "Mayhem" Miller who gives the show a somewhat comic relief with his input. I love how this show give these bullies a taste of humiliation and a feeling of helplessness when going against a skilled fighter. That's how the victims felt when they were up against these punks and to top it off the victims can win up to $10,000 in cash if their fighter wins all the rounds. An interesting show that's enjoyable if you're into a jock getting their a** kicked. This could be anyone's son that's being mis-treated and abuse and it can continue if someone doesn't teaches these bullies a lesson.

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Rock This!, 28 January 2003

This is the best late-night show since Arsenio. I believe he had him as a guest one time or another. But anyway there's no other talk show that tell it like he sees it like Chris Rock. That's what I love about the brother he's real. He doesn't sugar coat anything, if he thinks your movie stinks he tell you. If a woman is invited on his show and appears sexy to him he will not bite his tongue. It may seem offensive but he does it in such a way that it's hilarious. Keep rockin' them Chris.

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Renovating automobiles, 29 December 2004

It's amazing that a body shop named West Coast Customs can turn a near junkyard material vehicle into a play house on wheels. The show is hosted by rapper Xihibit,and his garage pal decorators at West Coast Customs. This show is fun to watch and give people ideas on encouraging them to fix up their hoopties(An old beat up car). From installing a photo booth in one of the cars to installing a shoe rack,these guys can do it all at West Coast Customs. These guys will find out what you enjoy and put it in your vehicle. They need to have something like that on the east coast but it'll probably be very expensive,and if I want all those accessories in my vehicle I'll just get a new one. But it's exciting to see the guest faces after their vehicles been remodeled. Never in a million years these guest think their vehicles could ever be made over into the road of luxury. Xihibit is charming and funny with the guests. Just another way to keep the checks rolling in his pocket.

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car-robots, 17 February 2004

This is one of the most popular cartoons of the 80s. It was original and not follow the trend of Hanna-Barbera's copycat mysteries/adventure cartoons a decade earlier. Automobiles that become robot fighting machines,producers couldn't be more creative then that. It was all action which us kids grow into after watching Superfriends or Spiderman and the amazing friends. I remember collecting some of the action figures then giving them away after they became out-dated. Though still a classic and one of the best cartoons of that generation.

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