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The house of disturbance, 27 December 2004

This movie is very interesting and intriguing. I'm a sucker for a program that explains the supernatural and strange occurrences. What I don't understand is why this family continue to live at a house that had great potential of endangering them. After the little girl showed her parents the strange marks on her face why didn't they decide to leave for good? As the program continued it seem that each night the family stayed there it got worse. This movie kind of remind me of a modern day Poltergeist or Amityville. But this time the spirits are terrorizing the whole family. I don't care what anybody say nobody couldn't pay me enough money to stay there. The program was excellent but on a personal level if it was me and after I witness those strange marks on my face or body,I'm leaving no question.

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Odd comic, 30 October 2004

Dave Chapelle doesn't do much for me. His jokes are dry and he is seldom funny. One of the most memorable shows are the mimic of R&B superstar R.Kelly (piss on you) and funk legend Rick James (RIP). I talked about those episodes for months because they were so hilarious. Charlie Murphy brings some temperamental comedy to the show that's unforgettable. But Dave Chapelle isn't that funny to me,its more realistic towards racial stereotypes and things we encounter with society. The material for the show is brilliant and it has a classical style about it. The show lacks the enthusiasm and energy to be funny. It's more of a self-awareness in a comical form and that's good in a educational sense. In my opinion a comedian can tell a good joke but the delivery is what matter. This is because it's all about expression.

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vindictive spouses, 16 October 2004

This is an excellent movie by Danny Devito. In the beginning the Roses (played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) were a lovable and peaceful couple. Till they let their differences get the best of them. Their resentment grew for one another after an ugly and nasty dispute over who keeps the house. Danny Devito played the manipulated lawyer who tried to encourage Douglas that the women will somehow come out on top. This movie sends some good messages about couples trying to get a divorce and the struggle that goes along with them. As for Douglas and Turner,they went to extremes of having their way. Even if it means they have to kill each other for it. This movie is surely an example of going all out for something they want. But this couple got of hand and instead of coming down to some agreement,they tried to make life harder for one another.

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A mismatched cast, 4 October 2004

I've seen little bits and pieces of the first season,all of the second season,and I have to say the third season is so far the best. Not only because Flavor Flav from Public Enemy and funny man Dave Coulier is in it. The third season is just more interesting and suspenseful. Unlike the second season which was a little dry at times but they all seem to get along and tolerate one another. The third season cast is more detached and self-centered. The only ones I 've seen to be more realistic is Dave and Flavor. Flavor's enthusiasm give this show life and without him this cast would appear to keep to themselves. Let's start off with Charo she may mean well but she is selfish,at the beginning of the show she down right takes charge of who should sleep where. She (Charo) been in America for a long time and you still can't understand what's she's saying. Right away she's giving orders around the house and naming the dog she found "Cuchi" which none of the others agree with. Brigitte Nelson is another selfish one who loves to lead men on (namely Flav) and then drop them like they never existed. Ryan Star who is young and bitter probably because she didn't get her career kicked off the way she wanted "thanks American Idol." Ryan is another one who is too particular and do not know to adapt and have fun. Poor Jordan Knight is too self-indulged to be interesting. I hope in the next couple of episodes this cast will stick together and bring more harmony to one another instead of worry about personality conflicts.

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Scorned boy, 15 September 2004

Tobias played by Shakespearean actor Leonardo Dicapri is an abused kid who has experienced living with two different fathers,so what. There's so many kids around the world who's been abused by their parents. What makes this kid special? Before his mother met Dwight,Tobias wasn't no angel he cuts class,start fights and smokes pot. Dwight played by Robert Deniro was great as the aggressive but twisted stepfather. The movie tried to focus on how this kid(Tobias) is being bullied and tormented by Dwight and his mother being disillusioned with Dwight's charm. This movie was dull and depressing with a few entertaining parts especially with Dwight constantly picking on Tobias. Some people may say Dwight is sick but in some parts Tobias needs his a** kicked. But overall two wrongs don't make a right.

"Kirk" (1995)
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Cool, 1 September 2004

I enjoyed watching Kirk Cameron on TV. Growing Pains was an excellent comedy sitcom in the 80s. Kirk's show wasn't his best but that doesn't take away the charm he has on television. As a kid growing up watching Growing Pains I find it funny and I learned how adolescents grew up with two caring and supportive parents. Just like myself I had two supportive parents that loved and disciplined my sisters and I. Overall his show didn't do well but he made an impact on my life as a teenager. I would like to see him in more sitcoms but now he's married with a family of his own,and I didn't know if he's coming back to prime-time television. He deserves much success in what ever career he chooses.

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The most underrated basketball movie ever, 28 August 2004

This movie deserves more credit then critics should give. This movie had an all star cast as the up and coming Marlon Wayans,Tupac Shakur,Leon,Duane Martin,Henry Simmons,Bernie Mac,and the lovely Tonya Pinkins. Each actor played their part magnificiently and it was hip,touching,and realistic. The beginning was a little off when Leon dreamed of his best friend's death and then focused mainly on Duane Martin's basketball skills,and him trying to get into Georgetown University. Marlon Wayans was the comic relief in the film who's been released from prison. Bernie Mac was the homeless man who was interested in basketball but never made it. Tupac was the ruthless street hustler and the coach of a dirty playing basketball team. There were other former R&B stars who starred in the movie but only had small parts. To wrap it up in a nutshell Above the rim to me is one of the most memorable urban basketball movies I've ever saw.

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Rampage, 26 August 2004

This is an excellent movie about someone who's feed up with the world's unfairness. A man named DFENs played by Michael Douglas portrays the life of someone who is pushed over the edge by society. Nobody would ever understand what makes a man lose his mind and doesn't care about the consequences. But people like him is always the aggressor and others are the victims. It's just isn't fair,but who cares anyway? Just as long as it doesn't happen to me is what most people would say. Many people deal with things differently but if you lost your job,stuck in traffic on a very hot summer day,and attempted to get robbed by some latino punks what would you do? On top of that, try to get home to see your family with plenty of people harrassing you along the way will cause you to go mad. It's easy for us to sit back and say he's crazy but this is a perfect example of someone beyond stressed out.

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An all time classic, 26 August 2004

The kid'n'play dance was the thing back in the late 80s early 90s. The new jack swing was at its peak and this movie sums it up. It became a break-through for then young actors Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell. This reminds me of the time when I was a teenager who wanted to sneak out to go to a party and later got caught. I was in the 10th grade when this movie was released and I had a lot of fun during that time with not too much fighting at parties. The bullies played by the R&B group Full Force made the movie more funny with its slapstick humor and the memorable Robin Harris with his witty punchlines. It's sad to see him leave this earth at an early age,and comedian Bernie Mac reminds me of him. I remember he died the weekend of this movie and this was a shock. He could have been one of the funniest comedians in the 90s but his life was put to a halt and made way for several comedians who are now today's superstars (namely from Def Comedy Jam). House Party also remind me of how fun hip-hop was,and back then hip-hop was political,educational,radical,and uplifting. This movie can go down in history as how African-Americans can enjoy themselves with no use of drugs and unprotected sex.

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Bumbling doctors, 29 July 2004

As the Fat Boys hip-hop career was nearly coming to an end they decide to star in a silly movie,about being a care-taker of a rich elderly white man. The movie was slapstick and remind you of a modern day Three Stooges. Some parts of this movie was romantic and the rest was downright stupid. I don't know what was Michael Schultz thinking when he created this movie. He did a whole lot better in recent years before this one with "Berry Gordy's Last Dragon and Krush Groove." This movie was a waste of time and I guess this movie was suppose to create some promising actors in the Fat Boys. But their talent didn't appeal to many audiences and they just vanished away from the entertainment seen all together.

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