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spoiled brats, 13 March 2009

This show is incredibly annoying. Four sisters who try to step on each others toes for recognition. Now granted the sisters are beautiful but it's nerve wrecking to hear them argue about almost every little thing. Kim Kardashians is obvious the biggest star out the bunch based on her involvement with singer Ray J and starring in bad girlie movies. These girls has no talent and no respect for their mother's current husband Bruce Jenner. He tries to give his step-daughters his support by giving them a word of advice for what they're pursuing and they blow him off like yesterday's newspaper. Their mother Kris Jenner is trying to relive her youth based probably on her late ex-husband success and she's just as airy. The whole show is a waste of time unless you're into drama and chaos. The Kardashian women are beautiful to look at but make sure you take some Tylenol after watching this show.

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The neighbor from hell, 8 February 2009

This movie became more interesting as I continued to watch it. Samuel Jackson played an excellent part as the antagonistic evil Able Turner. This movie teaches me to never move next door to a cop no matter how friendly they appear to be. But Lakeview Terrace is a bit extreme with the cop next door type of deal. Not only that the Mattsons had to deal with a cop living next door but he's a racist. Able abused his power as a police office by spying on the Mattsons and acting upon it. I know somehow that's illegal to snoop into people's privacy. This is one of the best parts Samuel Jackson played in a movie next to Pulp Fiction and Shaft 2000. Kerry Washington was excellent as the Ms. Lisa Matton,Kerry is versatile. Overall Lakeview Terrace is a interesting movie that build ups to a powerful climaxing ending. Recommend anyone to watch it with a family or friend.

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Running out of material, 12 October 2008

Chris Rock has always been my favorite comedian since the 1990s. But "Kill the messenger" ran dry to me. The splicing of shots from his shows in Johannesburg,London,and New York nearly gave me a headache. His comedy routine from the past mainly focused on race relations,relationships,and the difference between rich and poor people. Though most of this show he discuss the up and coming election which his views were funny and somewhat realistic. But the race thing got old and tiring to me. I was like okay Chris you made your point about n***ers time and time again before. I thought the gas price joke was a bit much and crude the way he says "he masturbates before filling up his tank", to relieve his frustration of spending too much money on gas. The relationship and marriage joke/segment were almost similar to his last stand up in "Never Scared" but more raunchier. This stand up special focused mainly on the election and politics and I found some of the stuff he discussed on the topic were hilarious. But after that I didn't find the rest of it all that amusing. Basically it seems like he's paraphrasing what he said in his other specials. Its not what he says that is funny but the expressions he makes after saying it keeps me laughing. That's what makes him so funny,but if he doesn't focus on creating new and refreshing material Chris may lose a good portion of his audience.

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P*** off, 21 May 2008

Hell's Kitchen is one show that keeps the viewer interested. This is one cooking show that has creativity and drama. By watching this show I somewhat feel sorry for the chef to bes to be pressured under Gordon Ramsey's rants and harsh criticisms. Which is in a way good for them because out in the real world people aren't going to be as nice. Gordon Ramsey can go overboard with his temper and start throwing things around the kitchen and shoving people out his way. If the dish doesn't fit his standards he belittle them and sometimes go into a rage and shut the whole kitchen down. I know it's sick to enjoy people getting verbally abused but it's funny when he tells them to p*** off. Some of the chef want to bes are cocky,arrogant,and malicious especially when its time to nominate whose going to be eliminated. Chef Gordon Ramsey is a tough food critic and doesn't sugar-coat his personal feelings about anything. That why I find this reality show entertaining. Chef Ramsey may be a demanding time bomb but at least his chef trainees aren't necessarily out of control.

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They've grown apart, 20 February 2008

Salt-N-Pepa had their time to shine in the mid 80s to early 90s. They were one of the first girl hip-hop group in the male dominated rap industry. Back then Salt-N-Pepa inspired other female rap groups round that time such as Finesse and Sequence,Conscience Daughters,and The Cookie Crew from England. They also inspired other female solo rap artist such as Mc Lyte,Queen Latifah,YoYo,Ms. Melodie & Harmony from the BDP crew,and Lin Q from X Clan etc.. Though some had short-lived careers Salt-N-Pepa were the only hip-hop female rap group that keep the momentum going well into the 90s. Even then their image changed for a more pop soul appeal compared to their urban street styled music. After a few public appearances they went into obscurity.

Now in recent times I seen Salt-N-Pepa attending VH1 hip hop honors shows from 2004 to present and they still maintain their beauty and stage presence. VH1 gave them their own show and by watching this show I've learned that Salt is now a Christian devoted mother and wife and Pepa is now a single mother who was married to Naughty by Nature's front man Treach. By watching the show Pepa seem loose and free as I've every seen her and now Salt is the ultra-conservative who tries to tame Pepa's wild impulses. I see Salt gets annoyed with her ideas of dressing,throwing a party and being loud. I give Salt credit for trying to tolerate Pepa but her facial expressions give it away. What these two woman has to understand is that they live totally different lifestyles now. Just trying to make each other out to be something their not anymore is long gone,and I can see the frustration on their faces when they hardly agree on anything. But they somehow work it out for television and who knows what goes on behind the scenes. For one thing Salt has a religious faith she has to hold up to and songs like "Push It","Shoop","I'll take your man" doesn't seem devoted to her faith as a Christian. Pepa has to also realize Salt's not single and can't hang out late all the time just for the sake of an old friend. Salt has a family and she's seem more level-headed than Pepa who appears more self-centered and child-like. I see why Spinderella keep her distance and meet with them occasionally realizing that they all have separate responsibility when their children and family's involved. Overall the show is in fact entertaining and I enjoy seeing what Salt and Pepa are up to.

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Distant relatives, 19 February 2008

Martin Lawrence has tone down a lot in his recent years. He's a lot more humble and mindful during his interviews. I'm started to see him mature(maybe because he's in his 40s) and not playing that same overzealous type he's been cast as. Roscoe Jenkins was a fairly decent movie and as for laughs Mike Epps stole the show. Monique is crazy as ever and Cedric makes a few laughs himself. This movie has a widely all-star cast such as James Earl Jones who play Martin's (Roscoe Jenkins) dad and Margaret Avery his mom,Michael Clarke Duncan his brother,Nicole Parker who Roscoe had a childhood crush on,and Joy Bryant Roscoe's fiancé. After watching this movie not only speaking for myself I know most people can relate to this film. A sibling rivalry,a flirtatious cousin,and a conservative dad. Everyone has a relative that we normally can't see eye to eye,but at the end of the day they are all family. No matter how successful you've become and without family to support your achievements it means nearly nothing. This movie teaches you that,it's not only where you come from it's who you are,and you wouldn't know that if it wasn't for family.

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No belly rubs there, 6 February 2008

I enjoy watching The Steve Wilkos Show. I like the way he doesn't go for the lame excuses of his guest about why there are not taking care of their children,beating and abusing their spouse or loved ones etc.. They get no sympathy from Steve when his guest try to make themselves out to be the victim. This especially when a grown man twist his baby leg for crying too much that's ridiculous. Also a man with an HIV virus is willing to spread the virus to other people because he feels it was deliberately given to him. This doesn't makes sense and I don't blame Steve for yelling at them because they're a bunch of lowlife scumbags. Grown men and woman who refuse to take responsibility for anything is a waste. Instead they make excuses and put no effort into making their situation better. Now Steve could be a hot-head sometimes but however its justifiable when a man doesn't know who is abusing their child. Steve is a reasonable man and he is willing to help those who want to be helped,but you have to show him some effort. At the end of show he usually reads his fans e-mails and those who don't agree with his screaming and yelling tactics don't have to watch the show. Like Steve said "let a child molester or a pedophile in your home and touch your children in a certain way and offer them some tea and cookies and ask them why they did that". That's not being realistic. Steve is a man with a great heart and it takes courage for him to help an abuser and also a victim.

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Very lame, 3 February 2008

Snoop Dogg came a long way in his rap career but this show serves no purpose. In comparison with Run's House this show doesn't have structure and it centers around Snoop's self-indulgence. Snoop's wife Shante is beautiful but her flat affect is annoying and their children seem to have no direction. Snoop's friend Anthony is a big kid himself and doesn't handle responsibility very well and Snoop treats him like a gofer. This show is not that great but it ain't the worse thing on television,has anyone seen "Keeping up with the Kardashians? Compared to that its not that bad. I remember Snoop had a show called Doggyfizzle that aired on MTV and that was short-lived. Being in a sitcom in my opinion doesn't sit well for Snoop because he has no talent other than being a rapper and he is not a pretty good one at that. That song "Sensual Seduction" is catchy and different from his previous work as a rap artist,but if he continues to make songs like that he would be around much longer. Just when it comes to television Snoop needs to leave it alone.

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Post traumatic stress disorder, 21 December 2007

Adam Sandler played a magnificent role as the reckless/hopeless Charlie Fineman. This is one of the most serious roles I've seen him(Adam Sandler) in because he's a comic. Don Cheadle is a great actor who portrays a dentist married and near desperately tries to rekindle their lost friendship. The movie is a tear-jerking as you see a man fall apart after losing his family in the 9/11 attacks. Certain parts of the movie isn't realistic as Charlie goes into a fit of rage and starts destroying parts of the dental office where Alan(Don Cheadle) works,and not get arrested and Alan not very capable of losing his job. Jada Pinkett Smith also stars as Alan's wife who learns to understands her husbands' importance of helping out an old friend. It's a wonderful movie that shows a man who built walls around himself to keep from getting hurt and relies on his Ipod,music,video games,and learning to trust Alan as his only source of coping with his lost. Alan is a man who spends a significant amount of time with Charlie and somehow helps him deal with his pain,and men like Alan will always will be rewarded in return that's why he is successful. A good movie where Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle show flexible talented acting.

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Progressive family with ambition, 24 July 2007

I've enjoyed watching this show. Rev Run A.K.A Joseph Simmons teaching his family the lessons of life. Along with his wife Justine they guide their children to the right path of becoming responsible young adults and to get something you should not give up. Occasionally big brother Russell Simmons gives his advice to younger brother Run about maintaining his home environment and be more open-minded with his children. The show is realistic and deal with everyday issues such as puberty,pregnancy,and learning the value of a dollar. That is what I like about this show even though they're rich The Simmons' don't let fame go to their heads. Run and Justine has a lot of disagreements throughout the show but they're always there for each other and in almost every episode their in bed telling each other "I love you". Run's house is nothing like the "The Cosbys" but it's realistic and entertaining.

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