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Arsenio who?, 29 July 2004

The generation today probably doesn't know who this man is. Though everybody remembers him as Eddie Murphy's sidekick in the 1988 movie "Coming to America". A few months later he had his own late night talk show. The first 2 years Arsenio was at his best and after that the show became boring and dry. He started having the same usual guest like Bill Cosby,MC Hammer,and Eddie Murphy to name a few. In 1994 maybe a week before his show was canceled he interviewed Minister Louis Farrakhan,and the plug was pulled. Recently he been the host of the newly Star Search,but today many people think this man's show never existed. This is probably because he didn't leave the audience when some interesting and overwhelming interviews with his guest and everything was sugar-coated and a** kissing. Naturally Arsenio Hall seem like a warm-hearted man who just can't cut staying in the limelight.

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Spidey's greatest challenge, 5 July 2004

This movie shows more of an emotional side of Peter Parker. It seems like he was losing everything,his best friend Harry Osborne,the respect from his childhood friend MJ Watson and occassionally losing his spider ability. It started to get more depressing when he told Aunt Ma that he felt responsible for uncle Ben's death. At the party Peter had no luck getting refreshments and Harry was so drunk that he embarassed Peter by telling him that he's not being supportive of his father's death and losing his business. That was enough to make Peter wanting to commit suicide. Dr. Oct was no joke. He had tenticle arms that can rip through steel walls and throw cars around like matchbox toys. This movie had great special effects and some cool fight scenes. But Spider-man knew he couldn't really defeat Dr. Octopus because to me he was much too strong and more of a menace then the Green Goblin. Although Peter Parker was losing everything he got his greatest gift back which was MJ Watson. In this movie Peter Parker had to stop a destructive Dr. Octopus,gain the trust of friend MJ Watson,cheer up a skeptical Harry Osborne and decide that if he wanted to be Spider-man anymore. A lot more in depth than the first movie.

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Haven't really lost his touch, 15 May 2004

After a four year absence from stand-up,Chris Rock still know how to make the audience laugh. He is very brilliant and is up-to-date with the social issues that's going on today. He is now a father,and I don't think anyone can say that he is truly happy about marriage because he describes a lot of stress-related situations towards the matrimony. But a lot of comics hide their pain through their jokes and he does in a way that the audience can relate. Chris admits he is 39 ("that's right New Jack City was a long time ago")and still enjoy how hip-hop has evolve through a different art. He has a youthful intelligent outlook on life and gain respect from people of all ages. This is not his best stand-up but Chris will sure leave you in tears. A 8.5 out of 10 as compared to Bigger and Blacker.

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car-robots, 17 February 2004

This is one of the most popular cartoons of the 80s. It was original and not follow the trend of Hanna-Barbera's copycat mysteries/adventure cartoons a decade earlier. Automobiles that become robot fighting machines,producers couldn't be more creative then that. It was all action which us kids grow into after watching Superfriends or Spiderman and the amazing friends. I remember collecting some of the action figures then giving them away after they became out-dated. Though still a classic and one of the best cartoons of that generation.

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The best detective show of all time., 14 December 2003

At the beginning it was only detectives JC Williams (Malik Yoba) and Eddie Torres (Michael Delorenzo). In that first season it showed the viewers that it was the first black and hispanic cop show on the history of television. Which also gave the viewers, how we see urban crimes today. The first season played all the latest R&B and urban style of music we listened to. The fashions these cops wore the urban community can relate to and the hip language they spoke. JC Williams played by Malik Yoba was a tough New York cop who had no patients for law-breakers. He is also the father of a ten year old son (G),who he has a hard time raising because of the long hours trying to crack down on a case,and his son becoming an adolescenes. It was difficult for JC because he has a finacee he has to spend quality time with,and had to juggle his personal time around his work hours. As for Eddie Torres played by Michael Delorenzo he had issues of his own like someday owning his father's nightclub (Natalie's)and dealing with his father's drug problem. Their work is overseen by the no nonsense Lt.Virginia Cooper. The second season introduce a new member to the detective duo (Nina Moreno) and she was Eddie Torres partnered while JC was recovering from a near fatal incident. The beginning of that season JC became bitter and more aggressive towards criminals,and his partner (Torres) took notice of that and tries to tell him to lightened up some (due to the fatal homicide of his finacee to which JC felt helpless and knowing the killer is still walking the streets). At the end of the "Brotherhood" episode there was a dramatic seen where Torres and JC fight and Torres letting him know that he is still with him,after JC told him he is still mourning the pain of his murdered fiancee. The second season ended with the new detective Nina Moreno (Laura Velez) as Eddie Torres love interest. By the third season the show became more diverse by adding a third cast member name Tommy Mcnamera (Jonathan Lapglia who is Italian). Mcnamera became Nina's partner till she froze up at gunpoint when a criminal who had Mcnamera's life in his hands. Sadly the third season ended with Torres and Mcnamera being killed off by a couple of bank-robbers. There leaving JC and Moreno transferring to a special unit which the show now suitable to a wall street-like audience. At the end it sucked,but in the beginning the show was interesting.

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Urban Comedy, 17 October 2003

Since Eddie Griffin showed his face in the world of entertainment,I didn't care for his comic routines. In the past he was simple and wasn't funny at all. But after watching this movie (DysFunktional Family) I have a different perspective of him as a comic. He hit on every issue dealing with the middle-class black community such as parenting,religion,sports,drunks,drugs,and relatives. I have to admit this movie had me in tears quite a few times. I agree with the commentary by Derrick Dunn this is somewhat of an urban stand up and you have to live through it in order to understand it. If not of course it won't be funny. A recommended movie for family and friends.

Carrie (1976)
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Vengeful student, 7 September 2003

After what happen to Carrie I don't blame her what she did to the students and the faculty staff for making her the real butt of a joke. I wouldn't consider this to much of a horror movie because Sissy Spacek just portrayed a teen who was being mistreated by her fellow class mates. Though the woman who portrayed her mother is more wierd then Carrie suppose to be. She locks her in the closet to pray because she went through a woman's dilema,refuse to her interact with other students. That's why she seem wierd to others because her mother didn't allow her to be a teenager. To her (her mother) it's a sin. I think Carrie was cool just misunderstood because of a gift she has by moving objects with her mind. But of course to her mother that's sin and considers her gift the work of the devil. The only reason critics may called this a horror movie because of the dark setting of the movie and it's sound-effects. But I have to say when I was young Sissy Spacey (Carrie) did looked scary walking home and being draped with blood. Still it's more suspenseful than horror.

the house of horrors, 7 September 2003

This movie is perfect for its time. Nearly ten years after the release of the Exorcist this movie brings fright to me as a kid. A teenager being possessed by the devil is the scariest part of the whole movie. Even though the teen seem a little wierd and distance from his family. It's so obvious that the teen was going to become a victim of an evil force inside the house because he was anti-social and had strange feelings towards his sister. Burt Young who plays the teens father was very demanding about his son's behavior and want to take control of the family decision making. I saw this movie back in the day on cable and saw it recently on Sci-fi channel and it still seems interesting. Not one of the best horror movies but it has an interesting plot.

"Martin" (1992)
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Best sitcom of the early 90s, 23 August 2003

In the beginning during the Def Jam days (1991-93) Martin was the funniest man on the face of tv. Def Comedy Jam was the stepping stone to Martin Lawrence's comedy career. Every episodes I try to catch every week on thursdays. 1992 was a great year for Martin with his career going to upper heights. Like co-starring with Eddie Murphy in the movie Boomerang and having his own show on fox network tv. The show centered around him living in a one bedroom apartment with his girlfriend(Tisha Campbell)and friends Tommy and Cole dropping by. There's also Martin's girlfriend's best friend Pam,who he rarely gets along with. Martin and Pam's wise-cracks are some of the main reasons people enjoyed watching the show. Brother man who occasionally sneaks into Martin's apartment and impose himself on Martin's belongings is one of the funniest. It was so much going on with this show like Martin's alter-egos Jerome,Sheneneh,Roscoe,his mother,Elroy the mechanic,and the white man Bob. These alter-egos came in handy when the strong element in the show Tisha Campbell left in 1996 after a personal dispute between Martin and herself. After she left the show a good handful of fans left also and Martin's comic routines weren't as funny so the show was cancelled in April of 1997. The show went in syndication on UPN and a few years later on USA network. Though the show had a very good start and a terrible ending,Martin will always be in the catagory as one of the funniest shows of all time.

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Non-stop action, 7 August 2003

After eight years since it's original release, Bad Boys 2 is much better than the first. Martin Lawrence is funnier than he has ever been in a long time. Will just took control of most of the movie. The chemistry between Will and Martin are so natural that it was hard to tell if they were acting. They (Will&Martin) remind me of a Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton partnership (reference to the Honeymooners') which Will is the sensible one and Martin is the bafoon. Best movie of the summer.

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